Friday, July 15, 2011

Rubber is about to find a whole new audience

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One of the internets most successful bloggers, Philip DeFranco, has made an incredibly lucrative career for himself by posting blogs on youtube - his most successful channel being The Philip DeFranco Show with each video frequently attracting around a million views.
Like Totally Awesome, or LTA, is one of his other channels - and deals exclusively with video games, movies and other cool shit.

A while ago LTA started the Movie Club, where people send in suggestions for films that most people probably haven't seen - a schedule is posted as to what films will be watched and when (like a book club) and in a joint venture with NetFlix, people can watch the film then post a video response on the LTA page giving their review. Each show generally attracts around about 100,000 views.

Which brings me to my next point.
The schedule for next week has been announced.

With the great bearded one, Quentin Dupieux balls deep in post production on his next project, Wrong, his films are about to be exposed to a whole new audience, and from what i can tell about the demographic, it's potentially right up their alley.

We were lucky enough to secure tickets to Rubber's Australian Premier at the Melbourne International Film Festival in July last year - and we've been very excited whenever we've heard it mentioned since.
There were very strong rumours 12 months ago that we will have seen a legitimate theatrical release for Rubber by now, but that has sadly not come to fruition.
With any luck, Philip DeFranco and Like Totally Awesome can generate some sort of ground swell, guiding the development of society to the point that Quentin Dupieux is the Supreme Overlord of the World, Flat Beat is the worlds national anthem & his previous films NonFilm, Steak & Rubber make complete and utter sense and don't require accompaniment by popcorn, coke and several ounces of weed.

If you'd like to stay up to speed with the production of Wrong there aren't too many places on the internet  that will tell you more than Castle Awesome.
See Haynzeeboy's previous post detailing the production of the film here.

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