Sunday, May 6, 2012

Viva La Dirt League

@Vivaladirtleagu #StarCraft

Here at, we scour the internet for some of the weirdest, craziest (sometimes shittest) things created by humans. Well today.... Today I found something......

Presenting Viva La Dirt League.

Although it may not be everybody's cup o' tea, the videos created by Viva La Dirt League are definitely something special, even more so, if you are familiar with popular video game 'StarCraft'.

StarCraft aside, the production value of both the video and music is of top quality. It's kinda like Bad Lip Reading meets Pure Pwnage.

Their newest video, Imagine is below, and after the jump there are a few more to watch.

If you want to keep in touch with the group follow them:

Twitter: @Vivaladirtleagu

Also, if you like their newest video Imagine, you can do the group a favour and upvote it on Reddit.

Source: Dirty Cowboy

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