Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Track the Swine Flu with Google Maps.

Don't worry until you have a marker on your whereabouts.Sizzler bacon bits are the shiz.


This is short film entitled 'Carousel' which is meant to highlight Philips' new CINEMA 21:9 aspect-ratio television. GO TO THE SITE, IT'S EVEN BETTER THEN THIS VIDEO.

Matthew Perry Seeks Medical Attention After Injuring Hands Playing Video Games

Matthew Perry, with nothing to do since Friends went off the air like twenty years ago, has taken to playing video games. Like an addict. Seen here about to take his first hit with Snoop Dogg, Matthew has a serious gaming problem. So serious he had to seek medical attention after damaging his hands.

The actor admits he spends days on end glued to the screen playing war games on his XBox, ruining the muscles and tendons in his hand.

Perry says, "I play a lot of video games a lot of XBox 360. I played Fall Out 3 so often I had to go to a hand doctor. I used my hand too much and had to get injections in it."

I suspect the real culprit here is a little thing called chronic masturbation.

Courtesy of Geekologie
Yahoonews article

The Truth about AT-AT's

Are they really just armored dinosaur creatures with gentle characteristics that make them great house pets? You be the judge.

more pics here

Jetpack Brontosaurus = The most awesome concept for a video game ever, ever!

Jetpack Brontosaurus is a video game being developed by Flashbang Studios. It combines two of the best things alive, jetpacks and dinosaurs!

Jetpack Brontosaurus (Coming Soon!) from Flashbang Studios on Vimeo.

R2D2 Projector/dvd player/cd player/usb photo viewer/ipod dock/fm tuner/mp3 player/div-X player/ridiculous

Get this for $2995 US dollars

Dead Rising 2.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not far off.

Kanye's entourage.
South Park's version of Kanye's entourage.


YMO - 'Rydeen' [one of many acid trip tracks/videos].

T-Shirt designs of awesomenessness....

Find other great Glenn Jones designs...

Matt Bell loved it first but still....

Animal Collective - My Girls


Why the fuck do you have a kid?

Click to see people who should never of had children.....

Ponda Baba's Bad Day

Before Lucas made 'Jedi Rocks' and CGed the fuck out of the Max Rebo Band sequence in ROTJ...

The'Lapti Nek' song was originally here with puppets not 5 CG characters.

This is the 1983 untouched/not raped version. Yes the puppets look shit. But come on!

The Special Edition Version - With the song 'Jedi Rocks' replaced the 'Lapti Nek' sequence in 1997. Sigh....

a follow on for the below post*

well done to ENjOY- for a clip on a tight budget made in the time you made it, top marks! for everyone else who is watching this clip for the sake of watching it- do so on mute or while listening to something that is... well... good. 'hem... *cough*

unfortunately, as so often happens when branching out into new areas, one must overcome adversity... and shit... to make it to the fresh clean air... soon ENjOY, soon you will bask in the daylight and the fresh air and worthwhile music that comes with it.

*this is purely my opinion and i am in no way affiliated with ENjOY productions. Their work is good. They'll make you look good. It's my blog too... i do what i want.

Smart Artists - Inside Moves

Video created by ENjOY Productions.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy P's Birthday with an unmasked Daft Punk member and a brawl. Where was my invite?

"The night ended in tears, however, with a brawl erupting in the club. Details on exactly what went down – and who was involved – are scant… however photos of Bangalter with his fists raised have surfaced, along with some of Busy P wading into the scrum. What a party."

Courtesy of

In The Mix for details on what went down.

TIGA - Shoes

Tiga - Shoes (Mr Oizo remix) This is Radcore and Tiga himself said that he thinks this is the best remix anyone has ever done for one of his tracks.

Look out for Tiga's new album 'CIAO' in May.

Justice - Stress music video by Roman Gavras

what every child wanted and never had

Firearms for Lego men... OMFG... there is movement in my loins right now.

Jabba cake.

Jabba Cake
Other tasty Star Wars treats including Max Rebo cake


This is a picture of Ashton Kutcher. He is a douche mostly.

WE HAVE ONE FOLLOWER! The Castle is happy!

Love her:

Star Wars: Revenge of the Brick (The official and best lego star wars film/hardest to find on the net)

Yes there are Wookies in this film. I know right!

The Lego company worked with Lucasfilm to make this a few years ago. It's really hard to find but this site is hosting it. Great animation!

Edit TimmehB: - Here it is so you don't have to sign up for that site.

Two Music Doco's of Soulwax and Justice. Watch now! Die Happy.

Part of The Weekend Never Dies (Soulwax)
& Across the Universe (Justice)
POTWND is directed and shot by SO-ME, and explains the varied existence of Soulwax. Amazingly edited and shot with ONE camera!

KracK from Davvyk on Vimeo.

A Cross The Universe is the equivalent but of Justice. They're a Sight and Sound experience!

Justice - A Cross The Universe from Rob1 on Vimeo.

IG-88s on holidays

Two Robotic hearts, beating as one. Cyborg love. Winery. Curious deer.

I heart lego.
I like taking pictures of my lego on holidays.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend. (1985)

I remember this as a kid and almost had a heart attack when I saw this. It might bring back memories if you watched random b grade movies as a little one. I think the dinosaurs were all men in suits. Looks alright still and has dated better then say a stop-motion technique.

PREDATORS! A new film in the series which doesn't have 'VS' in the title.

Robert Rodriguez's PREDATORS officially confirmed today!
Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Yeah, you read that right. PREDATORS.
Bloody Disgusting got the scoop back in January, but it is official now. Robert Rodriguez is doing a film called PREDATORS, which he's calling a reboot to the series.

I'm hoping it's more reboot and less remake. Anyone remember the Predator script Rodriguez did back in the '90s that never got made? The one that had Dutch scooped up and taken to the PREDATOR homeworld? That was also called PREDATORS, so I wonder how much of that script will be in his reboot. I love the idea of the Predators collecting up various aliens that have defeated a Predator and pitting them against each other for combat's sake. We can't get Dutch 'cause Schwarzenegger's too busy being a respectable citizen now and Danny Glover probably wouldn't work in this aspect, but we can have a good starring role for a new badass.

The question remains... how much, if any, of Rodriguez's previous script will make it into this movie, how will he shoot it (real sets or greenscreen) and when will it happen... All good questions. I have reached out to Robert trying to get some answers. We'll see if he responds. I'll let you know!


Coutesy of AICN

Sebastian Tellier - Sex God!

Sébastien Tellier (born 1975 in Paris) is a French singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is currently signed to Record Makers, a French independent record label. He sings in English, French and Italian.

Listen to this bearded magician! He competed in Eurovision in 2008! Hilarious.




Music Videos directed by Quentin Dupieux a.k.a. Mr. Oizo

Some are Great. Some are Awful.

1997 - Mr Oizo - Kirk

1997 - Laurent Garnier - Crispy Bacon

1997 - Laurent Garnier - Flashback

Alex Gopher - Party People

1999 - Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat

1999 - Mr. Oizo - Analog Worms Attack

2004 - Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle

2004 - Mr Oizo - Stunt

First Theatrical Release of Wolverine has been seen. How different is it from the Workprint?

From Varitas....

Sometimes there are clauses prohibiting us from writing about a movie before a certain date ("embargo"). But this was different: we had to sign a clause that we wouldn't even TALK about the movie until two days prior to its US release, especially on the web. I found that quite odd.

Add to that recent reports that the finished version is as long as the leaked workprint, even though FOX stubbornly insists that the workprint is missing the material from the reshoots. It makes sense, too, as the trailers have scenes that are not featured in the workprint (Wolverine carrying his girlfriend to the beach, a young Ororo in Nigeria).

Well, having seen the finished film, the mystery is solved: the workprint version IS in fact identical to the release print, sans effect and some audio work. It's obvious that FOX is trying their darndest to keep this news from getting out, because it will eliminate most of the motivation for people who have seen the workprint to pay for a ticket.

Some scenes from the trailer are not in the finished version, either.

The finished effects are lackluster, to say the least - some really bad CGI work made me groan numerous times (especially, but not restricted to, Patrick Stewart's cameo). The scene with Stewart looks so much better in the workprint - trying to digitally de-age him did NOT work this time around...

Good pacing, good lead performances, and some cool comic book fights overcome a non-existing story, horrible dialog (including the classic "I'm so cold..."), and criminally underdeveloped characters. It's a fun flick, but it will never be considered one of the great comic book movies of our time (like Iron Man, Dark Knight, Watchmen, etc.). They also have to jump through some ridiculous hoops to reset all the relationships to properly connect it to the first "X-Men" movie (unnecessary, I think - who seriously gives a shit?).

Courtesy of AICN

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go here now....

Now listen to any song for free! JustHearIt is a music search engine that will allow you to search and listen to supposedly any song, without any legal hassles, registering or even paying. This site also searches all of YouTube and other video sites!

You'd be surprised as to what you can find.

Canine Speederbikes

Robot Chicken Classics

Last New South Park Till OCTOBER!

So far this season:
Kenny got his promise ring;
Cartman took on Mysterion;
Kyle dodged a crucifixion;
Butters was felled by a queef;
Carlos Mencia finally came clean; and
Finland got nuked for not playing along.
Courtesy of AICN.

Episode 13:07 is entitled 'FATBEARD'

Schwarzenegger talks about his possible TERMINATOR: SALVATION cameo!

The Governor:

"Right now, they're looking at the technology and see if it is possible to create a technology where they can use my image in the film without me actually filming, because I made it clear I don't have the time... and if they shoot outside the state, I would not participate... But I would be willing to be in the movie if they get the technology together. We have a great relationship with the people making the movie.. McG is the director, he's a terrific talented guy. I'm going to be at the premiere, I told him I want to be as supportive as possible.

I think that within the next week or so, we will see if they are technologically able to do that. It's terrific because they basically take technology out of Terminator 1 and use that walk of mine, and somehow bring it in... it's just a brief scene, where we see one of the leads run into a room and he sees the future terminators because it's kind of a prequel... then he gets thrown around, then he goes in another room and there's other terminators, so there's supposed to be all these new terminators. I think it's cool to continue on with the franchise, and in case I want to jump over again and get into the acting when we're through here".

Rainbow Brite.

Thanks Spooner

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ARNOLD! You ruined first contact with Alien Life. Uncomfortable Plot Summaries. Funnies! Yah!

25TH HOUR: White New Yorkers commit crimes against both law and ethics; feel bad for being caught, rather than for doing it at all.
300: Gays kill blacks.
8 MILE: White man successfully coopts black culture to impress other whites.
A CIVIL ACTION: Underqualified lawyer doesn’t listen to clients, royally botches case.
A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES: Social deviants make life difficult for genius.
A CRY IN THE DARK: Dogs eat baby, confusion follows.
ALIEN: Ship fails to deliver cargo, crew don’t get bonus.
ALIENS: An unplanned pregnancy leads to complications.
AMADEUS: Man with health problems receives help from rival.
ATLAS SHRUGGED: Selfish industrialist destroys economy.
AUNTIE MAME: Spinster exposes child to sexual fetishists, socialists; thwarts marriage to good Republican girl.
BATMAN: Wealthy man assaults the mentally ill.
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Peasant girl develops Stockholm Syndrome.
BENJI: Family abandons beloved pet, forcing it to engage in a dangerous cross-country journey.
BEOWULF: Colonists hire assassin to drive natives from land.
BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA: Redneck trucker kills Chinese immigrants.
BILLY ELLIOT: Union worker turns back on strikers for personal gain.
BLADE: Obsessed loner stalks minority group.
BLADE RUNNER: Man with no apparent skill stumbles into escaped robots, fails to kill most, fucks one.
BLAKE’S 7: Terrorists fight government, die.
BOOGIE NIGHTS: Deformed boy goaded into life of crime.
BOTTLE ROCKET: Mentally unstable man fosters friend’s descent into mental instability, finds love.
BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S: Pretty redneck girl fools socialites, flirts with gay gigolo.
BREWSTER’S MILLIONS: Black man abuses line of credit.
BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: Teenage serial killer destroys town in fit of semi-religious fervor.
CHANGE OF HABIT: Rock star regrets not looking closer at contract with movie studio.
CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY: Deranged pedophile big-business industrialist tortures and mutilates young children.
CHASING AMY: Homosexuality proved to be passing fancy and sign of sexual deviance.
CHEERS: Alcoholic cuts lime in bar as penance for his womanizing ways.
CHINATOWN: Father desires closer relationship with his children.
CHRISTMAS VACATION: Incestuous relatives teach family the meaning of Christmas.
CLERKS: Aimless loser remains in dead-end job, abusive “friendship.”
CLOAK AND DAGGER: Spoiled teens discover drugs make them special.
CONAN THE BARBARIAN: Petty thief murders religious leader.
CORALINE: Misfit discovers she is special person in a secret world just beside our own.
CRANK: Drug addict spends last day in orgy of rape and violence.
CUJO: Family neglects to give family pet rabies shots, pays price.
DAREDEVIL: Blind man pisses off crime boss, gets all his girl-friends killed.
DARK KNIGHT RETURNS: Aging sadist corrupts, endangers minor, facilitates murder, destroys superhero comic books for 30 years.
DEADWOOD: Pimp and rapist charms frontier town into eventual fire-based disaster.
DEBBIE DOES DALLAS: Cheerleaders develop valuable entrepreneurial skills.
DEEP THROAT: Medical anomaly earns woman new friends.
DELIVERANCE: Tourists experience local hospitality.
DEMOLITION MAN: In a future where crime is completely eradicated, a black man steals and murders.
DIE HARD: Dysfunctional cop saves marriage by murdering foreign national.
DIRTY HARRY: Police incompetence allows murderer to go free.
DOCTOR FAUSTUS: Scholar leans nuances of contract law.
DOCTOR WHO: Elderly man serially abducts young women.
DONNIE DARKO: Hallucinating teen crushed by airplane engine.
DRACULA: Immigrant clashes with locals.
E.T.: Out-of-control pet causes mayhem, sadness.
EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE: Part-time mechanic involves girlfriend in illegal fight club, risks life of best friend and endangered primate.
FALLING DOWN: Life is difficult for white men.
FANTASTIC FOUR: Scientist exposes friends, family to dangerous radiation to assuage ego, becomes embroiled in rivalry with former room-mate.
FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF: Amoral narcissist makes world dance for his amusement.
FIELD OF DREAMS: Schizophrenic builds ball park, almost kills girl.
FIGHT CLUB: Deranged sociopath guides yuppies to their deaths.
FIREFLY: In an analogue of the post-Civil War west, a white man on the losing side bosses around a black woman.
FRANKENSTEIN: Scientific advancement proves unpopular with general public.
FREAKS: Acrobat learns value of community.
SERENITY: Men fight for possession of scantily clad mentally ill teenage girl.
GHOSTBUSTERS: Unemployed college professors destroy hotel with nuclear weapons.
GLADIATOR: Convict murders head of state.
GLENGARRY, GLENN ROSS: Sales job proves difficult for some.
GONE WITH THE WIND: Rich, white slave owner enjoys getting raped, miscarries.
GOOD WILL HUNTING: Underemployed genius squanders prestigious job opportunity to chase trim.
GREEN ARROW: Rich white man with Robin Hood fetish goes vigilante.
GREEN LANTERN: Policeman beats up his girlfriend.
GREMLINS: Distant father ruins son’s life, puts entire town at risk.
GROUNDHOG DAY: Misanthropic creep exploits space/time anomaly to stalk coworker.
HACKERS: Cybercriminals on revenge kick destroy innumerable jobs.
HAIR: Hippie dodges draft, dies ironically.
HALLOWEEN: Babysitter’s relationship with murderer places children in danger.
HARRY POTTER: Celebrity Jock thinks rules don’t apply to him, is right.
HE GOT GAME: Escaped convict attempts to embezzle only son.
HIGHLANDER: Elderly immigrant destroys property.
IRON MAN: Alcoholic rich white man with technology fetish goes vigilante.
WAR MACHINE: Alcoholic rich white man gives weapons to black man.
IT: Children use horrific murders as excuse to run train on young girl.
JFK: Family man wastes life for nothing in crusade against homosexuals.
JUDGE DREDD: Fascist thug in bleak dystopia is cheered.
JUNO: Teen fails to get abortion, ruins lives.
JURASSIC PARK: Theme park’s grand opening pushed back.
KARATE KID: Boy gains acceptance through violence.
KILL BILL: Irresponsible mother wants custody of her child.
KINDERGARTEN COP: Incompetent left in charge of children, who are eventually fired at by convicted felon.
KING KONG: Endangered animal stolen, shot.
KING OF KONG: Dick battles loser over trivia.
LA CONFIDENTIAL: Rapist joins thug in foiling police corruption scheme.
LABYRINTH: Girl is negligent baby-sitter.
LARS AND THE REAL GIRL: Retarded man doesn’t know what sex toy is for.
LASSIE COME HOME: Family abandons beloved pet, forcing it to engage in a dangerous cross-country journey.
LOLITA: Man encourages step-daughter to take chances.
LONE WOLF MCQUADE: Alcoholic assaults local businessman, ruins marriage.
LORD OF THE RINGS: Midget destroys stolen property.
LOVE ACTUALLY: Prime Minister risks war with United States over a sexy secretary.
MARLEY AND ME: Out-of-control pet causes mayhem, sadness.
METROPOLIS: Efficient society undone by unions.
MICHAEL CLAYTON: Attorney works against client’s interests.
MILK: Uppity queer dies.
MIRRORMASK: Misfit discovers she is special person in secret world just beside our own.
MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL: British comedy troupe inadvertently creates language lab for nerds.
MULHOLLAND DRIVE: Lesbian relationship is harmful.
MY GIRL: Boy killed by female friend’s irresponsibility.
NEVERWHERE: Misfit discovers he is special person in secret world just beside our own.
O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU: Southern musicians encounter massive flooding and government incompetence.
OBSERVE AND REPORT: Emotionally disturbed man gets woman drunk, rapes her.
OCEAN’S ELEVEN: Gang of career criminals commit act of terror to facilitate robbery and romance.
OF MICE AND MEN: Migrant farmer murders mentally handicapped friend.
ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST: Disruptive mental patients treated.
PILLOW TALK: Gay man tricks woman into sex.
POLTERGEIST: Pot-head parents lose child, ruin property values.
PREDATOR: American military-industrial complex ruins first contact with alien life.
PRETTY BABY: Young woman’s modeling career encouraged.
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE: Woman with gold-digging mother nags wealthy man into marriage.
PYGMALION: Urchin cured by social betters.
RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: American yahoo murders soldiers and desecrates religious artifacts for money.
RAISING ARIZONA: Convicted felon seduces police officer in kidnapping plot.
RAMBO III: The United States provides arms, equipment and training to the terrorists behind 9/11.
RATATOUILLE: Vermin infest restaurant until it is forced to close doors.
RAVENOUS: Coward is seduced by cannibal, destroys army outpost.
RED DAWN: Despite shock-and-awe tactics, a superior occupying force is no match for a tenacious sect of terrorist insurgents.
RISKY BUSINESS: Privileged rich kid gets everything he wants with no consequences.
ROAD HOUSE: Bouncer becomes vigilante, murders local businessman with karate.
ROBIN HOOD: Disgruntled veteran protests taxes.
ROBOCOP: Female officer’s incompetence leads partner to be murdered and enslaved by corporation.
ROCKY: White man beats black man.
ROSEMARY’S BABY: An unplanned pregnancy leads to complications.
RUDY: Diminutive athlete patronized.
RUSHMORE: Teen molests teacher, is expelled. Finds love.
SCARFACE: Immigrant finds running his own business stressful, dangerous.
SCHINDLER’S LIST: Wealthy industrialist expands not-for-profit ventures.
SCOTT PILGRIM: Emotionally immature musician sleeps with high-school girl.
SE7EN: Homicide detectives unable to prevent even a single murder by admitted serial killer, killer gives cop head.
SHORT CIRCUIT: Rogue scientist steals top-secret government weapon.
SIGNS: Jesus trumps science.
SILENCE OF THE LAMBS: Incompetent manipulated by several murderers, stumbles upon suspect completely by accident. Creates situation that allows serial killer to escape.
SLEEPY HOLLOW: Veteran harassed.
SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT: Redneck bootlegger makes mockery of law, sanctity of marriage.
SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS: Layabout stepdaughter shacks up with seven miners.
SOPHIE’S CHOICE: Mom loves one of her kids way more than the other one.
SOUTHLAND TALES: Traumitized vet destroys universe.
SPIDER-MAN: Nerd gets bitten by spider, complains about how this ruins his life for years to come.
STARDUST: Misfit discovers he is special person in secret world just beside our own.
STAR TREK: Over-sexed officer routinely places crew in danger.
STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE: Meglomaniac can’t let go of past glory, drives successor to suicide.
STAR TREK III: Military officers steal vessel and destroy it to eliminate a handful of enemies while engaged on an extremely vague rescue mission.
STAR TREK IV: Interplanetary fugitives poach wildlife from a past age to cover up an act of genocide.
STAR TREK VI: Racist military commander past his prime nearly ruins galactic peace.
STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE: Religious extremist terrorists destroy government installation, killing thousands.
STAR WARS: EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: Boy is abused by midget, kisses sister, attempts patricide.
STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI: Handicapped mass murderer kills septugenarian, is lauded.
STRAW DOGS: Immigrant clashes with locals.
SUPERBAD: Boys plan date-rape, sleep together.
SUPERMAN RETURNS: Illegal immigrant is deadbeat dad.
SWEENEY TODD: Businesses flourish when freed from stringent regulation.
TAXI DRIVER: Modern dating proves challenging for working class man.
TERMINATOR: An unplanned pregnancy leads to complications.
TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: Tourists have difficulty with regional cuisine.
THE CAT FROM OUTER SPACE: College professors help illegal alien evade authorities.
THE CONVERSATION: Paranoid schizophrenic follows worst possible career path.
THE CRYING GAME: Hairdresser bonds with client.
THE EDGE: Men bond in Alaskan wilderness.
THE EXORCIST: Jesus trumps science.
THE FIRM: White lawyer learns hard work is irrelevant.
THE GOLDEN COMPASS: Critique of Catholicism upstaged by polar bear fight.
THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY: Nameless drifter kills American soldier over stolen money, hangs friend.
THE GOONIES: Physically abused, retarded man finds love with overweight preteen.
THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY: Family abandons beloved pets, forcing them to engage in a dangerous cross-country journey.
THE MATRIX: Hacker is given perfect justification for mass slaughter.
THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS: Dangerous insurgent invades neighboring country.
THE OFFICE: Incompetent boss routinely endangers employees, passes fire-worthy blame, sexually harasses subordinates; is seen as “hero” compared to people who just actually work.
THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST: Mel Gibson fulfills fantasy of showing a Jew beaten to a bloody pulp and killed on-screen.
THE PROFESSIONAL: Hired murderer sleeps with little girl.
THE STEPFORD WIVES: Woman has difficulty adjusting to suburban life.
THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3: Civil servant insults and shoots foreigners.
THE THING: Unexpected visitor imposes on workers, their dogs.
THE UNTOUCHABLES: Murderer indicted on technicality.
THE WICKER MAN: Isolated religious community revitalized by newcomer.
THE X-MEN: Minority group seeks overthrow of social order.
THERE WILL BE BLOOD: Kidnapper commits murder several times.
TITANIC: Crazy old widow disregards lifelong memories of husband, children, and grandchildren in favor of that one time she fucked a bum.
TOP GUN: Pilot routinely endangers Air Traffic Controllers.
TORCHWOOD: Bisexual is inefficient manager.
TRAINSPOTTING: Statutory rapist and junkie sifts through human waste, gets enormous sum of money.
TRANSPORTER: Repressed homosexual kills employers.
TWILIGHT: Girl gives up college for stalker.
BREAKING DAWN: Native American guy is romantically obsessed with ex-girlfriend’s baby.
TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME: Father becomes more involved in teenage daughter’s life.
V FOR VENDETTA: Dystopian government overthrown by faceless conformity.
VERTIGO: Stalker drives woman to suicide.
W.: Unspeakable disaster afflicts America. Then terrorists attack.
WALL-E: Obsolete robot disrupts big business, disrupts lives of millions of innocent civilians.
WAR OF THE WORLDS: Immigrants face difficulty acclimating.
WATCHMEN: Homosexual destroys New York, blames God.
WEEKEND AT BERNIES: Two employees take advantage of their boss’ hospitality.
WONDER WOMAN: Princess from isolationist culture lectures Americans on equality.
WORLD TRADE CENTER: Rag-tag group of underdogs succeed at a massive undertaking despite overwhelming odds, credit success with faith in God.

“Help” with this post was provided by: Mike, Chris, Josh, Bully, Andy, Andrew, Kevin, Ben, Ken, Proper Dave, Other Dave, Lisa, Melissa, Cathy and Brandon.

NZ & Australian Anti-Drug Ads. Not so awesome....

Are these Advertisements going too far?




Mayan Temple Desk.

Photos of Tokyo using an ultra-wide fisheye

Panorama photographers' party in Tokyo by heiwa4126.

Kabuki-za by heiwa4126.

Cloudy sky and dingy quarter by heiwa4126.
click here for more:


All news says this goes even further then Borat. Should be swell.

For Music Fiends! is a UK-based Internet radio and musiccommunity website, founded in 2002. It claims over 30 million active users based in more than 200 countries[1]. On 30 May 2007, CBS Interactiveacquired for £140m ($280m USD).[2]

Using a music recommender system called "Audioscrobbler", builds a detailed profile of each user's musical taste by recording details of all the songs the user listens to, either on the streamedradio stations, the user's computer or some portable music devices. This information is transferred to's database ("scrobbled") via a plugin installed into the user's music player. The profile data is then displayed on the user's profile page. The site offers numerous social networking features and can recommend and play artists similar to the user's favourites.

Courtesy of Wikipedia. 


Heavy Metal: Watch it when you're high.

Heavy Metal was a 2d animated feature released in 1981. It was rather popular with teen boys in the late 80's when its made it way to television sets and vhs tapes in the backs on video stores. The film mostly revolves around fantastical creatures and boobs. Nuff said. It's actually based off a magazine publication which started in 1974 and is a set of short stories revolving around an evil green ball. 

First issue of Heavy Metal Dec 1974.

After viewing this forgotten gem immediately go and watch the South Park ep. 'Major Boobage'

Destroying Finland is Castle Worthy!

flying lotus makes me feel funny

i'm not going to tell you why this video is on here only that you should watch it. at work. so you get fired. or at least get weird looks. contains flashing lights. everything else is just... natural.

follow the link and watch the clip or die. 

thanks timmy

Lunchtime Ideas. 

Comcast Rabbit - Castle Worthy

Comcast Commercial - A Genetically Modified Rabbit/Panther from Tim Dorr on Vimeo.

SEE! The IG-88 Massacre

Image:IG-88 activated.JPG
Read about the Droid Revolution. It actually happened. Serious.

IG-88 is in the Castle!

IG-88 was an assassin droid line designed by Holowan Laboratories. The IG-88 line was a derivative of the IG-100 MagnaGuard droids used as bodyguards by General Grievous and the IG Lancer Droids used by Durge during the Clone Wars. IG-88 later became one of the galaxy's most infamous bounty hunters. However, the bounty hunting was just a cover for the droid's grand plan—the Droid Revolution.

Probably the coolest droid ever, ever.

Out Of Service

Made in 24 hours.
Two Men (manboys) made this with no camera operator.
Made in 2005.
A Horror Comedy about electrical appliances taking over the world.
Cast & Crew: Matt Haynes & Jacob Livermore.


This is the Transformers 2 footage that showed at Showest. You can see that Bay can't do people, but he CAN do Robots and explosions. You might want to skip the first scene. Skip to 1:35

Baldhead's first.

The classically taught Krazy Baldhead has his first LP out 'B-Suite'. It's Orgasmic Electro Hip-Hop!
One of the best tracks on the album - Listen 

Splendour line up - not castle worthy

Matthew Bell brings the hate:

Splendour person 1: "Okay, so, last year at SITG we noticed a large increase in southern cross tattoo toting bogans"
Splendour person 2: "Yes, I also noticed this trend. They also brought with them their teenie bopper girlfriends who only knew the music being played in popular nightclubs and on hot hits."
Splendour person 1: "I just had a brilliant thought! Let's put Grinspoon and the Hilltop Hoods on the line up... that'll be sure to keep the bogans happy! Aussie pride mutha fuckas!!"
Splendour person 2: "Yes yes yes! And we'll also get MGMT and Bloc Party to play to keep the girlfriends happy."
Splendour person 1: "Weren't they just here... like... a few months ago?"
Splendour person 2: "Yes, but they are just so popular. We need to milk this shit before they release a new album and become forgotten has beens."
Splendour person 1: "Excellent! Speaking of has beens, let's invite Josh Pyke and Little Birdy."
Splendour person 2: "And what about the traditional fans? The people who have been coming to splendour to see good music since its humble beginnings?"
Splendour person 1: "They can't be a flash in the pants, good today, popular tomorrow band because they won't turn over $200 plus for them... someone old, but actually good... who is around doing nothing at the moment?"
Splendour person 2: "Ahhum... Flaming Lips, Jane's Addiction and those old kooks The Specials are still kicking around."
Splendour person 1: "Perfect! A tick in all boxes, get them all!"
Splendour person 2: "What about the rest?"
Splendour person 1: "Do what we always do, grab NME, see who the British scene kids love, find whoever of them is around in July/August and stick them in. Invite a few random Aussie bands looking for a break and we're set!"
Splendour person 2: "Excellent, line up sorted."
Splendour person 1: "All too easy! We're going to make a fucking killing! har har haaar!"
Splendour person 2: "Indeed we are!"
Splendour person 1: "Cheeky blow job?"
Splendour person 2: "Love one..."

Confused? -

So it's pretty puss... but we'll still all end up going. Fighting off bogans, dodging sniffer dogs, tripping balls, camping in the freezing fucking cold and a new activity, scab grabbing our empty cans - all part of the yearly ritual. I, like many other tragics, bogans, teenie boppers and general douches (see figure 1) will be trying to purchase tickets.

Figure 1: a general douche attending Splendour 2008 (courtesy of ABC)

Le Sigh.

Need it now....

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