Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Dinklage Retrospective

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In light of the teaser for the Game Of Thrones second season making us all moist in the pants,
- it's time to honour one of true stars of the show in a way that is worthy of their talents.

Not with a silly gold statue, gala events, talk shows, screaming fans or fame & fortune,
- but with an obscure retrospective article on a shitty blog that nobody reads.
You're welcome Peter Dinklage.

It has been claimed on numerous accessions that Peter Dinklage is such a good actor, that he is able to disguise the fact that is is 6'3" and makes playing the role of a dwarf look easy.

1995 Living in Oblivion       -       2011 Game of Thrones


  1. You totally overlooked "The Station Agent", which was his breakthrough performance. It's the only other project he has worked on that earned him critical acclaim.

  2. I made up for it by including Tip Toes.


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