Wednesday, June 24, 2009

People have seen 24 minutes of AVATAR!

"The audience afterwards was stunned. Everyone just gasped, wondered and just couldnt believe what they saw. [Cameron] is so proud of this movie and still handles it with great suave like he just folded a paper plane. I am just mindbaffled how a genius like that can contain himself with something like this.

This movie will change the industry. It can now enable me to play a character in a studio, then to be transferred into something different on screen so an audience will believe I am that different character. This is not the Polar Express style 'change of character'. This will enable actors to act without them being cast on looks, but on bodylanguage from now on.

Fifty years from now I'll tell my grandkids I was at this presentation and witnessed it 6 months before the movieworld was changed.
Only shame: I won't be able to see the final product like we saw today. With Cine Expo the most advanced projectors and audio is installed which won't be rolled out to most cinema's til probably next year's summer. But IMAX 3D will make this movie shine like never before, I hope.
I hope this gives you an impression of what we experienced. I had a hard time putting it to words. You just can't fully do it."

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