Friday, October 21, 2011

iCloud: Apple ID's will be merging

If you are like me, then this post applies to you.

With the emergence of iCloud earlier this month, it became very apparent that a lot of people, myself included, have two Apple ID's. One which was used since the dawn of time with iTunes (Gmail, Hotmail etc) and Mobile Me would later become used for email, calendar etc.

For those who aren't having this problem, the reason that this became an issue was due to iCloud only being able to be linked to one Apple ID. This was never a problem before, I used my non-MobileMe account for purchases, and my MobileMe account for email, ical etc.

Some people have purchases spread over the two accounts, which must be even more frustrating... But it appears, it won't be frustrating for long.


Here is Apple's response.

Henrique [Xavier] pointed out that with the recent launch of iCloud and iOS 5 upgrade software on 12 October, everyone has at least 2 Apple ID's, one before Apple's "MobileMe" was launched, and one after. "Now, people have a library that has been split in half and we can't take advantage of the new features of iOS 5" he stated.

Tim Cook's response was swift, and telephoning Henrique in Luxembourg direct from Apple HQ in Cupertino explained, "Thank you very much for your email, and I just want you to know we are aware of this issue and are working on it".

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  1. Update Timmeh B - for those of you who have two Apple IDs don't worry, until the merge happens you can still use two Apple IDs. When you sign up for iCloud do it using the ID you want to be your main ID (in most cases i'd assume that is your @me account.) Then also do the same on your iPhone when it asks for your Apple ID use the one you signed up for iCloud with. After you've been through this process and your iPhone is set up, go to Settings, Store, and change the ID to the one you want to use to purchase your Apps with. This will still let you back up all your Apps to the iCloud on the other ID while maintaining all your purchases on a single account so you don't get that annoying thing where you have to enter multiple accounts and passwords every time you want to update all your Apps.


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