Thursday, November 24, 2011

Classic Contract Renewal

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So if you are familiar with sports, mostly in the U.S., you will know that a contract renewal is code for: squeeze whatever money is left, in what was once a cash-cow. Sportspeople do it when they hit their peak, knowing that the only way forward, is in a downward motion.

TV shows are a little different, the contract lengths are usually shorter, but I find it interesting when a show secures a multi-year contract renewal right at the height of its worse season yet.

Dexter has been officially renewed for at least 2 more years, seeing it possibly make a revival during it's 7th or 8th season. It's no secret, that this season of Dexter, is by far the worst, and quite frankly, we should've seen it coming given the fact that last season, at the time, was the dullest.

Of course, if people just completely stop watching, Showtime might cancel the show, but nevertheless, this contract renewal guarantees the cast and crew (whom of which may not be with the show in coming seasons) at least 2 more years of work.

This decision by Showtime comes off the back of a new one-year contract extension for another failing show, Weeds, but I'm going to be surprised if it lives anytime after that.

Premium Pay TV shows need to have a shelf life.

So with all that being said, is South Park doing the same? Renewed until 2016, this show will see it's 20th season, but has it already jumped the shark?

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  1. South Park is sometimes hit and miss but it's still the best animated show on television.

    Dexter is super lame and I wish it to be gone.


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