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Danger 5 is a six part episodic 1960's stylised show set in WWII with Raptor villains and a plastic moustached hitler. It's part Thunderbirds, part Bond and all Australian (good for us).

Let the trailer explain the rest (see below). If you enjoy this than continue on to the episodes below.

The Episodes are showing on SBS and here on the youtube channel dinosaurworldwide.

Watch the first two episodes below.

I don't understand

#nkrato #2016

I dont understand anything I'm seeing here. But i want to be on it.

I think the below videos are related and made by this production company http://afrolynx.com/  or Ninja Movie Productions. I don't really care. It's just good to see the African Film industry being rad.

Look I know here at the castle we're supposed to explain such things to you but perhaps this is just better left a mystery.

You probably won't need to visit the internet for 17 days after watching these.

As soon as we know where one can see, buy, urinate on these films we'll let you know.

How Internet piracy has made our world better


The year was 1999. I was 14 years old. I lived in a small town on the outskirts on New Zealand’s capital of Wellington. It was essentially, the bottom of the earth. My family had a Pentium III computer, connected to the Internet, through our 56k dial-up modem. Through the Internet, I experienced many things. I often visited the web page of my favourite sports team, refreshing their ‘live score’ page for up to the minute results. I used chat clients like Yahoo! Messenger to talk to my friends from school, and quite frequently, looked at pictures of naked ladies on free porn galleries. Without realizing, my life would change forever. A free software application, known as Napster, became available to download and use, for anyone on the planet with an Internet connection. With this application, I was able to search for any music I knew of, and download it from another napster user, regardless of my country of origin, race, gender or sexuality.

Peer-to-peer file sharing was born.

Taken completely by surprise, record companies around the world imploded after catching wind of this revolution. Countless acts to shutdown these applications were attempted. Legal action against Napster, banning users who download specific music etc. Many attempts at restoring order to the music world were made, but the damage had already been done.

It was the year 2000, and I was 15. I loved my Napster. I downloaded many files, from songs to stand-up comedy routines. I was living in the online world. Until one day, I open my Napster application, and a dialog box appears, informing me that Dr. Dre had terminated my username. Understandably, I was devastated. So the next day, I took my Dr. Dre CD, which I bought for $29.99 at a record store, a long with a hammer, to my school. During lunchtime, I made everyone of my friends gather round, while I completely destroyed a Dr. Dre album. After that day, I never ever supported Dr. Dre, ever again. I went home that day, Google searched “Un-ban Napster username” and within 10 minutes, I was back online, downloading music.

As we all know, Napster didn’t last for long. Although, in 2001, Napster became a paid service, in order to give revenue back to the artists and record companies, other software applications, such as Kazaa, Sharezaa and Limewire were born. This time, Peer-to-Peer sharing was no longer limited to music, but Movies, TV Shows and computer games were all widely available, for free, from someone else across the globe.

Napster was wildly considered a cancer by many record companies, and like a cancer, it was about to spread, big time.

The demand for online connectivity was up, and in New Zealand, ADSL was about to hit the market in full force. With speeds almost 7x faster, file sharing across the globe was in full force. Though most of file sharing was illegal, it opened up a global acceptance in legal file sharing; in a world that was terrified of viruses wiping hard drives.

10 years later, sharing files over the Internet is a daily occurrence, and for a large majority of the western world, a necessity in order to do business. 10 years is a long-time, and in that time, connection speeds have become faster, bandwidth has become larger and Telco’s are now some of the most powerful companies in world. 10 years later, it is still just as easy to illegally obtain content as it was back in 2001, but what has happened to those pirates? Are they still manning their online ships, stealing gold, or have they evolved?

Internet piracy has made our world a better place. It has pushed TV and Film studios to create platforms like Hulu and Netflix, it has pushed Games companies and Cinemas to release products simultaneously, and it has pushed Apple technologies to develop Hardware and software, that gives us music, on demand, anywhere in the world, for a fee. A fee, that is significantly less than $29.99, for a Compact Disc. A compact disc that I may of eventually smashed with a hammer, and left as waste, to rot in a landfill till the end of time.

10 years drove us to a point in time where technology is king. Connectivity is everywhere, and demand means right now. Not tomorrow, not by the end of the day. Now.

In those 10 years, cinemas have risen up to once again be an experience, not just a portal to see a film. Inserting a mod chip into your XBOX may guarantee you free games, but the online experience has made it easier for setbacks to occur. TV studios in the US have given anyone the ability to stream a TV show instantly, and directly after it aired on television, and iPhone’s are constantly updating their firmware with fun and amazing new options, that only become available for pirates a few weeks after.

What is driving piracy out the door? It’s demand. If I want the new modern warfare game as soon as it comes out, and guaranteed that I can instantly play it online without being found out and banned by my console provider. It’s easier to buy it.

If I’m on a 1-hour train commute and I want to listen to the new Brittany Spears album, I’m going to just buy it on my iPhone and be listening to it within 5 minutes.

If I want to watch the newest episode of Gossip Girl, I want to watch it now. Do I care if it has ads pasted all over it? Do I care if the show stops 5 times to tell me about the newest revolution of Laundry detergent. No. I don’t. I will sit there and watch it, if it means I can view my TV show as quickly as possible, on any platform, on a train, on a bus, on a plane.

Here is a quote from Gabe Newell, Co-Founder and CEO of Valve, the games company responsible for Half-Life:

"For example, if a pirate offers a product anywhere in the world, 24 x 7, purchasable from the convenience of your personal computer, and the legal provider says the product is region-locked, will come to your country three months after the US release, and can only be purchased at a brick and mortar store, then the pirate's service is more valuable.
"Most DRM solutions diminish the value of the product by either directly restricting a customers use or by creating uncertainty," Newell added. "Our goal is to create greater service value than pirates, and this has been successful enough for us that piracy is basically a non-issue for our company.
"For example, prior to entering the Russian market, we were told that Russia was a waste of time because everyone would pirate our products. Russia is now about to become our largest market in Europe."

Currently, Film studios have the toughest challenge. Demand is king and they are not willing to give you Films in your home on their global release date. For a lot of good reasons, all of which I agree with. Cinemas should be a place that people get out of their computer chair and breath fresh air. As someone who appreciates the art of filmmaking, I’m not going to ever watch a copy of film that was recorded in a cinema. Unfortunately, a film needs to be seemed good enough to get me to the cinema. If it has one whiff of being average, I may just say, I’ll wait till it comes out on DVD, and then I’m probably going to illegally download it.

This is a problem, and just like every problem, creative thinking can solve it. I don’t have the answer, but if we allow movie studios to stop us from illegally downloading content, they might also be stopping the next push in technology, that sees us live in a more connected fantastic place. Instead, we just walk to JB Hi-Fi and buy a disc…. That slowly destroys the earth.

If you want to hear the latest on the Piracy fight in Australia, visit Delimiter.com. By far some of the smartest articles regarding the current shape of the tech market in OZ.

The McGurk Effect

This is creepy. I'm not a massive fan of optical illusions, but this is something really quite interesting. Try it for yourself.

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Dusting off The Avalanches


So it looks like the sleepy Australian giant 'The Avalanches' are slowly waking up and will soon be delivering us a second album (their first 'Since I Left You 'was in 2000). Talks of a re-release Vinyl of 'Since I Left You' including new remixes by 'Jackson and his Computer Band' (YES PLEASE!) and movement on their twitter feed suggest we're about to hear some big news.

What we know/are guessing is that New Zealand wizard Connan Mockasin will be lending some vocals to a track or two on the new album.

Anyways here is an old set from 2005 played at the late St Jeromes ('twas my favourite place in Melbourne) to tide you over. It's been dusted off and given back to the world via Youtube. Listen below and watch this space for all things The Avalanches.

If you've no idea who The Avalanches are this will refresh your memory.

Grab Since I Left you on vinyl here. It's an album you must listen to from start to finish as it's a journey of whimsical funk and cleverly placed samples.

This album and Oizo's 'Analog Worms Attack' started my whole silly journey into electronic music. Special stuff.

India's got Talent


Meet the Warriors of Goja. I don't know if this is all real or a magic show of sorts. i just don't care. They are big hairy Indian men smashing fluro's against their faces and the reactions from the judges are just perfect.

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. But if you do let me know and we'll test the 'driving a car over your body' trick first.

Watch below.

Oh sweet so they just get a few wads of cash.

Finale Performance.

sauce - tits

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Shit Post Sunday - Brilliant

No words.

Shit Post Sunday - Double B Feature

#defcon4 #hellcomestofrogtown

Click Pic to buy.
Two brilliant Trashy Post Apocalyptic films in one box. This is boneriffic stuff. Watch the trailers and grab the DVD. It would never make sense to bring these films to Blu Ray.

You should probably grab them on VHS.

I need this poster. Buy on VHS here

Yes this film contains Frog People. Also I need this Poster.
Buy on VHS here

Shit Post Sunday - Censored toons

Shit Post Sunday - GTA V trailer redux.

The original GTA V trailer

GTA V trailer made with GTA IV. Good to see how much better the GTA V engine is looking.

GTA V trailer made with San Andreas

GTA V trailer made with Vice City

GTA V trailer made with Minecart

Shit Post Sunday - Prometheus teaser Leak - UPDATED II

#prometheus #ridleyscott #teaser

Logan Marshall (Devil) Noomi Repace (Millenium Trilogy[Dutch version]) and Michael Fassbender (Inglorious Basterds) Pic from EW magazine. Hmm don't count on it being lit like this. EW seem to have glamorised Ridley's look.

So the teaser trailer for Ridley Scott's return to Sci Fi film Prometheus has leaked.

Please don't watch if you wanted to wait for a quality version.

Ok so i couldn't wait. Wow!

Did i see the derelict Spaceship from the original alien film here?

Click here for our previous post on Prometheus's story.

Ok so the Prometheus teaser has been pulled several times now and it's near impossible to find a working copy let alone keep it up (not an erection joke). Fox is going on about how unhappy they are that it leaked as people didn't see it in 3D for the first time yadda yadda yadda. Cool, well I think from the most unwatchable leak (seriously if you missed it you didn't miss too much) ever, ever released this will make people WANT to see the teaser in 3D.

Anyways what's the next best thing to watching the teaser yourself? Well obviously watching an over reactive human watch it themselves. Watch below.

Sauce - AVP Galaxy

Shit Post Sunday - You spilt my coffee, bitch

#HomeFront #DomesticViolence #TV #AdsFromThe90s

Shit Post Sunday - Scientology


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I want to eat babies

#marthastewart #babyfood

Fuck you Martha. Next Thanksgiving why not make your baby the turkey. GREAT IDEA!

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Human Beings. The highs and Lows.

#wafflemaker #blackfriday

Humans have the ability to design and create vehicles that can leave our atmosphere, travel through space and land on the moon.

Humans also have the ability to go BAT SHIT CRAZY over Waffle Makers on sale for $2. This is happening right now during the Black Friday Thanksgiving sales in the United States.

Some tweets

- No more $2 waffle makers at Walmart. Only the bodies of those that died fighting for them.

- T-Man Wow a 6 year old girl got punch in the face over a 3 dollar waffle maker.

- A ole woman got arrested for hitting a man with her cane then some other lady got trampled on & broke her hand alll over a waffle maker smh lmao -__-

- Wow a 6 year old girl got punch in the face over a 3 dollar waffle maker.

- A ole woman got arrested for hitting a man with her cane Im so ready to leave this store. Lady just got hit in the head with a waffle maker

- I WILL get my waffle maker #blackfriday

Address is Approximate

Very clever short. watch it. Like Google and Toy Story having a baby. Commercial potential is uuuge:

Address Is Approximate from The Theory on Vimeo.

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Classic Contract Renewal

@SHO_Dexter @SHO_Network #Dexter

So if you are familiar with sports, mostly in the U.S., you will know that a contract renewal is code for: squeeze whatever money is left, in what was once a cash-cow. Sportspeople do it when they hit their peak, knowing that the only way forward, is in a downward motion.

TV shows are a little different, the contract lengths are usually shorter, but I find it interesting when a show secures a multi-year contract renewal right at the height of its worse season yet.

Dexter has been officially renewed for at least 2 more years, seeing it possibly make a revival during it's 7th or 8th season. It's no secret, that this season of Dexter, is by far the worst, and quite frankly, we should've seen it coming given the fact that last season, at the time, was the dullest.

Of course, if people just completely stop watching, Showtime might cancel the show, but nevertheless, this contract renewal guarantees the cast and crew (whom of which may not be with the show in coming seasons) at least 2 more years of work.

This decision by Showtime comes off the back of a new one-year contract extension for another failing show, Weeds, but I'm going to be surprised if it lives anytime after that.

Premium Pay TV shows need to have a shelf life.

So with all that being said, is South Park doing the same? Renewed until 2016, this show will see it's 20th season, but has it already jumped the shark?

20 Years on - Freddie Mercury

#FreddieMercury #20Years #Queen

Born 5 September 1946 - Died 24th November 1991

Today we remember Freddie, 20 years on.

R.I.P Freddie.

Chuck Norris is a hunter.

#Chucknorris #WoW

Chuck Norris. I'm pretty sure if you look close enough you can see the third fist under his beard.

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NSFW: Japan..... Erection.....

#NSFW #Japan #Erection

So technically no nudity, but if your boss sees you watching this, you will probably be considered as fucked up as the guy who made this video.

What the fuck is this?

Chopper Crash

Right place, right time.... for the camera guy that is, not so much for the helicopter. The pilot is fine, no one was hurt, so let's enjoy some guilt free destruction, captured on a high-def camera.

A few things

@edbangerrecords #50weapons #siriusmo @oizo3000

Ed Banger seems to have a new logo. Music and Art (colouring in)? Seeing as the first one was scribbled down on a napkin its come a long way with a few iterations between.

                              OLD                                                               NEW

Stade 2 is now available on Vinyl with bonus poster from SO-ME. BUY it! Click the artwork to buy.

It's a noise-tastic musical journey of doomish doom that will cause irritable bowel syndrome. ENJOY!

Mickey Moonlight's first LP "Mickey Moonlight And The Time Axis Manipulation Corporation" will be released on Ed Banger November 28 (yah real soon).

He's the most underrated producer on the French label and really deserves your ears. However his last EP did scare a few people away as it wasn't anything like his previous releases Interplanetary Music or Love Pattern. Have a look/listen at the preview below.  HOLO BOX!?!?!?!

Tracklist on itunes.


Monkeytown related news!

A new Siriusmo remix. It's always great to get anything Mo. This is a remix of an older track 'I like Holden Caulfield' by Mo mate Bodi Bill.

Shed will release his first LP on 50 Weapons

Mouse on Mars will release their 11th LP on Monkeytown Records. 

Castle Beats

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