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Tellier's MY GOD IS BLUE

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Tellier's new album 'My God Is Blue' will be out 20 March 2012. Goly Gosh you should really look forward to this. He is part of the magic beard club and if you aren't listening to his music already....well you know what I'm going to say next.

From Record Makers. (bad english translation) 

"This is probably the most important event in the history of Record Makers: the output of March 20, 2012 "MyGod Is Blue", the latest installment of Sebastien Tellier.

Important because it is undoubtedly the album's deepest and most successful.

Especially important, because allowing this work to emerge, Record Makers contributes to a mission that goes beyond the framework of an album release, it is also expected.

For "My God Is Blue" is not just the disc of the artistic maturity of Sebastien Tellier is that of spiritual maturity. It is a work in the service of another, much higher.

By his own admission, Sébastien Tellier consider this disc as the cornerstone of a much larger project. A project that aims nothing less than radically change our relationship to the world and loved.

Demagogue? Pretentious? It can prevent some of the thinking. Yet, it delivers just the opposite that Sébastien Tellier in his music: it is a gift, it's love, it's a message of humility to the world and love for all and all thingsearthly.

"Do not listen to my record, listen to my message, he says, enter into vibration with my music, merge our dreams, all that energy propagate in a community enormous blue wave that radiate around the world, and the truth will emerge."

See you January 9, 2012 for the first message Blue"

Album teaser here

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