Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MAC NEWS: OSX Lion Release Date and Iphone 4S

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So I have egg on my face. I did report 2 weeks ago, that the release of OSX Lion were to be released with the new Mac Book Air's within 7 days. That timeline has well and truly passed so I am here to say I am wrong, well, at least half-wrong. OSX Lion is to be released, with the new Mac Book Air's, but not until this Wednesday, 8.30A.M U.S. EST (That's start of business on Wednesday morning, on the East coast of the United States e.g. New York City.)

It will be interesting to see with other countries, if it is a global release, or start of next day for those respective countries. I know for us Australians, I'll be checking the app store, at 10.30pm, Wednesday night.

So I was a week off, SOZ BEBES. Of course you are probably wondering why should you trust me, well the confirmed information says that Master copies of OSX lion are now in the hands of Apple retail outlets around the world, to be installed on their demo machines before the release date, and let's face it, Apple isn't going to wait around for it to hit torrent sites, before it hits the App Store.

Also, more info regarding the next iPhone model have surfaced.

The iPhone 4S will be a very similar update like the 3GS was to the 3G. The design will be the same, so all the iPhone 4 cases will fit the new model, but it is expected to have a slightly bigger screen, and a fix to those very problematic antennas. The Wall Street Journal has claimed it will be thinner and lighter, but for some reason, I'm less likely to believe them.

Get your $30 ready. Here comes Lion.


  1. "Of course you are probably wondering why should you trust me"... clearly we can't. But it might help if you listed where you got this info...

  2. I have a solid reliable source who works at an Apple retail outlet, who says a Golden Master copy of OSX Lion arrived at his store on a hard drive and he will be responsible for installing it on the machines in an overnight operation.


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