Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Apple stuff.

#apple #icloud

As expected, Apple announced today that it will release the iCloud at the company's Worldwide Developer's Conference next week.

None other than Steve Jobs, the company's co-founder and CEO will help launch the service among others at WWDC starting June 6.

The iCloud is a much anticipated cloud services that we know little about other than that Apple managers have sought to create a music feature for the service.

Apple has wrapped up licensing agreements with three of the four top record companies, including EMI Music, Warner Music, and Sony Music. CNET reported that Apple and Universal Music, the largest of the major record companies, could ink a deal possibly soon. This would give Apple recorded-music rights to most of the popular music out there. To offer a fully functional cloud music service though, Apple still needs publishing rights.

There's still no word yet on how those negotiations are progressing. We'll poke around and update this later.

Read more: CNet site

Brooksbot EDIT: As of 5:20am today, The Wall Street Journal has revealed that Apple will get Universal Music to sign on the dotted line this week, meaning they have locked in all four major labels, and are hinting that with this final piece to the puzzle, CEO Steve Jobs may wish so reveal iCloud ahead of the WWDC next week.
I'm not sure why, it's only a week away, but this is what the papers say </poem>

Digitalism Mix.

New mini set by Digitalism. Pretty funky, check it out and download.

Digitalism - 05-2010 Fritz dj mix by digitalism_official

01. Metronomy - The Bay / Erol alkan rmx
02. Digitalism - 2 Hearts / Rory Phillips rmx
03. Grauzone - Raum / Ata rmx
04. Digitalism - The Pictures
05. Feadz - Dial / Light Year Rmx
06. The Hacker & Gesaffelstein - Cartine
07. Falco - Der Kommisar
08. Digitalism - Ghost Town
09. Falco - Der Kommisar
10. Digitalism Silenz
11. Foo Fighters - Rope / Deadmau 5 rmx
12. Digitalism - Encore

Played for 2 years then given away for frees!

#seabstiAn #total #organia

SebastiAn's mysterious track that has been played in many an Ed Banger set is finally seeing the light of day. Released as a bonus track on Total and now for frees on the Ed Banger soundcloud page. It is a mighty track that gives me a raging beat boner. Hardcore SebastiAn fans like myself have been listening to radio/set rips of this for quite some time. After many an argument on forums such as EAF its been entitled 'ORGANIA'. Listen, download and enjoy.

 SEBASTIAN "ORGANIA" by edbangerrecords

Radio Soulwax Triple J

Soulwax will be going live on Triple J in 5 minutes, I would suggest listening to it. You can listen online at the link below.

Radio 2ManyDjs

also, this link is to listen to all 4 shows live. just scroll down the page and its on the left.


I don't know what to make of this. This was all written by a highschool student, who also plays the role of Darth Vader. pity the camera work and sound quality is shit.


Last year the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, or ACMI for short, brought us the Tim Burton exhibition (which is currently in LA, just going to show how far ahead of it's time Melbourne is) which was amazing. Now, they bring us SPACE!

"ACMI presents the world premiere of Star Voyager: Exploring Space on Screen, a major exhibition charting the history and future of space exploration as experienced through the moving image."

I'm a Rapper with a mother Fucking Baby.

This is from a show called Snuff Box. thats probably all you need to know.

also this.

Those don't look like real flowers.

1970s Anti-Marijuana Commercial by Illuminaught

Monday, May 30, 2011

Cineplex in yo' pocket.

Finally, no more logging into the shitty Cineplex website on safari to try and get session times and buy movie tickets on the go.
Brisbane's most awesome mainstream cinemas, Cineplex, have released thier iPhone app!  YAY!
Best part, like all good apps, it's free!

proof that chicks with Steve Buscemi's eyes is still funny

Yeah, so a while ago i did a post about this awesome new tumblr blog called Chicks with Steve Buscemi's eyes.
Basically, it was hot chicks, with Steve Buscemi's vagina eyes photoshopped on.
now, the trend is growing and now no celebrity is safe! (please, someone do Tom Cruise and Rob Reiner.

My dirty little secret and favourite redhead Hayley Williams with Steve Buscemi's eyes.

Emma Stone with Steve Buscemi's eyes.

Miley Cyrus and Steve Buscemi's eyes.

Kate Middleton wearing Steve Buscemi's eyes.... as is tradition.

Princess Leia with Steve Buscemi's eyes.

Neytiri with Steve Buscemi's eyes.

Excuse me!

Excuse me, but, why do i not own one of these???



In other news...

AbeVigoda.com says that Abe Vigoda is still 'alive'

fucking seriously? he was old when he was in the Godfather.

Planking Lacie covered by warranty

As a continuation of our article about Lacie Australia's Planking photo competition, where you can take photos of your lacie HDD planking in awesome places, post it on Lacie's facebook page and possibly win some prizes, my question to them was, would Lacie be willing to cover any HDDs damaged whilst attempting to plank under warranty.

i take this as a yes, on the proviso that the photo is awesome.

Transforming 3D

Film Gods Michael Bay & Jim Cameron sit down and discuss some technical aspects of shooting 3D.
This is quite interesting.

New Style of Eye Remix.

#MusicMonday #Styleofeye #SHM

Style of Eye and Carli do a remix of Swedish House Mafias new track. Enjoy.

Swedish House Mafia - Save The World (Style Of Eye & Carli Remix) Beatmyday.com Exclusive Preview by Beat My Day

ZZT - Vulcan Alarm (Proxy Remix)

#Proxy #ZZT #Vulcanalarm
World exclusive last night on the Anniemac DJ Show. Proxy is still ripping shit up. good for him.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


If you played Starcraft 2 you will be excited about this. If you haven't, play it, then get excited for this.

#starcraft #heartofswarm

CastleAwesome.com "greatest blog on the internet"

We're all very excited here at Castle Awesome, and very humbled to have been named The greatest blog on the internet.

"CastleAwesome.com is without a doubt, the greatest blog on the internet. The skilled writers on their staff are surely amongst the most intelligent, insightful and best looking on the interweb. Their philanthropic accomplishments are superseded only by their athletic achievements and the Castle Awesome website itself." - Amish Magazine, June 2011

Der Untergang und Doppelgänger

So, after constantly being bombarded with those parody scenes from the film Der Untergang (Downfall), i decided to watch it.
Firstly, it's amazing.
Secondly, it goes for nearly 2 1/2 hours, so pack some lunch.
Thirdly, every time i saw Dr. Gobbles, i couldn't help but think he looked like 'Toad', the guy that gets his head shrunk in the Super Mario Brothers movie.

Thieves of the world

Dear talentless rappers. just because the pre-pubesent teenaged girls who listen to your crap haven't heard of them, doesn't mean you can thieve their music and dribble your crap over the top of it.
Chilly Gonzales just tweeted this.

Many of you guys may remember something very similar happening to Boys Noize back in February.

anyways, here's the douchebag that is too talentless to be able to make his own music.

2010's most hated TV ads

Whilst many of the most complained about TV ads of last year were sex related, funnily enough, Hewlett Packards 'Happy Baby' ad beat them all with the common complaint being "How could anyone put that child at risk like that".... which i guess is a compliment to the visual effects mouse pushers on the ad, but really just makes me hate dumb people.

This of course was in stark contrast to the most complained about ad from a few years ago.
A Dominos Pizza commercial. But, i'm not quite sure why.

Then there are the ads that are so bad and tasteless that i can't believe they not only made it onto TV, but were thought up, commissioned and paid for to begin with.

But then, there are ads that are legitimately awesome, but get complained about.

Lacie wants to see your precious data planking

Lacie Australia has just announced the launch of it's Planking competition.
take a photo of your super expensive Lacie HDD planking in a super awesome position, post it onto thier Facebook page and you could win a brand spanking new4, 8 or 16GB iamakey worth up to $69.00

personally, i'm going to make sure that planking is covered by their warranty before i go risking my $600 HDD to this curiously stupid competition.

Whilst Planking has received international headlines over the past few weeks, from what i can gather, it is a uniquely Australian pastime / way to thwart Darwin's theory.
the challenge is to lay down in a completely horizontal position, make your body completely straight and rigid (like a plank of wood - it's a dumbed down variation of the yoga position) and get someone to take a photo of it.
Then post the photo online, and let the internet community give you a score from 1 to 10 based on your planking technique and your chosen location to plank.


It's probably worthwhile noting that people have been arrested (such as this guy planking on a police car) and people have also died whilst attempting to plank in dangerous places.
It's completely stupid, but there are some pretty funny ones out there.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's the future!

What exciting times we live in!
Holograms are no longer confined to chip packets, R2D2 or Science Fiction.
A pitty our snotty-nosed shit-headed kids will enjoy the fruits of our generations labours far more than we will.

Google Wallet

Yesterday Google unveiled their latest project "Google Wallet"

Google Wallet is a tap-to-pay app that in synced with virtual mastercard credit cards & gift cards all stored on your phone.
no more wallets and coins.

Whilst i think this all looks very cool, and a hell of a lot more secure than Visa's - pay pass seeings how you can at least password protect your phone or remotely wipe it if your phone ever gets stolen.
But, Paypal was apparently working on a similar product and has launched a law suit against Google over the technology.

more here.

PluralEyes gets better.

When HDSLR guru Philip Bloom told me about this nifty bit of software back in February, i thought it sounded pretty cool - but it was over priced and a bit clunky. but it looks like a couple of slight updates later and PluralEyes is now a truly feasible and essential part of a low-budget productions work flow.

PluralEyes is an automated piece of software that will plug into most editing systems (such as FCP, Premier or Vegas) and will automatically bulk- sync your good quality audio (recorded by your awesome soundie) with the on-camera shitty audio or guide track. perfect for shoots on a HDSLR camera such as the Canon 5D mkII, 7D, 1D mkIV or Nikon D3s where the pictures are pretty, but the audio is shithouse.

Click Here!

Mortal Kombat: Legacy

#MortalKombat #Legacy

So its been a while since i've updated the Mortal Kombat: Legacy videos. so here are the latest 3. Raiden, Sub Zero and Skorpion.. fuck yes.


WHAT! AT-ATs are for realz?

So, all us Star Wars geeks enthusiasts did hand-stands and jumping jacks when we heard that some fanboys were setting out to make a full size, fully functional AT-AT (the giant robot camels, as seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (best movie ever made...ever))

then, when Lucasfilm (which is run by the the same villain who is responsible for Jar Jar Binks) put their foot down and stopped the project in it's tracks, Star Wars fans around the world wanted to see George Lucas frozen in carbonite and locked away in a gangster slugs palace/shithole on some shit splat planet in the middle of nowhere for realz.

but then i saw this article on gizmodo.com.au
It's a predecessor to Big Dog and was build by General Electrics for the US Govt. waaaay back. But is also the closest thing that we have seen to a real AT-AT.


So, this clip popped up on the internet a couple of days ago & gee whiz is it impressive!

One song, one Shot,  ten minuets, five thousand people - all choreographed.
These guys closed down all of downtown Grand Rapids to shoot this clip.

3 Years and 8 Months later.



in reply to 


#justice #edbanger #civilization 

Friday, May 27, 2011


something tells me this should be on God's Biggest Boners


Radio Daze.

#Soulwax #2manydjs #tripleJ #vivid

So, exciting news, if you are unable to get to Vivid festival or one of the 2ManyDJs side shows but are still in the mood for a bit of Soulwax love, you just need to pull out your old transistor radio and give those knobs a twiddle.

Radio Soulwax

As part of the Vivid Live Festival the Belgians behind 2manydjs and electro-rock outfit Soulwax present a once-off series of radio shows on triple j. So one of the most significant outfits on the electronic music scene of the last two decades, live on your radio - yesssss!

Each night they'll mashup a unique theme, chat to the Vivid Live artists hanging out backstage at the Opera House and call for your ideas for the music on the show. Expect the unexpected - and to be blown out of your chair with Soulwax Radio.
on ya radio

* 6pm Tuesday - 31st May
* 6pm Wednesday - 1st June
* 6pm Thursday - 2nd June
* 6pm Friday - 3rd June

My CPR course was run by a sweaty fat guy

Super Sexy CPR from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo.

Why Snickers is awesome.

I don't know who is the casting director for these ads, but i think i want to marry them.
Berry White, Abe Vigoda & now Don Rickles and my favourite movie badass, Joe Pesci

Vivid festival releases iPhone app

Vivid Festival has just announced the release of it's must have app for iPhone & iPad.

Get it here!

More muppets goodness.

#Greenwithenvy #Muppets #imamuppet

New Muppets teaser, danny trejo? what the fuck is going on?

I have no idea what this movie is going to be, but i likey. So this is due for release on thanksgiving this year... whenever that is. october i think?



Wow, i didn't realize he was such a handsome man. plus he makes fucking amazing music. fuck you gesaffelstein, you got greedy.

New mix by Gesaffelstein.

01: Francois de Roubaix – Rencontre Avec Le Skua
02: Magda – Get Down Goblin
03: Appleblim and Ramadanman – Void 23 (Carl Craig Edit)
04: Redshape – Future Shock
05: Son of Sam – Nature Make A Mistake (Ame Remix)
06: DJs Pareja – Kenia
07: Charles Manier – At the Bottle
08: Krikor – Crackboy (Querelle Remix by Plein Soleil)
09: Mmm – Nous Sommes Mmm
10: Pan Tone – Hair of the Dog
11: Bukaddor & Fishbeck – Monofolder
12: Abe Duque – Outlook
13: Kraftwerk – News
14: Das Ding – Reassurance Ritual


50 Weapons of Choice 10-19

From da Monkeytown

"Long before Monkeytown Records Modeselektor started the 50 Weapons label back in 2006 as an anonymous white label series. No artist names, no release information, no cover art, just pure high class DJ music. Modeselektor, Siriusmo, Housemeister, Moderat, Headhunter, T++ and Shackleton, Bok Bok, Roska and many more appeared on the earliest white labels, later bundled as "50 Weapons of Choice # 02-09", a CD that was released as an ultra limited and numbered compilation, only available in indie stores.

"50 Weapons of Choice # 10-19" comes as the even stronger follow up, unmixed, with many new label signings, big names and hot newcomers all combined on an almost 1 hour long bass mission to defeat boredom".

Listen to this, it's like having your penis gurgled in luke warm water. Only listen on the best of speakers or headphones otherwise you arent going to appreciate this. Some real gems on here and some that do get old, fast.

A new one on here is Bok Bok's take on Art & Cash. He really rides his bike on this one (pun intended). Once again Monekytown are kind enough to show off the whole compilation with only a few annoying beeps here and there.

Listen to this at 2am after a big night out and the ringing in your ears is too much to bare.

Various Artists "50 Weapons of Choice # 10-19" (50WEAPONSCD02) by Modeselektor


01 Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka “Creeper”
02 Phon.o “IL62”
03 Benjamin Damage “Zeppelin”
04 Cosmin TRG “Izolat”
05 Anstam “Albert”
06 Modeselektor “Art & Cash – Bok Bok Remix”
07 Falty DL “Large Flash”
08 HumanLeft “Arnaud & Bernard”
09 Cosmin TRG “Separat”
10 Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka “Infamous”

total play time: 56:56

What Spock is doing now.

#LeonardNemoy #spock #brunomars

This makes me happy.

Birdemic at the Tribal Theatre

So, many of you guys would have heard about Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece The Room
It is a favourite horrible film of ours. The Tribal Theatre in Birsbane's CBD (the old Dendy on George St) has taken it upon itself to ensure that everybody has access to see this terrible film.
We first saw a bootleg copy of The Room about 18 months ago - since then, there has been a well deserved ground swell of people wanting to see this film.

Equaly exciting and i'm hoping equally as bad, is this film which has been on my radar for about 12 months now, Birdemic.
see the trailer below, and you'll understand why all of us here at CastleAwesome.com want to see it.
luckily, the mysterious folks over at The Tribal Theatre think it looks pretty awesome too - so they're screening it. excited!
Tribal Theatre - Click Here!

ZZT - ZZAFRICA, yes again.

#zzafrica #zzt #clouds #turbo100

This round we have Clouds Remix of ZZAfrica. really digging this.

And as an added bonus, Proxy remixes a new Noise Invaders track called 'Time'

Not his best work, but his sound is definitely evolving, i want to see where he goes with this.

and one i'm not to sure about yet, Bart B More has a new track coming out soon called 'Traction' Kinda a bit more techno than his previous forays, but worth a listen.

Bart B More - Traction by Bart B More

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This made me moist in all the right places.


So this is Loom. amazing animation. watch it. get wet. also the sound design is something to behold, make sure you listen to this on a really nice set of speakers or headphones.

Loom from Polynoid on Vimeo.

You should check out the rest of their stuff.

The best movie going experience in Brisbane.

The Tribal Theatre on George St in the Brisbane CBD is super swell. I just got back from the last showing of Citizen Kane (35mm) there and I have to say I'm one satisfied customer.

-Cheap tickets ($10 for adults)
-Cheaper tickets ($6 ticket once you have become a member for $10 (membership includes a free ticket)
-B.Y.O. Yes you read that correctly you can booze up whilst watching motion pictures (beer & wine only, $5 corkage)
-No one goes there.
-Free internet

So grab some vino a few mates/date/your dad and go see a rad film at this humble abode.

Yes you have probably seen these films before. BUT NOT LIKE THIS. There is nothing like seeing a 35mm print of a great old film.

Coming up.....

A Hitchcock classic. Cat and Mouse Thriller Gold. 
Hitchcock 35mm
May 26 - June 1

If you haven't seen this (shame on you) then you're about to have an experience you will never forget.
Kubrick 35mm
June 2 - 8

Kubrick's Vietnam film (stole Platoon's poster) well worth the watch.
Kubrick 35mm
June 9 - 15

Outrageously wicked but joyously fun and melodic. This and 2001 are Kubrick's best. Not to be missed.
Kubrick 35mm
June 16 - 22

One night onlys to see.

THE ROOM - July 1
BIRDEMIC - July 15
THE CROW - July 29

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Before Ed Banger

From Busy P - "A bit before the birth of Ed Banger records and just before the last release of Dj Mehdi’s Espionnage label, Feadz, Mehdi and myself decided to drop a family affair 12″
The idea was simple, let’s choose a classic track and remix it. We did something like 300 copies if I remember, distributed worldwide, enough copies to pay the bill of Disco France Industrie.
It was in 2002".

Grab Busy P's version of Kraftwerk at the very least. It's been floating round on the interwebs for years now (low quality) and finally you can get it here in it's 320 glory. 

Listen and download below.

 SERGE GAINSBOURG "Flash Forward" FEADZ edit by edbangerrecords 

 CREAM "White Room" DJ MEHDI remix by edbangerrecords 

 KRAFTWERK "It's more fun to compute" BUSY P remix by edbangerrecords 

sauce - http://busyp.coolcats.fr/

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Happy Towel Day!

So, the 25th of May is widely regarded as Towel Day. The day in which we celebrate the life of Douglas Adams, the author of "The HitchHikers Guide To The Galaxy" The single greatest thing I have ever read. In honor of Douglas, I am posting a video of my favourite Towel.

Things that make my vagina moist. (warning NSFW)

Dexter Season 6


Edward J. Olmos.

= (NSFW)

Squirt wars brought to you by RedTube - Home of free porn videos

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