Friday, May 18, 2012

Brent Spiner - what fresh hell is this?

@StarTrek @BrentSpiner #WebSeries #FreshHell

Ever since I was a kid, Brent Spiner has been my favourite obscure actor.
I even had a Data mug that I used to drink my Milo out of.

Now, Brent is back!
With a new web series that looks like it may not quite have had the same budget as Star Trek.
Fresh Hell - here's the promo.

I don't know if this is real or some publicity stunt.
I like Brent Spiner, I really do, but I'm not sure what anyone has to gain from this low-budget, low-talent satire comedy.
But hey, stranger things have happened & I look forward to actually seeing what it's all about.

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