Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Before Ed Banger

From Busy P - "A bit before the birth of Ed Banger records and just before the last release of Dj Mehdi’s Espionnage label, Feadz, Mehdi and myself decided to drop a family affair 12″
The idea was simple, let’s choose a classic track and remix it. We did something like 300 copies if I remember, distributed worldwide, enough copies to pay the bill of Disco France Industrie.
It was in 2002".

Grab Busy P's version of Kraftwerk at the very least. It's been floating round on the interwebs for years now (low quality) and finally you can get it here in it's 320 glory. 

Listen and download below.

 SERGE GAINSBOURG "Flash Forward" FEADZ edit by edbangerrecords 

 CREAM "White Room" DJ MEHDI remix by edbangerrecords 

 KRAFTWERK "It's more fun to compute" BUSY P remix by edbangerrecords 

sauce -

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