Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weyland talks at TED

@tedtalks #prometheus

What a simply brilliant marketing campaign to get us ready for the upcoming Prometheus. We we're wondering where the hell Guy Pearce was in the trailers we've seen. He's Weyland!!!! Peter Weyland at that and you can see him below at TED (genius, genuis!) discussing the future. I am about 10 times more excited for this film now. I think this film is going to blow peoples minds. Ridley is has really given this some thought.

  "Peter Weyland has been a magnet for controversy since he announced his intent to build the first convincingly humanoid robotic system by the end of the decade. For more info, visit"

Damon Lindelof (writer on Prometheus) confirms that the scene above will not appear in the film and that it was made just for TED.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Movie: The Movie..

#Moviethemovie #Jimmykimmel

Jimmy Kimmel has done a few funny things in his time, this is the third funniest thing.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shit Post Sunday - Direct TV does Hollywood

#DirectTV #TVads #Hollywood

These ads are a few years old now, but were just run in a post-superbowl wrap up article by AdWeek. Here are some awesome ads from US Cable Provider Direct TV


Wayne's World


The Shining

Tommy Boy

Shit Post Sunday - Dolphin Mega Pod

This was taken off the southern coast of California.

Shit Post Sunday - Adam Jensen plays Adam Jensen

@EliasToufexis @eidosmontreal

The man who voiced Adam Jensen in Deus Ex Human Revolutions Elias Toufexis plays last years game whilst creating a commentary. Some interesting stuff here for people that have played it.

Shit Post Sunday - Letters & Members

I love SBS.

Shit Post Sunday - GOT 2 minute EPIC trailer



This trailer wasn't available to anyone out of the USA so i hunted it down.

It's here April 1. GIVE ME A TIME MACHINE!!!

Shit Post Sunday - Spielberg Watches the 1976 Oscar Nominations


There were some powerhouse movies this year.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Best Movie Ever Made. Ever. Ever.


The original concept poster for Sand Sharks. 

"Your Party isn't on the Sand. It's on the ice". A line from the brilliant movie Sand Sharks.

I know nothing about this film but it's probably directed by a genetically engineered super director made from gene splices of James Cameron, Steven Spielberg and Jesus Christ.

I've already forgotten Jaws.

Want more. Here's 11 minutes of it. BE WARNED. It's so good you'll probably go blind.

Mass Effect 3 Space Edition.

#ME3 #Spaceedition #bioware

In what is probably the greatest marketing stunt ever, Bioware are launching a few copies of Mass Effect 3 into space today, the game will be tracked on its flight, you can follow the tracker here. unfortunately it seems they are only launching copies in a few cities around the world in the next few days. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like there will be a copy launched in Australia.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Februarish Beatboners

@oizo3000 @djedjotronic @lightyear_ @JensenIntercept @disclosure_uk

You should probably BUY AND LISTEN to these tracks. Side effects may be a tightening of the pants.

Handbraekes - The Qat

One of the silliest most absurdly funktastic tracks ever made by humans. There's no middle ground here, you will hate this track or absolutely love it. I'm obviously the later. Oizo sounds, Boys Noize arrangement, HANDBRAEKES

Buy here

Djedjotronic - White Noise

Thick distorted ding dong techno.  Like a thousand biceps flexing into your crutch.

Buy here

Light Year - Moderation

The best track this year (so far). Just listen. This is the first track by the now solo project 'Light Year' (just Jordan).

No idea where to buy or when this will come out (watch this space)

Nickel - ZYGZM 
(Jensen Interceptor Remix)

So what happened to the other half of Light Year? This..... Well done Mikey! This remix is solid. I love how it builds up to the 3.50 mark and dabbles in oizo-esque horn.

No idea where to buy or when this will come out (watch this space)

Disclosure - Flow

I hate how these brothers (aged 17 and 20) are so ridiculously talented. They sound like they're been producing music for 20 years. What a sound! Just listen.

Buy the 7" double single here

Maelstrom - Pool Chicks

Dolphin Rap. Maelstrom beats. Think about that. Listen.

Buy here

Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka 
- No One feat. Abigail Wyles

Beautiful vocal builds mixed with thick dark beats. Abigail's (unrecognisable) voice is so deliciously twisted into this bodacious groove. Listen.

Buy the limited edition LP here



Holy effing shit March 8 (Aus release date) can't come soon enough.

 Mass Effect 3 is almost here!

If you haven't played the previous two you're either lame or dead. Download the demo in the meantime and mess around with multiplayer.

Don't play the single player for now, keep that fresh for the games full release.


Monday, February 20, 2012

hours of frustration:

#goldeneye #N64

fuck you, Natalia.

Nothing is Real.

#Nothingisreal #Thethirdandtheseventh #AlexRoman

This is 100% fake.
The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

More about Modeselektor.

@modeselektor @MonkeyTown_jp

Did you want to know where Monekytown is? Yeah so did I.


Hmm who the hell is that woman? I think I might continue watching this show. The producers they're interviewing are too interesting to pass up.

Click here to see them all. There's one with Castle favourite Housemiester.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

AWAKE: The First Seven Minutes

#NBC #Awake #REM

We have posted a few times before about this upcoming show. On the 1st of March, the premiere episode will air on NBC in the U.S. If you would like to see the first seven minutes, NBC has officially released a clip publicly. Don't worry, there aren't any spoilers, in fact, it pretty much is the original trailer, without music.


Kevin Rudd, A Happy Little Vegemite.

#KRudd #happylittlevegemite

This is why i want him as our prime minister again, he's not afraid to take the tough stance on speech writing.

Shit Post Sunday - Attention! Il Est Myron!

#ShaunMicallef #ABC #French #Animation

For one reason or another, old kids TV shows from the 90's are starting to rear their nostalgic heads from the past.
More specifically, a show called Pingu, which funnily enough featured in a Shit Post Sunday a few weeks ago in light of a fan made re-enactment of John Carpenters The Thing.

On Triple J recently, Pingu came up as a topic for discussion once more, and a list of bad claymation shows were rattled off, one of which being a hilarious running series that has fallen into obscurity.

The Shaun Micallef Programme was an Australian sketch comedy TV show hosted by Shaun Micallef.
Amongst other skits, it featured a recurring short animation called Attentione! Il Est Myron! which poked fun at overly pretentious, rudimentary, art house animations.
The title, in French, because the French are the centre of art and culture and therefore better than everyone else. Also, the title, Hey! It's Myron! is far less attractive in English.

Here is a montage of the episodes that featured throughout the Micallef Programme.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Heart Attack Grill claims first fattie

#HeartAttackGrill #Death

A while ago TimmehB reported on this awesome enigma.
The Heart Attack Grill.
An American fast food joint, founded and run by a former nutritionist,
and one that serves the most gluttonous of meals to the most gluttonous of people.
A place where the cheese and paddies are stacked high and if you're enough of a fattie - you eat for free.
Burgers are named and ranked accordingly.
The By-pass, the Double By-pass, Tripple By-Pass & the grandaddy of them all, the Quadruple By-Pass.

Well, a few days ago some fattie couldn't handle the fatness and went and had himself a heart attack whist  trying to finish his fattie burger.
I really want to go to vegas and demolish one of these burgers - then go play roulette with dribbled mustard in my beard.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Parody of a cover,

#WOTE #gotye #Kimbra #somebodythatiusedtoknow

This is good, and then bad, and then good again. It's also funny at times.
It seems these guys are getting tired of playing on the one instrument.

Tales of the past.

#nostalgia #modems #56k

God, this brings back memories, trying to look up images of naked women,  as the image slowly loads i would go away and make a sandwich, only to have my parents come home and ruin the whole thing just as the image finally loaded. what a waste of 3 hours.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.


This movie looks superb, if it is anything like the book then my expectations are high.

The Future. Deus Ex Human Revolution.

#Thefuture #prostheticlimbs #Deusex

The future is upon us. Prosthetic limbs that let you feel. amazing. I wonder how long before people start voluntarily getting bionic limbs.

Things you probably didn't know about google search.

#google #imagesearch

I didn't know that you could do this, genius.

George R.R. Martin Reads kids books.

#GeorgeRRMartin #GameofThrones

George R.R. Martin, writer of A song of Fire and Ice, best known from the first book in the series, A Game of Thrones, shows off his reading skills in this short video. I think        i  prefer his version of these beloved children stories.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shit Post Sunday - Inception within an Inception within an Inception

#Inception #ChristopherNolan @LeoDiCaprio

A friend sent me this photo - saying it's the only way he can watch Inception.

Shit Post Sunday - John Cleese on Creativity.

@Johncleese #Creativity

This is fantastic. I love John Cleese, this is a great watch, and all interesting subject matter.

John Cleese - a lecture on Creativity from janalleman on Vimeo.

Shit Post Sunday - Triple J's Hottest 100 in 6 mins

#TripleJ #Hottest100 #NiceAndEgo #ShitPostSunday

Just to prove that the hottest 100 countdown doesn't need to be a tedious 9 hour countdown,
A few days ago some hipsters with iMovie did a mash up of most of the hottest 100 tracks.
All in all, it's pretty awesome.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

The River.

#TheRiver #Paranormalactivity #ABC

The River, your new favourite show. imagine LOST mashed in together with a dash of Paranormal Activity and little bit of any nature Doco you have ever watched. It's a little exposition filled during the first episode, but that is to be expected of a new show. Directed by Oren Peli, the guy who directed Paranormal Activity, it is best viewed in the dark on your own.  There is a HD version of the trailer available here.

Friday, February 10, 2012



Awesome campaign for eco friendly electricity which is apparently called ecotricity.

God Bless America.


What is this? how is this a movie? sure its probably what people think about doing all the time, but how did it actually get made?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Billy Connolly joins the Hobbit

#TheHobbit #LOTR

This is easily the casting choice of the hobbit that makes the most sense.

Billy Connolly as a Dwarf. Not a regular dwarf though, Connolly will portray Dain Ironfoot, a great dwarf warrior, and if you've ever seen him in Boondock Saints, you know just how baddass Connolly can be.

In a few other LOTR / The Hobbit news, here is a video of Brett McKenzie, one half of Flight of the Concords, talking about his Oscar nomination and his new part in the hobbit.

Also here is a german video.....  It's got some weird stuff in it (Safe for work), but if you skip directly to 10:50, you'll see a big piece on Wellington, New Zealand, where the Hobbit is filmed.

Some noteworthy timecodes:

11:29 - My mother lives on that street

12:31 - A terrible person to interview

13:15 - I got freaky with a girl there when I was 15.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


@lightyear_ @banggang12s

The now one person act (just Jordan) Light Year is about to release another analog driven EP entitled Moderation. All I can say is that it sounds very 'Light Year' (perhaps a bit darker).

Moderation is super killa. Watch the what looks to be youtube ripped and cut video below.

UPDATE - After listening to Moderation a few times...

"MODERATION is the best track this year (2012) so far that 
my human ears have heard during my time on Earth".
Haynezeeboy President of Earth.

Listen to the EP below.

Release date unknown

The Man Who Lived on his Bike.

#Themanwholivedonhisbike #GuillaumeBlanchet #YvesBlanchet

This is amazing, simple and perfect. I now want to learn how to ride a bike with no hands, also how to poo while riding a bike.

THE MAN WHO LIVED ON HIS BIKE from Guillaume Blanchet on Vimeo.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Must See Music Videos

@romain_gavras @okgo @MIAuniverse

Romain Gavras + MIA again.

Good Music Video, Great Track.

Annnnnd Holy fucking shit. OK GO have outdone themselves.

Great Music Video, Good Track.

Sauce - Yacob.

Hit the Jump to see more.

Superbowl Trailers.

#superbowl #trailers #theavengers #johncarter #battleship #GIJoe #thedictator #Hungergames

So prior to the Super Bowl we started seeing teasers for trailers popping up all over the place, and now the full length trailers are airing during Super Bowl. good. very good. The avengers has given me a raging erection.

Superbowl Ads.

#Superbowl #ads #solongvampires

so you don't want to watch an incredibly long boring football game? me either. but you do want to know what ads are airing during said game. well don't wait, just go here and watch them all now. I'd have to say my favourite is the chevrolet ad, but I'm also partial to the Camry and Audi ads as well.

Update - Just found this one, which was awesome till LMFAO starts playing.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shit Post Sunday - Comic books and the death of death

#ComicBooks #Superman #Marvel #DC #Death

Tomato Sauce: Amelia.

Shit Post Sunday - Wiseau does dub

#TheRoom #FunnyOrDie @TommyWiseau

So, apparently this is already a year old, but it was only just sent to me and I giggled.
consider it shared.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Action Pad.


So this is obviously going to be better than an iPad, they even have their very own asian Steve Jobs.

Old Spice Bounce.

#timanderic #oldspice @timheidecker @ericwareheim

This is hilarious, as is appropriate coming from Tim and Eric.

Back to the Future! Live!


This is awful, but amazing. if you're a fan of Back to the Future you will probably laugh at this.

Back to the Future: Live! [DIRECTOR'S CUT] from Samuel Eidson on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Passenger & All the Little Lights

@PassengerMusic @TripleJ #AllTheLittleLights

Here at Castle Awesome, we love beards.
Add Mike Rosenberg's beard to the list.
Not only does he have the kind of beard you just want to run your fingers through,
he is also an immensely talented individual.
Never heard of him? You're not alone.

When I was just finishing up in film school in early 2008, a good friend of mine who was working in Edinbrough, Scotland sent me an email saying that some of her girlfriends had dragged her kicking and screaming to a pub the night before, just to hear some guy bash away on a guitar and stomp the ground with his little hobbit feet.
She said that the guy went by the name of Passenger, & he was incredible.
She attached this YouTube video, and when I watched it, I was hooked.

So many of his songs are on high rotation on my iPod, Wicked Man's Rest and Flight of The Crow are easily amongst my all time favourite albums.

His new album All The Little Lights is about to launch here in Australia, which I'm extremely excited about. This is one guy that I still struggle to understand why radio stations like TripleJ haven't jumped in the passenger's seat with him.
If you're into indie-acustic-pop this guy is worth checking out.

Breaking Bad RPG.

#Breakingbad #Collegehumour

This is hilarious. Another awesome RPG from College Humour. If you haven't seen Breaking Bad and you plan on watching it, this has some huge spoilers in it, so be careful.

My new favourite YouTube channel.


This is awesome, two brothers just hanging out filming slow motion stuff.

Volkswagen game day commercial.

#Gameday #Volkswagen #starwars

So it seems like volkswagen are just being dicks about the fact that they can use star wars in their ads. The vader kid was mildly cute but wasn't the best ad ever, this one isn't even clever. fuck you volkswagen.

Siri, a cold hearted racist bitch.

#Siri #Scotland

So apparently it has been a point of some humour to people lately that Siri is unable to understand a lot of peoples accents, particularly in scotland. so obviously this happened.

Pac Man the comprehensive walk through guide.


This is brilliant, i always needed this, i never made it past level 4 but that could be due to getting extremely bored with the game around that point.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Ads for Ads, Marvel The Avengers teaser.

#Marvel #TheAvengers #Gameday

Another ad for an ad to air on Game Day, this time for Marvels new film The Avengers, looks pretty sweet.

RC Superhero.


So last year we introduced you to Air Swimmers, the awesome remote controlled flying fish/shark. well this is better.
you can buy an RC Superhero for US$350 from here. (Slow dub step music is not included.)
And then you too can scare your christian neighbours that the rapture is upon us.

1 Bit Symphony by Tristan Perich.

#1bitsymphony #Tristanperich

So this is pretty sweet, i love the way it is presented in a CD case. The music would probably get annoying after a little while, but i'd still buy it.

Tristan Perich: 1-Bit Symphony (Part 1: Overview) from Tristan Perich on Vimeo.

Tristan Perich: 1-Bit Symphony (Part 2 - Music Excerpts) from Tristan Perich on Vimeo.

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