Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Microsoft's Vision for the future.

#microsoft #futuretechnologies

Microsoft recently released this video showing what their vision of the future might contain. Pretty interesting to see some of the tech that they are wanting to implement.

This is a sequel to the video they released last year titled Microsoft 2019.  So most of this tech is still a fair way off but not so far that it is inconceivable.
Here is last years video.


  1. Oh well, it's nice to dream. Pity Microsoft only makes software, and 90% of the technology in these videos would require a massive leap in hardware development.

    Seriously, Microsoft, it's one thing to make a movie about all of the technology you won't pioneer, but if you think I'm going to believe that subway hobos will simply digitally transmit their rants, YOU SIR DONT KNOW ME AT ALL.

  2. The Microsoft 2019 sequel is too good to be true. The advanced technology we see in Sci-Fi movies is certainly plausible in the future. By that time, everything would probably be digitized that even newspapers are touch-sensitive. Awesome! =)


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