Sunday, April 1, 2012

Updated - Shit Post Sunday - Google Maps 8-Bit.

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So every year Google does an april fools joke, normally hilarious and questionably real. This time they have created 8Bit google maps for the original NES, easily my favourite gaming console, this is what i was bought up on, duck hunt, off road racing, donkey kong JR. This shit is the tits. And google maps 8bit, totally fits into that category. I love it, and all navigational data i access from now on will only be in 8bit format. If you want to use google maps in 8bit simply go here and click on the "Quest" button in the top right corner of the map. I am to understand that there are hidden monsters throughout the 8bit maps world and you can quest to see them so let the adventure begin!
 Also check out street view, particularly if you are on acid.

Update - If you can't be bothered searching for all the monsters, someone has done it for you, view them here.

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