Friday, December 30, 2011

While We Were Eating Ham.

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Ok so we've been away for a bit eating Ham (lots of ham). What Happened?

This is the actor Hamm, not the food Ham. Easy mistake to make. 

This Happened.

Hit the Jump to find out what else happened whilst we we're eating Ham.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The web is what you make of it.

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There is a long and largely boring story behind this. Suffice to say, this art form was dying out, the internet and a savvy business man saved it. Plus this is just an interesting idea.

100 Greatest movie insults of all time.

#100greatestmovieinsults #insults

Someone has been kind enough to edit together their idea of what the 100 greatest movie insults are. I don't necessarily agree with all of them and also think they probably missed a few that i would have deemed worthy, However, it is still amusing and a good way to spend 10 minutes.

And a sequel.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 - The year in film.

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This is incredibly well made and perfectly sums up 2011's films.

The list of films used can be found here. 

The Turbo Recordings Xmas gift

@mister_chambers @soulwax @turborecordings

Paul Chambers did a pretty big remix of Partys Over Los Angeles. Enjoy it for frees by liking the ZZT Facebook page and clicking here

Paul Chambers

Ok so it's great to have a free remix from the talented 808 man Paul Chambers BUT how about a Soulwax version. See Below. CRAZY! CRAZY AWESOME! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Prometheus Trailer is finally here


The most anticipated film for 2012. For me anyways.

We're going back to the universe that was created in 1979 and we'll see the origins of life itself. Big Ideas. Original Sci Fi!

A few points of interest

- The film seems very physical, models, props and sets (a certain lack of CG, YAH!)
- The derelict ship from Alien. It's there, we're looking right at it!
- The Space Jockey's chair rising up at 44 seconds. GOOSEBUMPS!

Really seems like a lot of the things I talked about here in July are actually true.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The funniest thing on the internet.

#shitgirlssay #funniestthingontheinternet

There is nothing to say about this other than you should watch it. Now!
Be prepared to piss your pants.

Ant Crusher Pt 2.

#antcrusher #mostrealisticgame

So this seriously has to be the most realistic game of 2011 and probably deserved a spot on our list of top 11 games. But i guess its only enjoyable if you have a pet that wants to play with you.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The 11 most CastleWorthy Games of 11

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@trenchedgame @epicgames @bethblog 

2011 saw the release of some of the greatest games I have ever played, unfortunately and ultimately disappointingly it also saw the release of the worst (MW3 thus will not be making it onto this list aside from this small mention.) I have tried to distill this list of 11 games across all platforms from iOS to xbox. 

Here are some games that i rated highly.

The 11 Most CastleWorthy 
games of 2011

The 11 most CastleWorthy TV Shows of 11

#11in11 @sho_network @hbo @amc_tv

T.V.... It's an acronym for Tele Vehicle. A vehicle that transmits the best and most amazing stories, photography, and performance, to your brain.

Here are some TV shows that I have rated:

The 11 Most CastleWorthy 
TV Shows of 2011

The Hobbit Trailer

Love it or hate it.... You absolutely have to love the fact that Peter Jackson and his team, are able to seamlessly pick up from where they left off, which will be a 9 year gap since the release of Return of the King. Enjoy. Now only 12 more months to go.......

DJ Kim Jong iL'n

@edbangerrecords #kimjongilisdead #dingdongthewitchisdead

Not many people knew about the late tyrant's illustrious DJ career. Proof below and after the jump.

DJ Kim Jong iL'n wowing the crowd

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The 11 most CastleWorthy LPs of 11

@oizo3000 @edbangerrecords @thundercatbass @housi3000

What a year in music! We we're truly spoilt by some dazling releases in 2011. LP's with slick productions, beatastic noises, poetic lyrics and computer voices.

Here are some LP's that I like.

The 11 Most CastleWorthy 
Albums of 2011

Siri, the official A.I. of Santa Clause

#Siri #Apple #Santa

My Name is Tiga for Christmas

@ciaotiga @turborecordings

My favourite most informative/humorous/danceable these days are made by Turbo man Tiga.

His taste in music is delicious with the Bok Bok & Tom Trago collab, Blawan and Frankie Goes to Hollywood thrown in here. It's New, it's old, it's worth your time. GO!

Listen to his latest mix here


  • Bok Bok & Tom Trago — Pathfinder

    Sound Pellegrino
  • ZZT — Work (Nautiluss Remix)

    Turbo Recordings
  • Blawan — Peaches (Melting Faces)

    Clone Basement Series
  • Untold — U 29

  • Locked Groove — Different Paths

    Turbo Records
  • Agoria — Speechless (Gesaffelstein Remix)

  • Justice — Cannon (Tiga Remix)

    Ed Banger
  • Drums of DeathDrums of Death — Tear the Box Apart

    Civil Music
  • A-Trak & DJ Zinc — Stingray

    Fool's Gold
  • Nina Kraviz — Ghetto Kraviz

  • Factory Floor — Two Different Ways (Original)

  • Radio Over Moscow — Rush to the Capsule (Footprintz Cover Version)

    Turbo Recordings
  • Joey Beltram — Psychobass

  • Adam BeyerAdam Beyer — Second Surrounding

  • Regis — Blood Witness

  • K.V.D. — Into the Night

  • Amadou & MariamAmadou & Mariam — Je Pense a Toi (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

    Philomena 7:09
  • ZombyZomby — Trapdoor

  • Zomby — Witchhunt

  • Mickey Moonlight — Simulation Crocodile Skin Handbang

    Ed Banger
  • The Durutti ColumnThe Durutti Column — For Belgian Friends

  • Robert Görl — Mit Dir

  • Zola JesusZola Jesus — Hikikomori

    Sacred Bones
  • Walls — Drunken Galleon

  • Frankie Goes to HollywoodFrankie Goes to Hollywood — Power of Love

    Island Records

  • sauce - BBC

    Prometheus Teasers for the Trailer


    This Thursday we'll get a first glimpse of Prometheus behind the scenes and the world premier of the trailer. FINALLLLLLLLY!

    Have a look at the teasers below with perhaps some of the best sic fi imagery I've ever seen. Getting tingles for this film.

    The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

    Bane beats the shit out of Christian Bale.

    The new Nolan Batman film entitled like a lacklustre Star Wars film has finally released it's trailer. It looks pretty damn sweet and I'm sure everyone is excited DKR after the behemoth that was Dark Knight. It's out July next year.

    Two Things that I like here.

    - Bane, that voice, that look! (a vast improvement on Schumacher's attempt)
    - That running shot in the Football Stadium

    Let us know your thought Castle Peeps.

    Monday, December 19, 2011

    An update on NBC's AWAKE

    #NBC #Awake

    About 6 months ago, Castle Awesome posted an article about a new TV show titled "Awake", which was due to premiere on NBC's fall lineup (September).

    If you weren't aware.... it hasn't.

    So I write this, to you, about some bad news....

    Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, production was shut down a few months ago. Although this does not mean the end for the show, it does mean that show has been delayed a further 6 months from it's original air date. Keep an eye out for it in March 2012.

    Of course, there is some good news that comes with this. News that makes me want to wait. News that makes me think, "good things, take time".

    The reason the production was shut down, was due to it's complexity and ambition. Complexity and ambition of what? You might say.

    Production has come to a halt because filming of the episodes had caught up to the script writing process. Obviously, this is no normal tv show, and it will heavily rely on the tangled story that can be seen in the trailer.

    It's no easy feat for a network TV show to compete with the big three cable networks (HBO, Showtime and AMC). I hope that it doesn't stink. Watch the trailer if you haven't seen it already.

    Ding Dong the Witch is Dead


    Google, let it snow

    @Google #LetItSnow

    It's almost Chrimbus,
    and to celebrate Google is giving us the greatest gift of all.... HTML snow.

    simply google search:
    Let It Snow

    Sunday, December 18, 2011

    Shit Post Sunday - Tiga's Reckless

    @ciaotiga @turborecordings

    Tiga finally got round to remixing his Turbo signed rad group Azari & III and it's magnificent. No details on a release on this yet but bathe in it's glory below in the meantime.

    Shit Post Sunday - Germans.

    #laughingGermans #Ubahn

    Is anyone else completely creeped out by this. Germans are already creepy enough, now they are laughing maniacally on a train. There is something going on beneath the surface here that just screams "We are German and we know something you don't."

    Shit Post Sunday - Bearded Dragon.

    #BeardedDragon #antcrusher #realisticgames

    Move aside Battlefield, this game surely must win most realistic game of the year. Plus i love anything with the word beard in it and the fact that its also a Dragon makes me supremely happy.

    Sauce - Marky Mark/Pretension

    Shit post sunday - Like a bus.

    #likeaboss #likeabus

    Like a bowss.

    Shit Post Sunday - Toy Red Dead Mass Redemption Effect Story

    #RedDeadRedemption #MassEffect #ToyStory

    Shit Post Sunday - Share A Coke With....

    @Coke #ShareACokeWith #CastleAwesome

    Whilst this has been around for a while now, people have started to get creative.
    There are a number of shady institutions that will print whatever you like onto a coke bottle or can - and they look every bit like the real thing.
    There have been numerous reports of some cheeky pranksters planting some of their forged coke bottles in supermarket shelves on some kind of anti coke crusade.

    personally, i find the pointlessly rude ones the best.

    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    Damn Snowman, You scary. Part 2.

    #snowman #jerseyshore

    Recently Brooksbot posted a video of a guy dressed in a snowman outfit scaring people.
    This appears to be the same guy, I'm glad that this happened.

    Lets Pizza.

    #Letspizza #fuckbaguettes

    Fuck baguette vending machines, the new craze is fresh made pizza.
    Being able to grab a fresh pizza after 1:00am would make me a happy man.
    Find out more about Lets Pizza here.  unfortunately it seems like its only available in the UK at the moment, but hopefully soon we shall be graced with its presence.

    Jedi Ninjas.

    #team2X #Jedininjas #Geekdreams

    This is awesome and has a surprisingly humorous pay off at the end.

    WRONG EXTRACT - Master Chang?

    @Oizo3000 #Wrong #WrongTheMovie

    Finally we see more of The Beard's new film than was revealed in the undecipherable montage of madness that was the trailer.

    I'm getting a bit excited now.

    of course.... now that I've watch the extract, i feel raped and robbed as I am none the wiser.
    Damn you Quentin, damn you!

    Stop Motion Raiders of the Lost Ark

    To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark some mega fan recreated the opening sequence in stop motion. Well done. Well done indeed.

    This film deserves all the love it gets as it pretty much created the modern adventure film and everyone's been running to catch up ever since.

    Friday, December 16, 2011

    Star Wars for everyone

    @starwars #mikaexplains #anewhope

    If you had trouble understanding exactly what was going on in Star Wars IV: A New Hope, never fear, a young Japanese girl named Mika has made a video explaining the nitty gritty details of the film to us in very simple details. Great because I was bamboozled.

    Remember, it's important to be Jedi. Check out Mika's other explanations of things/films on this channel.

    sauce: ajummonster 

    Thursday, December 15, 2011

    A Dinklage Retrospective

    @PeterDinklage #Actor #Retrospective

    In light of the teaser for the Game Of Thrones second season making us all moist in the pants,
    - it's time to honour one of true stars of the show in a way that is worthy of their talents.

    Not with a silly gold statue, gala events, talk shows, screaming fans or fame & fortune,
    - but with an obscure retrospective article on a shitty blog that nobody reads.
    You're welcome Peter Dinklage.

    It has been claimed on numerous accessions that Peter Dinklage is such a good actor, that he is able to disguise the fact that is is 6'3" and makes playing the role of a dwarf look easy.

    1995 Living in Oblivion       -       2011 Game of Thrones

    The Dictator

    #TheDictator #SachaBaronCohen #Movies

    If you have just woken up from a nap, then you probably haven't seen the trailer for the new Sacha Baron Cohen film yet. It's deliciously stupid. Enjoy.

    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    Justice fans are menopausal feminists

    @EdBanger #Justice #Boobs

    Here is the cover for the new Justice single On'n'On.

    In case you didn't notice, there is a naked lady on it and you can see some sweet side-boob.

    But, not everybody likes side-boob, and a few Ed Banger fans have complained about the boob, which triggered this response from Ed Banger boss, BusyP, via Facebook.

    Personally, I like boobs & I like Justice.
    So, I'm okay with it.

    MIT slow motion photon camera.

    #MIT #photoncamera

    MIT has built a camera that shoots at 1 trillion frames per second.
    Remember the first time you saw bullet time, you shit your pants.
    This is like that, but instead of watching bullets move slowly through the air, MIT is able to capture video at the speed of light.

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    Fuck you Michael Bay.

    #transformers #fallofcybertron #fuckyoumichaelbay

    Whoever made this has conclusively proven why Michael Bay shouldn't be allowed to make another Transformers film.

    Don't lick the Iron Throne

    #gameofthrones #hbo #brainfreeze

    HBO just released another teaser for GOT's second season. Eeeep!

    Again, they've revealed fuck all except now "Winter is coming" aaaand "Cold winds are rising"... We get it, it's cold. JUST HURRY UP AND PUT IT IN ME.

    Google Shoot View.

    #Googleshootview #google #BF3 #MW3

    This really speaks for itself.
    Go play here.


    #kidfight #taekwondo

    This is pretty much what would happen if chuck norris fought bruce lee.

    Cool Actors/Bad Villains

    @nytimes @AlexPrager #touchofevil

    Brad Pitt as Eraserhead. Enough said.

    Actually this is super cool and I think you should watch them all.Great idea featuring some of the very best in the industry.

    Check it:

    Monday, December 12, 2011

    Chemical Party.

    #chemicalparty #carbonisaslut

    So aside from learning that no-one likes noble gasses. I also learned Carbon is a slut.

    Steve Jobs - entrepreneur, billionaire, philosopher

    @Apple #SteveJobs #Philosopher

    Isn't it amazing, the people who knew Steve Jobs knew that he was a very special & insightful individual - and only now, in death, are his profound words of wisdom coming to the fore.

    We will miss you Steve Jobs, more than we knew we would.

    Saturday, December 10, 2011

    Flexible Love - The folding chair.

    #stopeverything #flexiblelove #foldingchair

    Stop inventing things, the flexible love folding chair has been made, now we don't need anything else to make our lives complete.

    Taekwondo "Finger" performance.

    #koreans #taekwondo

    Yes. I love koreans.

    Friday, December 9, 2011

    All i want for christmas is a series of awkward sailors posing semi nude singing a mariah carey song.

    #christmaswish #mariahcarey #HMSocean

    So a ship in the british navy found out they would be home for christmas, this is how they responded.

    Thursday, December 8, 2011

    The first Hea-ED Banger!

    @edbangerrecords @bowlerbar @the_OAF @thebakeryperth @WarehouseSydney

    On March 21 2003 the first EP/anything was released on the new born label Ed Banger records by the french Mr. Flash. The EP was called Radar Rider and came about after Pedro Winter (Ed Banger head honcho) was so impressed by the unique disco/hip hop beats he'd heard from the bearded individual. 

    Mr. Flash had only released a single EP before the release of Radar Rider and only five since. He does however make Hip Hop beats for other artists, including the talented Mos Def. 

    His sound really defined that now familiar sound that Ed Banger was known for back in the day and his music continues to sound so very fresh today. 

    So finally he's coming to Australia for the very first time and you should be wetting your pants with joy. Make sure you get out to see him and prepare for a heavy set that journeys to a hip hoptastic ending. 

    Check out one of his more intense/dark tracks below. Brilliant music video (NSFW) even better track. 

    "FLESH" Mr Flash Music video from Cédric BLAISBOIS on Vimeo.

    Listen to one of his earlier more hip hop beats below.  


    Friday December 9 – The Bakery Perth 
    Saturday December 10 Oxford Art Factory, Sydney 
    Friday December 16 Bowler Bar Boat Cruise
    Brisbane Saturday December 17 – Warehouse, Melbourne

    Buy his discography here

    Castle Beats

    Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player