Saturday, November 12, 2011


@edbangerrecords @FEADZofficial
FEADZ. Probably the most talented DJ of all the Ed Bangers.

Feadz will soon be releasing a new EP. The track 'Alfayet' didn't make the cut so you can listen and download it below. It's not the best Feadz track in the world but still quite good and very much his delicious sound all over again.

 FEADZ - ALFAYET by edbangerrecords

SebastiAn smokes more cigarettes then everyone put together on Ed Banger. 

In other Ed Banger related news SebastiAn's yet to be released 'X Hollow' is featured in this sweet advertisement below. It's sounding like the SebastiAn from back in the Motor EP days. Like.

What's a HTC?

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