Friday, July 22, 2011

Netflix Australia

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Netflix confirmed rumours earlier this week that they were looking to expand into Australia and cement themselves a market-share ahead of the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout.
Netflix has been around for more than a decade, and it is the worlds leading online, on-demand streaming service for Movies & TV Shows, where subscribers pay a small monthly fee and have access to more than 100,000 (as of 2009, most likely a shitload more now) titles.

Currently Netflix boasts more than 23million subscribers across the US & Canada - and it has announced incremental expansions into Europe starting in 2012.
Netflix obviously wanting to capitalise on the infrastructure that Australians will have in the near future - a government funded nation-wide roll out of a fibre-optic & satellite network which means kick ass speeds.
Now, so long as the nations ISP's don't band together and continue to overcharge for internet - the money you'll save from no longer throwing money into that financial black hole that is Foxtel Cable & Satellite TV you could upgrade to an unlimited internet plan - because with break-neck speed internet you'll need it.

....or you could just be a cunt and continue to torrent, which if regional broadcasting restrictions continue (eg. In Australia we don't get a new season of Dexter for about 3 months after it's aired in the US & Canada, even on cable TV) or the Australian TV networks continue to be cheapskates and opt for shit TV shows like the new season of The Cleveland Show instead of good programming like the new season of The Walking Dead - you bet your ass i'm going to torrent the shows i want to watch. I'll always go out and buy or rent them on DVD or BluRay as a way of giving something back and ensuring that good things are rewarded - but if you think that in the 21st century I'm going to sit on my hands until it's convenient for a broadcaster to finally let me see a show that I want to watch? give yourself an uppercut.

Netflix in Australia has great potential to snuff out piracy if it's managed correctly - and make the networks think long and hard about their programming and how many shitty life insurance ads they choose to cram in between.


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