Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Idiot Abroad 2 and Life's Too Short

@warwickadavis #RickyGervais #FUCKINGMONG 

On a day that I am truly aware of life and how short it really is, I think it's only appropriate (and a brilliant segue) to post a video, courtesy of my mentor in life, a man who pondered this earth for 40 years before finding his creativity. A reminder that no matter whats happening in your life today, or your past failures, you can find yourself and be successful in anything, no matter what age.

For me, it is a reminder to keep doing the things I love, no matter what the outcome, because one day, I may find success.

You can't wake up each morning upset that this world hasn't given you what you want, because it could easily take away what you already have.

Time for some laughter. The best medicine to help those grieving.

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