Monday, April 30, 2012

Disclosure's FACTMIX

@disclosure_uk @factmagazine

Some brilliant stuff in here. This is future if you want to see (hear) what's coming.

Take off your pants. Pour a scotch on the rocks. Listen. Download. Shove it on your iPod for the bus.


Medlar – Terrel (Bicep’s Brooklyn Shuffle)
Paleman – Hunt
Leon Vynehall – Homage
Kerri Chandler – The Invoice
Audiojack – Stay Glued (FCL Weemix)
Disclosure – Flow
Jordan Peak – Don’t It Feel Good
Dusky – Flo Jam
Disclosure – Untitled
San Soda – Kaizen (Payme Edit)
Disclosure – My Intention Is War (Fig II)
Ting Tings – Hit Me Down Sonny (Eats Everything Reting)
Thefft – Jungle Out There
Jessie Ware- Running (Disclosure Remix)
Jai Paul – Jasmine (Demo)

Sauce - Factmag.... der. Also follow dem of the twitter here

Iron Sky - Half Baked Review


HALF-BAKED REVIEWpast participle, past tense of halfbakeying (Verb)

  1. Watching a film whilst under the influence of alcohol, cough syrup, ritalin or some form of mind altering substance
  2. Writing a review about said film in the same mind altered state.

Hit the jump to read the review. 

My God Is Blue. vinyl time!

@SebTellier @RecordMakers

Didn't get your pre-order in for a copy of Sebastien Tellier's new LP, My God Is Blue?
Well you'd better hurry, because the pre-orders have stopped and the wax is now available in store!!!



I a par le passé eu un chat avec une jambe endolorie que son nom était Sebastien Tellier et mon
Dieu est-il bleu ?
Bien, obtenez ces pantalon outre de votre bas et volez dans un vaisseau spatial avec du fromage frais ! ! ! TROMBONE DE TROMBONE DE TROMBONE!!!


Updated - Prometheus International Launch Trailer

#prometheus @PrometheusMovie

If you don't want to see this film after watching the following trailer you should give up on life and become a florist.


UPDATED - Now in HD.

Busy P - What the F*%#!


Mazeballs. Listen.

This starts with a crunk remix of Genesis.

Enjoy the HARD MIAMI 2012 by Mr 'Busy' Pedro Winter.

A lotta old faithfuls in this mix.

Off the top of my head the tracklist is.....

Justice - Genesis (Crunk Remix 'i have no idea!!')
Busy P - Pedrophilia
Daft Punk - Da Funk
Kavinsky - Nightcall
Oliver - Walk With Me
Mr. Oizo - WC
Aphex Twin - Windowlicker
Djedjotronic - Miamite
Justice - Canon (Tiga Remix)
DJ Mehdi - Pocket Piano (Brodinski Remix)
Laurent Garnier - Jacques In The Box
On the tip of my tongue - Lemme think
The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love (A-Trak remix)
Cassius - I <3 U SO (Skream's Made Zdar Feel Like He Was 20 Again Remix)

The Avengers - Castle Review / Guide


Here is your Castle Review / Guide to The Avengers. I've made this easy for you peeps to remember with the following acronym MFWBCBTSWT. 

10 Steps below......and go.

Step 1.  

Make sure you've seen all the Marvel Studio origin films (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor & Captain America : The first Avenger). (Try to rent all on VHS or transfer to VHS for vintage feel)

Step 2. 

Find some loose change the will equate to around 10 - 15 bucks (Check behind couches and   under car seats) 

Step 3. 

Walk to your nearest cinema (carbon footprint bullshits)

Step 4. 

Buy a ticket to the Avengers in 3D (3D actually works [punch projectionist in the crotch if it's not lit properly])

Step 5.

Clear your bladder (the film is over 2 hours long)

Step 6. 

Buy Popcorn (this is a popcorn movie if there ever was one)

Step 7. 

Turn your phone off, put on your 3D glasses (wear contact lenses today if your vision impaired), enjoy the Prometheus trailer in 3D (film looks mazeballs) and for US citizens (watch out for a new Dark Knight Rises trailer)

Step 8


Step 9. 

Watch through credits for a lovely little surprise

Step 10. 

Try to wipe the smile off your face. 

It's been years leading up to this point. Decades for comic book fans.... But all i will say is...

"The Avengers is pure unadulterated popcorn spectacle. Tremendous to see it all come together. Geekboners and laughs aplenty".

Haynezeeboy 25/04/2012 

Now don't let anyone spoil anything for you and go so this film as soon as you can. 

Minor Spoiler - Hulk is the best thing about this movie. 

Get Your Haggle On!

This for our Aussie readers.

I'll let this case study explain what it's all about. It's Monday I'm feeling lazy guys.

So get yourself registered for this Saturday or ready to snoop around people's sales and pick up a bargain or seven. I personally will be looking for vinyl and home made lemonade (there's quite a few peeps who are making some fine lemonade come May 5).

Wake up early this Saturday (May 5) and get involved.

Click here to register, find garage sales and pick up the handy app.

Follow on da twitter here

Youtube channel here

Sunday, April 29, 2012

White Whine: The Arrogant First World Problems

@WhiteWhines #WhiteWhine

Ok, so we have all heard of #FirstWorldProblems, but White Whine is First World Problems with a slight difference. 


First World Problems: 

“I want to go for a walk around the neighborhood but I can’t until I find one of the six iPhones in my house that plays my walking music.”

A particular problem that isn't a problem in a third world country, and in most cases, refers to technology that didn't exist 10-30 years ago.

A White Whine:

Comment from - Oh God, you only got into Harvard?! 

A problem, that only exists in the first world, primarily within the rich community. An utterly stupid, arrogant First World Problem. So stupid, this isn't even a problem the majority of humans in first worlds.

Let's face it, we all love to laugh at people's stupidity, hey, it makes us feel better about ourselves right?

Plenty more White Whines to be read at or follow @whitewhines on twitter.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Close Quarters


This will be here in June.

Looks stupidly awesome. 

The Opening of The Dictator

So I guess this movie will make you cringe as much as it makes you laugh.

Sounds like a Sacha Baron Cohen film to me.

Sebastien Tellier - Cochon Ville Live !


Last week Sebastien Tellier has released is new album My God Is Blue. And there he is, preaching/playing Cochon Ville live just for you during one of the most popular tv show in France.
Amazing music, beautiful girls half naked and this at 8pm on tv. Yes other country you can be jealous, France is awesome!

Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo

Thursday, April 26, 2012

MultiTouch Music Apps


This is a great look at the now in multi touch applications found on modern devices. It's brilliant to see how advanced and respected these products are becoming. These aren't toys.

Well ok they can be toys, but they can also be very useful and productive in both production and performance these days..... and watch.

Prometheus Featurette with Weta Workshop

#Prometheus #Alien #WetaWorkshop

New featurette for the upcoming Alien prequel.

New Mr Oizo STADE 3 is out!


A few minutes ago Mr Oizo released his new shits called Stade 3.
You can get it for free by clicking here.
Sit down on your toilet, get the toilet-paper ready and enjoy!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stade 3


When Mr. Oizo has 100 000 followers on the twitter (greedy) he'll release Stade 3 (Stade 2 was his last album dummies) free to the world. We've known about this for a while now but have only now just thought to tell you as we're getting real close. So tell your friends, your grandmothers florist, your pets accountant or a complete stranger to follow @oizo3000 on the twitter.

Like always with this french douche lover we'll let you know his every movement as it comes to light.

Perhaps it'll be released on vinyl. Perhaps.

Click HERE to follow the bearded wizard.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Marble turns One.


Marble has created some incredible music over the last 12 months. So they decided to take a photo using Neon lights for their logo, a cheap smoke machine and bodacious motorcycles and tell us about their future.

Sam Tiba, Das Glow, Surkin, Para One, Bobmo, Canblaster, Myd 
by Romain Bernardie James

From the horses mouth.....

Hey everyone,

We celebrated our first birthday two weeks ago at the Social Club, and thought it was time for a little "PREVIOUSLY ON MARBLE" moment. It's been an amazing year for us, full of excitement and surprises. We made radical choices and didn't know how people would react to them, but so far the response has been overwhelming. 

In twelve months we released thirteen singles covering a broad spectrum of influences, ranging from weird avant-garde electronic music to club anthems, a full length album, threw our own parties and most importantly gathered a true family around the project.

So what's next? Of course, tons of singles are currently in the making, but there’s also two full length records :

- "USA Club Mixes", a remixed version of Surkin's first LP released this monday, featuring the Marble team and its extended family.
- "Passion", Para One's second solo album, in collaboration with Because music on June 11th.

And we would like to thank the people who made this first year so amazing :

The producers who believed in our releasing their music : Teki LatexMydCanblasterSam TibaDas Glow, and those who remixed it : Crackboy, Mr Oizo, Feadz, Djedjotronic, Noob, Rustie, Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990, Club Cheval, Strip Steve, Brodinski, A-Trak, Jackson & His Computer Band.

The artists who shot, designed or drew our cover art, and allowed us to build a unique visual identity : Museum Studio, Rimo, Jonathan Zawada, Benbo George, Ill-Studio, Maciek Pozoga, Partel Oliva, Gaspirator, Romain Bernardie James, Trevor Winkfield, FWRKS Visuals.

The industry types : Right Back, Idol, The Talent Boutique, Savoir Faire, EMI Japan, Because, Ed Banger, Plus Vague, Etienne Menu, Grand Blanc, Donald David, Nicolas Van Dyck, Martin Guilbaud, who helped us in so many ways.

Revolver Japan and Sixpack France who turned our images into cool objects.

All the DJs who played our music, the promoters who booked us, and of course all the people who listened and danced to our music in the past year.

So stay tuned, season two has just started!

Bobmo, Para One & Surkin.

Record Store Day

@recordstoreday @rockinghorserec @edbangerrecords

Record Store Day is this Saturday (April 21).

If you like/love/live for vinyl this is for you.

If your keen to start a collection this is for you.

If you just lot music this is for you.

It's now in it's fifth year and there are more and more exclusive releases for this rad day coming from labels all around the world.

Visit the official site for more info here (do a lot of snooping around here, there's a lot to find out)

For Aussies there's a pretty decent amount of information about happenings here
(fill your bag for 20 bucks at Record Exchange in Brisbane?!?!?!)

Ed Banger Records will be releasing a remix EP of SebastiAn's works including two unreleased tracks Organia (download here) & Holloback. Listen to the instance Holloback below (we've heard it the last couple of years in his sets)

Modeselektor: Live at Coachella 2012 VIDEO

By popular demand, here is the full video of Modeselektor live at Coachella 2012. Watch it and enjoy it while it's still up.

Modechella from CastleAwesome on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mc Baguette


McDonald's France as just launched its new burger, which is actually not a burger but a baguette-burger.
It's awful. Shame on you Maccas.

(UPDATE - Haynezeeboy) I found this commercial. This has made me extremely hungry.

Titanic - Rose was a bitch so Leo died


Proof that Rose was a bitch.
Knowing full well that her adventures would make for one hell of a story that James Cameron will one day want to tell, then re-tell in 3D... but this time with her 3D boobs edited out so that dudes didn't try to grab them in the cinema.

Look how much room there was!

2 Pac lives.... a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

On the back of the incredible "live" performance of 2Pac at Coachella, some genius of planet internet decided share this moment with the geek in all of us.

Happy Birthday David


David (Michael Fassbender) is our Android character in the upcoming Sci fi-gasm film Prometheus.

Fassbender's performance is inhuman, creepy, funny and slightly touching. He could very well be the best thing about Prometheus when it comes out June 1.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shlohmo - Rained The Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

I can't quite put my finger on what I'm watching but i like it.

I can't quite put my finger on what I'm listening to but i love it.

Jaar continues to make strange oddities that put a big grin on my face.

Buy the Shlohmo Vacation EP here

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Modeselektor Live at Coachella 2012.

#Coachella2012 @modeselektor


In case you missed it, Castle Awesome managed to get a pretty sweet recording of the entire set, and its available to download on our sound cloud page. we also have a video, but we are in the process of finding a place we can post it without copy right infringements (Video is now up HERE). the set is exceptional though so grab it and strut down the street to some fine ass tunes.

I was actually lucky enough to be there at the launch of their live show in Berlin, and if you ever have the chance of seeing this live, do it.

Monday, April 16, 2012

2Pac Lives

This is phenomenal. During Snoop Dogg's performance this happened.

Hologram technology has come a long way. Besides some sliding and feet being slightly off the ground this really looked like 2Pac was back.

Slow clap.

i2 edit: Below is a little diagram thanks to Roxanne Palmer at the International Business Times on how the "hologram" was really done. (Hint: It's not a hologram)

Aprilish Beatboners

@lone @nidandsancy @disclosure_uk @ZentraleMMM 

BEATBONERpast participle, past tense of b-boning (Verb)

  1. A sound/collection of sounds that make the penis erect whether it be in the pants or brain.
  2. A musical track that makes the head nod, crotch bounce or person to yell 'WHAT IS THIS?!?!'

You should probably BUY AND LISTEN to all/some of these tracks. Side effects may be a tightening of the pants.

Hit the Jump to see them all.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shit Post Sunday - On A Quiet Square

Belgium is a weird country, nothing ever happen... unless you have a special button which you can add BIG drama in a quiet square.

Shit Post Sunday - I'm Han Solo

The Star Wars franchise is a devious whore. Watch.

This is perhaps the worst / funniest thing to ever happen to the franchise. P.S. If you're thinking about buying the Kinnect game DON'T. It's awful.

Shit Post Sunday - Looper

Rian Johnson's new film Looper is hitting cinemas this September. Looks the radness. 

If you haven't seen Rian Johnson's first feature Brick then stop what your doing and go see it immediately. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Breakbot's Programme

@breakbot @edbangerrecords

Breakbot has been a lil quiet for a while as he's been working on his first album. 

Ed Banger records will be releasing 'By Your Side' this September. Expect that yummy funk flavour he does so well throughout with a few guest vocals (I would guess with Ruckazoid). I wish he'd hook up with Ifrane again. In my opinion 'Baby I'm Yours' is the best track he's ever created. 

But first up we have B-side of the soon to be released single to share with you. Ed Banger has released it for frees also. Grab it below. It's a nice cruisy track that grows on you with every listen. 

NSFW - Sébastien Tellier - Cochon Ville's Music Video


Wow wow wee woo woo....


I've never seen Tellier in better more god like form. This is just totally bonkers rad tell everyone about it awesome.

Tellier's new album will be out soon. Buy it. Make love to it.

Take off your pants. Open your ears a little wider and wear sunglasses. Watch.


So Tellier is really going for the 'i am god' thing in this album it seems. I effing love that.

I wish i had a shiny metal penis.

keep up with Tellier here 

BATTLESHIP - Half Baked Review

@battleshipmovie #halfbakedreview


Caravan here....OK so this is my first time writing for the castle… and let me say what a pleasure!


half baked reviews

HALF-BAKED REVIEWpast participle, past tense of halfbakeying (Verb)

  1. Watching a film whilst under the influence of alcohol, cough syrup, ritalin or some form of mind altering substance
  2. Writing a review about said film in the same mind altered state.

Let this be the first of many. 

Hit the jump to read the review. 

Friday, April 13, 2012


@dauwd @picturesmusicuk
Welshman-man, Dauwd has impressed me for a good few months now. I've listened to his EP 'What's There' countless times without that goose bump, head bop, crotch joust effect ever wearing off.

This guy has created a sound that's as smooth as butter with the funk of Max Rebo if he was Stevie Wonder in his heyday (sense much?). He has the most elegant way of twisting vocal samples into a well grooved building beat. It's quite a thing for the ears to behold.

Anyways he's just about to have a remix released for Jack Dixon April 30. Listen to a preview below. BUT FIRST have a listen to one of the tracks off 'What's There' EP. Unfortunately the vinyl for 'What's There' are out of stock (EVERYWHERE!!!). Please repress!

This is pretty special stuff.

Less talk more listen.

Behold the beauty of Ikopol.

'like' him on FB. Listen to more beats on his SC. Buys his stuffs. Support the Dauwd. 

DEREK: The Review

@RickyGervais #Derek #KarlPilkington

Listen, the writers here at Castle Awesome appreciate the work of Ricky Gervais and what he has done to shape modern media. Last year I personally wrote an article about The Office that was, and still is, featured on Ricky Gervais' personal website. Up until that point, almost everything Ricky Gervais touched, turned to gold.

What wasn't properly documented on this website, were the few failings that occurred after I wrote the aforementioned article. Personally, I apologise for that. We are not "Ricky Gervais" fanboys, we aren't going to write a glowing article about a TV show or Golden Globe presentation that we didn't like, a la Star Wars fans surrounding Episode I: The Phantom Menace. I will admit some fault though, which simply was, we turned a blind eye.

Life's Too Short had all the implications of being an amazing TV series, but it wasn't. Ricky Gervais' third appearance at the Golden Globes was meant to be a blood bath, but it wasn't. And An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List, was supposed to irritate Karl Pilkington twice as much as the first season, but it didn't.

And now there is Derek. Written, Directed and Starring Ricky Gervais.

The first time we saw the character Derek was during Gervais' live stand up show "Science". The character was portrayed as a very sad "autograph hunter" who had greasy hair slicked forward, sporting a speech impediment and waddled like a penguin. Obviously, Gervais was poking fun at this character.

Not too long afterwards, I read somewhere that Gervais was considering turning that character into a TV series. Needless to say, after being somewhat disappointed with "Life's Too Short", I simply shrugged off his comments and went on my way.

Today, the pilot episode of Derek premiered in the UK. 

Below is my review.

Monday, April 9, 2012


@hudmo @lunice

TNGHT is made up of incredible beatmakers Lunice and Hudson Mohawke.

Grab your 3D glasses. Take off your pants. Watch this clip. Keep your google on 'TNGHT'

They've performed together (as TNGHT) for a bit now so don't miss a chance to see these guys live.

Titanic Re-re-released in Super 3D

Obviously the theme of this video has been around ever since George Lucas re-released the original Star Wars Trilogy in 1997. Nevertheless, this video has a few hilarious moments.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shit Gift Sunday - Bon Iver, Towers vinyl

@BonIver #Towers #Vinyl #Giveaway

Castle Awesome is giving away an awesome 12" single of Towers from Bon Iver's self titled LP.

Head over to our Facebook page, hit the like button and show our wall some love.

Tell us why Bon Iver's Justin Vernon has one of the best beards in music and what you would do to it if you had the chance (ie. stroke or make love to).

Wherever you are in the world, a winner will be selected at random and this awesome vinyl will be shipped to you. Good Luck!

Shit Post Sunday - Morgan Freeman, The Batman & Bruce Wayne


Here is an amazing recording of Morgan Freeman & Christian Bale whilst filming The Dark Knight, where Freeman struggles to comprehend the fact that Bruce Wayne and Bat Man are one and the same.

Personally, the is no way these are genuine. They're either amazing voice actors who are having a laugh,
or Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale have an amazing sense of humour.

There is a whole series of them on YouTube.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Eggs & the death of all humans

#Alien #Easter #AprilFools #20thCenturyFox

This Easter, give the egg that keeps on giving.

As an April fools joke, 20th Century Fox released this artwork of a Chocolate Alien pod/egg which contains nugaty, gewy goodness and a white chocolate face hugger.
Fuck my balls, this is amazing.

Upon sight of this amazing picture, every Alien fan in the universe wants one.
With any luck, it might actually become realz.... in the same way that ThinkGeek released the Monolith Action Figure as an April fools joke in 2010, but by 2011 it was a reality.

Mad Men - behind the scenes

#AMC #MadMen #DonDraper

Some really cool, candid Mad Men behind-the-scenes photos have surfaced.
I like.

Han Solo in Carbonite iPhone case

@StarWars #Apple #iPhone #Carbonite

This is awesome.
If i didn't hate the feel of an iPhone with a case on it, I would seriously consider this.

Get it here.

Thanks to Crump for the link.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rear Window like you've never seen it before

Rear Window is one of my favourite Hitchcock films. Some genius (Jeff Desom) decided to stick together every angle that Jimmy Stewart looks out of his window with After Effects and time lapse the scenes together.

IMDB synopsis for Rear Window virgins.

A wheelchair bound photographer spies on his neighbours from his apartment window and becomes convinced one of them has committed murder.


Castle Beats

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