Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Future Of 3D TVs

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Whilst 3D is almost as old as the motion pictures itself - yes, the Lumière Brothers experimented with 3D way back at the turn of the century.

But with any new technology, there comes the good and the bad. most of it, when relating to 3D has been bad. But, a development non the less.
Some mind bogglingly absurd products have been released into the high end production market for 3D accusation, and equally some terrible 3D products geared towards the consumer display demographic.
Here is a brilliant parody, which is an on-par illustration of the kind of stupid products that some companies are trying to develop and sell.

Simply brilliant!

Thanks to Mikey B for sending this to me!

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  1. The 3D craze in Korea is mental. 3D smart phones and smart TVs are getting plugged. You can trial LGs 3D TVs in shopping centers, cinemas and even baseball stadiums.

    I was lucky enough to play Starcraft 2 on a 3D monitor and then watch a small battle between two semi-pro players (yes, remember there are professional Starcraft players/leagues/tournaments here)and it was FUCKING AWESOME. FUCKING DO IT ALL YA'LL.


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