Thursday, June 21, 2012

Total Recall - Total Ripoff

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This years remake of Total Recall directed by Len Wiseman is totally unnecessary. We didn't ask for it and I'm still very satisfied to to watch the 22 year old original. It's perhaps my favourite Schwarzenegger film that's the perfect balance of B-grade cheese with a compelling narrative and balls out Verhoeven gore.

Sure there's nothing wrong with remaking a film but it just doesn't seem like this is going to be any good. Is anyone jumping up and down with excitement to see this? Can't say I'm much of a Farrell fan and the number of shots it rips right from the original (see the video below) is ridonkulous (although not on a Gus Van Sant shot for shot remake [see 'Psycho' -1998]

Come on look at Arnie's face above. He reeks of awesome. Farrell reeks of baby piss.

So may i suggest when Total Recall is released this year you grab some friends and watch Verhoeven's 1990 sci-fi classic in someones lounge room.

The one thing i fear after this film is released is that younger generations will recognise this as 'being' Total Recall and not the 1990 Arnie vehicle.

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  1. its not just a remake of total recall. it's still an adaptation of a philip k dick short story. and as awesome as the arnold total recall was it was a very loose adaptation of the k dick story. some people are looking for a more serious adaptation of the story. same exact scenario is happening with starship troopers. which was a Heinlein novel.

  2. Unfortunately I really don't think you'll find a more serious adaptation of Phillip K Dick's story in this Len Wiseman film. He's more a style over substance kinda director.

    Although I'm happy to eat my words if this proves wrong.

    I am however looking forward to the Starship Troopers reboot. They are going for something ccompletely different and will be concentrating more of the novels.


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