Sunday, July 31, 2011

Red Tails Trailer. Finally!

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The trailer for the much talked about and long overdue Red Tails is finally here. Lucas has been talking about this since making the lacklustre Star Wars prequels and we'll finally see it at the start of next year.

It's oh so strange to see the Lucasfilm logo attached to something not Star Wars (0.36 minutes into the trailer). Is it just me or do the dog fights look like a scene out of a space battle in the Prequels? It definitely looks and feels like the creamy effects of Lucas and some of the shots look a little yuck. BUT! This should be an emotional, compelling story with the likes of Anthony Hemingway (directed a butt load of 'The Wire' episodes) directing it.  Perhaps Lucas has finally realised he really isn't great at getting the most/least out of actors and has rightfully passed over the reigns this time.

Anyhow you should be excited for this as it's Lucasfilm that isn't in a Galaxy far far away (Star Wars), about a humanoid duck (Howard the Duck), a midget magician (Willow) or another Indiana Jones film.

The dogfights look great none the less and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) has squeezed himself into another feature film (he currently has 8 in production).

Here are some production stills. Good to see full size planes in use even if they are against green screen.

If you haven't already please read Brooksbot's insightful post on Red Tails here.

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