Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Mass Effect 3 endings. (spoilers)

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So I'm sure you all remember the controversy that erupted when people started to finish mass effect 3 and discovered major plot holes and some glaring continuity inaccuracies (I personally had a character on earth with me who some how magicked themselves onto the Normandy sometime before Joker became a massive pussy and flew away leaving humanity to its fate) well I have 2 things to share with you... First, a theory based on the original endings that doesn't really change the fact that there are still some plot holes and tries to negate a large portion of the generically awful final cut scenes, which I'm sure most people are ok with. The new endings kind of negate this theory though, which suggests that bioware hadn't had some kind of secret indoctrination theory plot line running the whole time and this guy is just crazy, but prior to the new endings this theory made a lot of sense.

So here is the Indoctrination Theory.

The new extended endings are all available after the jump.

And here are the new reworked/extended endings to ME3. I am finally content with how this series played out, They make me happy, I hope they please you guys too.

First of all, the new ending where you are given the option to refuse all 3 of the original ending options.

The Extended Synthesis ending.

The Extended Control ending.

and finally, The Extended Destroy ending.

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