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The 11 most CastleWorthy TV Shows of 11

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T.V.... It's an acronym for Tele Vehicle. A vehicle that transmits the best and most amazing stories, photography, and performance, to your brain.

Here are some TV shows that I have rated:

The 11 Most CastleWorthy 
TV Shows of 2011

Come Fly With Me
David Walliams & Matt Lucas
 This sophomore performance from the duo, who were once deemed "Britain's new kids of comedy", is once again pretty much identical to their previous endeavour, Little Britain. Obviously, I don't rate this show particularly high, but I must admit, the show has a clever concept, completely poking fun at the awful UK reality TV show, Airport.

Take my advice. Watch the first episode.... Then stop. It's new, funny and racist.... after that, it's none of those things.

The Office
Steve Carell
This entry should come as a surprise, and on any given year, the U.S. version of The Office, would never make our "Top 11", but Season 7 generated enough attention for a shitty blog like us to take notice.
This year saw the end of Steve Carell's run as head honcho of Dunder-Miflin paper company, which not only made for an emotional departure, but also featured a plethora of celebrity cameos, all of which were in the running to take the top job. From Will Ferrel to Jim Carrey to Ray Ramano. Even Ricky Gervais reprised his role as David Brent. Sadly, I would say this show will never see itself in our "top tv shows" list ever again. (Unless a miracle occurs before it is cancelled).

William H. Macy
Another U.S. take over of a British TV show. Not that I had ever heard of the original series, this particular show did appear on my radar, simply because of the man pictured above, William H. Macy. Plus, a bunch of hot girls show their boobs a lot.... Yum.

How I Met Your Mother
Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders
Neil Patrick Harris
Once again, another show which usually wouldn't make our list, but season 7 of How I Met Your Mother, disproved an age old theory of TV shows, especially sitcoms. Only half way through it's season, How I Met Your Mother, has done everything it needed to do in order to push character and plot development, which has kept the show fresh, and kept the audience thinking that, yes, at some point, we will find out, How Ted Met Their Mother.

South Park 
Trey Parker & Matt Stone 
 If CastleAwesome had done a "top TV shows" list over the last 10 years, South Park would most likely feature every single year, and at some points, feature as number 1 on the list. Evidently, season 15 of South Park was in no way it's best, but still featured some noteworthy episodes, like The HumanCentiPad (Pictured above). This season of South Park also was accompanied by the documentary "6 Days to Air", which detailed South Park, from it's conception, to completion. We hope that South Park will appear in our "top TV shows" list for, at least, the next 5 years.

The Golden Globes
Ricky Gervais
HA! This is an interesting entry, but quite frankly, it's well deserved. Sure, The Golden Globes is only one 3 hour episode per season, but it's been running for 69 years. As far as I'm concerned, I consider it a tv show of sorts, and if it wasn't for one particular reason, this entry wouldn't make the top 11, in fact, it would be with the oscars, emmys and grammys, as the most boring pieces of shit on television.

Ricky Gervais, makes the 3 hours of Golden Globes, which is usually boring as bat shit, very fun and unpredictable, and will leave a taste in your mouth that will last for months. Bring on 2012!

An Idiot Abroad 2: The Bucket List 
Karl Pilkington
Ricky Gervais' brainchild project, sees it's second season, and arguably, it's as solid as the first. Karl Pilkington, TV's favourite dumb fuck, was tricked into doing another series, that he thought he had control over. What a round orange-headed mong twonk mank cunt. Enjoy this one, since it will no doubt be the last..... (or not)

         Breaking Bad            
Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul
The above photo says it all. If there is one show out there which is so bad ass, it's Breaking Bad. This season saw Walter White (pictured above), completely develop into a man possessed. Season 4 was sensational, and a massive fuck you to any one who may of trailed off during season 2 (me).

The Walking Dead
Andrew Lincoln & Jon Bernthal
Last year, The Walking Dead, would most likely have featured at number 1. Although the show is still in it's prime, it dropped in our standings because of it's new 12 episode layout, which made for the first 6 episodes to be quite long and drawn out. It comes in at number 3 for it's jaw dropping mid-season finale, which made the waiting, all worth it in the end.

Claire Danes & Damian Lewis
Breakthrough TV show of the year, without a shadow of a doubt, mainly because it comes from a cable tv network that appears to be falling of the face of the earth with it's other shows. Homeland takes a subject that has been most uncomfortable to most Americans, and turns it upside down. I have every reason to believe this show has been in the works for a while, since it premiered a month after the 10 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks which brought down the World Trade Centre buildings on 11th of September, 2001. Homeland brings a fast past, action packed storyline, with deep characters and dark topics. 

Game of Thrones
Sean Bean & Peter Dinklage

By far, Sean Bean is the biggest, sweatiest, throbbing man cock on TV since Edwards James Olmos played Admiral Adama in Battlestar Galactica. I can't really delve deep into Game of Thrones, because I've been writing for 4 hours, about shitty tv shows in comparison, and to write anything thought provoking, would take me 4 more hours. All I can say is, Game of Thrones is an incredible journey. The number one thing I've experience, is it's ability to make you think. I've seen dumb fuck mong hick people try to watch it, and they turn it off within the first 10 minutes.... Good. It's obviously not for you. I love this show because you have to pay attention, or else you fall behind. If only high school was like watching Game of Thrones.

HBO, congratulations, you take out the top spot. You deserve it since I snubbed the fuck out of Boardwalk Empire and Entourage. It all doesn't matter, because HBO, you are the one true King to the throne and keeper of the realm.... Not that Joffrey cunt.


  1. ummm... snubbing Boardwalk Empire? The second season gripped millions of viewers worldwide (including myself) to the point where I was contactable on monday nights because I was busy watching each episode twice. the writers and the cast were outstanding and deserve a huge kudos... well above what was a very bland second season of an idiot abroad (yes, I know Ricky likes our blog but that's no reason to blow smoke up his ass) and Come Fly with Me, who made it onto the list for one episode. I think this should be opened for debate before posted as our group's view.

  2. Chill out. Not blowing smoke up Ricky's ass, as Life's Too Short is a terrible show, but I didn't have time to talk about terrible shows, if I did, then I would made obvious mention of Boardwalk Empire.

  3. PS none of us watched Boardwalk Empire. There are a lot of great shows out there that we're not seeing.


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