Monday, December 19, 2011

An update on NBC's AWAKE

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About 6 months ago, Castle Awesome posted an article about a new TV show titled "Awake", which was due to premiere on NBC's fall lineup (September).

If you weren't aware.... it hasn't.

So I write this, to you, about some bad news....

Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, production was shut down a few months ago. Although this does not mean the end for the show, it does mean that show has been delayed a further 6 months from it's original air date. Keep an eye out for it in March 2012.

Of course, there is some good news that comes with this. News that makes me want to wait. News that makes me think, "good things, take time".

The reason the production was shut down, was due to it's complexity and ambition. Complexity and ambition of what? You might say.

Production has come to a halt because filming of the episodes had caught up to the script writing process. Obviously, this is no normal tv show, and it will heavily rely on the tangled story that can be seen in the trailer.

It's no easy feat for a network TV show to compete with the big three cable networks (HBO, Showtime and AMC). I hope that it doesn't stink. Watch the trailer if you haven't seen it already.

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