Monday, August 31, 2009

Look how far we've come.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The VFX magic of District 9.

If you haven't seen this yet. You are a douche. Go now! For those who have please read ahead.

Check out this interview... Here's some snippets.

"We also created CG alien weapon parts to show how the weapons activate. This was done by adding animated sections to the practical weapon.
"In addition, we also completed the following: CG fluid weapon trails were added to a shot of the exo-suit firing. We added bullet hits and debris to the windshield and truck exteriors during the MNU escape chase sequence. In this sequence, there is a helicopter firing on the truck in which we added the large ground hits from the strafing bullets. This was accomplished using mainly practical elements with some CG debris enhancements. During the MNU break-in, a large alien explosion hits the base of MNU headquarters. We added all the shattering windows (CG) and the alien components to the explosion. There were also a number of shots in which we added blood to people hit by gunfire".

Watch this.

Peaches Laser Love.


Avatar - The most watched Trailer on ever

Over four million and counting. I thought the trailer (actually a teaser) was quite, well meh. Although lets think about this. This is made for a huge screen and the whole 3D experience. Also this it two minutes from an almost three hour film. Lets not give up on it yet.

Yes 3D is sweet. If you haven't already go and see a realD movie, it really adds another dimension the viewing experience. For Brisbane kids go to Chermside, Indro or Vic. Point. 'Caroline' would be a great film to start with. 3D is light-years ahead of where it used to be. So yes embrace it cause you really dont have a choice now. Its about to erupt.

Then go see Avatar (December 17) the way its supposed to be viewed, on the biggest god damn screen you can in 3D. DO IT!

Watch avatar below or go here to watch in HD goodness. Please comment and tell me what you think.

Vader Love

Editing humor.

In the clip they have used James Earl Jones' voice (voice of Vader) from other films and put it over D. Vader. hilarity ensues.

Lego Magic!

Stop motion orgasm!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Basterds this Thursday. So here's Tarantino's Top 20 Films since he was a film-maker (1992)

Battle Royale
Anything Else
The Blade
Boogie Nights
Dazed & Confused
Fight Club
The Host
The Insider
Joint Security Area
Lost In Translation
The Matrix
Memories of Murder
Police Story 3
Shaun of the Dead
Team America

Some nice suprises here. Tarantino has taste.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Dirty Cowboy & The Dirty Cowboy

Ah all I can say is this person has gone to an awful lot of effort to make something thats exactly the same. Awesome!

Castle Beats

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