Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A few things

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Ed Banger seems to have a new logo. Music and Art (colouring in)? Seeing as the first one was scribbled down on a napkin its come a long way with a few iterations between.

                              OLD                                                               NEW

Stade 2 is now available on Vinyl with bonus poster from SO-ME. BUY it! Click the artwork to buy.

It's a noise-tastic musical journey of doomish doom that will cause irritable bowel syndrome. ENJOY!

Mickey Moonlight's first LP "Mickey Moonlight And The Time Axis Manipulation Corporation" will be released on Ed Banger November 28 (yah real soon).

He's the most underrated producer on the French label and really deserves your ears. However his last EP did scare a few people away as it wasn't anything like his previous releases Interplanetary Music or Love Pattern. Have a look/listen at the preview below.  HOLO BOX!?!?!?!

Tracklist on itunes.


Monkeytown related news!

A new Siriusmo remix. It's always great to get anything Mo. This is a remix of an older track 'I like Holden Caulfield' by Mo mate Bodi Bill.

Shed will release his first LP on 50 Weapons

Mouse on Mars will release their 11th LP on Monkeytown Records. 

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