Thursday, November 17, 2011

What do you thinks wrong with this video?

@GovernorPerry #GrammarFail

Another Republican goose. Another George W. Bush rip off who can't pronounce his speeches, mainly because someone else writes them.

Here at the Castle, we will be the last blog posting about failing grammar. After all, we are human too. The fact is, you'll never ever read on our site the following sentence "That's what our president thinks wrong with America?" Although, taken out of context, it may seem grammatically correct, but Time Magazine have outlined Ricky Perry's sentence, very clearly.

Clinton struggled over what the definition of “is” is. Perry just gets rid of the word. Here is what Perry says: “Can you believe that? That’s what our President thinks wrong with America?” Most would say this sentence differently: “That’s what our President thinks is wrong with America?” Without the second use of the verb “to be,” the sentence is a lot more folksy. And gutsy. This is a scripted ad, after all, and Perry is choosing to speak informal English. “Thinks wrong” suggests Obama is the one thinking poorly. “Thinks is wrong” makes clear that Obama thinks something else is wrong. But Perry doesn’t seem to mind the confusion.

The stupid thing in all of this, what Obama was commenting on, which was taken COMPLETELY out of context, was that American policy makers have been lazy in not doing more to attract business.

At least Perry managed to keep coherent during this video:

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