Friday, December 30, 2011

While We Were Eating Ham.

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Ok so we've been away for a bit eating Ham (lots of ham). What Happened?

This is the actor Hamm, not the food Ham. Easy mistake to make. 

This Happened.

Hit the Jump to find out what else happened whilst we we're eating Ham.

While we we're eating Ham, Marble announced the soon to be released Para One EP entitled 'Mother'.

Compute is sounding ErrorSmithtastic and there's Oizo remix on here. What's not to like? Probably my favourite Cover Art for any Marble release so far.

 MRBL011 - Para One - Mother EP by Marble Music


Because Christian Dubstep is here to stay.

An hour long mix of Christian Dubstep. Now you can praise God and listen to dub step at the same time.

This is the last time we will mention the abortion that is Christian Dubstep. Sorry for the inconvenience.


While we were eating Ham we ventured out and saw Spielberg's take on Tin Tin. If you're a fan of the books and or cartoon then get out and see it. It's a treat.

If you've already seen it then watch below.

Also good this Holiday Season

Ides of March 
(Slow burn political thriller, nicely done, extremely well acted)

We Need To Talk About Kevin
(Best Horror film of the year, gets under your skin and stays there, creepy as FU*K) 

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