Monday, September 12, 2011

Septemberish Beatboners.

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You should probably BUY AND LISTEN to these tracks. Side effects may be a tightening of the pants (men only) and a tendency to go DanCe crazy.

VNNR - What!? (click to buy)

It's good to have this Belgium producer back with us. He makes big/distorted/angry music.
This is the best way to go deaf.

Jan Driver's Amatilda has finally been released (buy here) and it's HUGE. This is perhaps the BIGGEST track on the LP/of all this year. Huge and Big aren't the best descriptive words a human can use but this is all that comes to mind, sorry.

ZZT - Vulkan Alarm (click to buy)

Yah we already talked about this one. Another 'BIG' track. Sorry. The Album 'PARTYS OVER EARTH' is out November 7.

TWR72 - Paradox (click to buy)

This is TWR72's first release on Sound Pellegrino's label. Once again TWR is using vocals in the most glorious of ways to create another delicious flavour filled track. Buy the whole Paradox EP here.

Zombie Nation - Tight (click to buy)

It's Zombie Nation and this is one his finest releases in a while.

Fake Blood - Deep Red (click to buy)

It's good to have this guy back also. This track is growing on me with every listen and I don't think it will be fully appreciated until it's heard on a massive system. Whole EP here (just came out today!)

Just Good Music (not beatboners)

Thundercat - For Love I come (click to download via Pitchfork)

You really need to get yourself 'The Golden Age of the Apocalypse'. It's one of the freshest things you'll hear all year. Buy here


Album 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming' Out October 18

JUST for Funs

Fun-ky. (click cover to buy, listen to a preview of the EP below)

 NEW DISCO EP MINIMIX by database 

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