Thursday, July 14, 2011

Australia complains about App prices, Pisses off World

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There are some massive overhauls happening on the "App Store" around the world. It could have something to do with the imminent release of OSX Lion, new macbook airs, new mac minis or new Macbooks (standard). One thing that has definitely happened, is an all round pricing adjustment.

And this is all thanks to the country I now call home. Australia.


You see, the graph above shows that over the last 10 years, Australia's dollar has grown from being half the value of the green back, to now being worth more. The graph could also show rate of fat people and arrogance australia now has over the US. Yes that's right, Australia Fuck Yeah. 

But just like the US has done in the past, Australia hasn't achieved this status without pissing off some other countries. Here is the run of app store purchase changes, based on the .99c USD price (the most common price for a single track on iTunes.)

UK: £0.59 -> £0.69
Australia: AU$1.19 -> AU$0.99 
Japan: 115 -> 85 Yen 
Mexico: $10 -> $12 
Switzerland: 1.10Fr -> 1.00Fr 
Norway: 6.00Kr -> 7.00Kr

So while Japan, Switzerland and Australia all go down in price, the UK, Mexico and Norway have price increases. Yikes.

In conclusion, it has been stated from many apple sources that this has been driven by Australia's steady economic rise. I know for a fact, once the pricing for OSX Lion had been introduced in the US ($29.99USD) and then announced in Australia ($31.99AUD), it left many people wondering why we were paying more, since our dollar is stronger, therefore it should be marginally cheaper. Before you fist pump that air, don't expect the price to change for Lion before it's released. Although we wouldn't have a problem if the price came down to $29.99AUD, the UK might have a problem if the already advertised price of GBP20.99 went up.

Hopefully this also puts to rest the myth that there is an "Apple Tax" on all international purchases. I think there is a dickhead tax, but that is called profit that Apple pockets. Apart from that, Apple simply sets its own prices to reflect the current economy. Previously, a single itunes track bought in Australia cost $1.29, but was worth .99cUSD. That price had never changed since the birth of the app store back in 2007. As you see in the graph above, that was most likely an accurate currency conversion then, but clearly since our economy has risen, and will stay high, Apple has been forced to do something about it.

To those who say, it should be cheaper, not equal, don't be a greedy cunt.

Oh, and anyone who wants me to write a retraction about OSX Lion being released today... The announcement is immanent.

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