Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Allen Gregory - Or What Jonah Hill does now that he's too skinny for comedy movies.

@Jonahhill #Allengregory

A new show on fox starring Jonah Hill. It's about a 7 year old boy who has been home schooled to the point of genius and now he has to go into the public school system. Been done before, but this has a fairly high profile cast of comedians who you know and love.... wait...
that guy from SNL who plays Macgruber. (Will Forte)

That guy from 3rd rock from the sun who was always squinting. (French Stewart)

Except he's old now.

And a whole heap of other people. Anyway, now Jonah Hill can lose as much weight as he wants and still be potentially funny. I guess this is his way of reassuring us that his humor comes from his mouth and not "Fat guy in trouble" situational comedy. We shall see.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mario Portals.

#Mario #Portal

This is the greatest thing ever, gives me the hit of nostalgia for Mario plus a dash of the new school with the best game of the decade.

Monday, August 29, 2011


#Resonance #CinemafourD

A unique project that explores the relationship between geometry and sound. Over 30 Visual and Audio designers/studios participated in this cool little video. I think my favourite is the "Momentary People" studios submission at 7:09. But all of them are pretty fucking awesome.


I Always wanted to be a model.

#poses #yolandadominguez

A Spanish artist by the name of Yolanda Dominguez used fat, old women to explore the concept of how ridiculous our image of fashion and models is today. The idea being that models are so far removed from the every day person that their role in fashion is questionable. anyway, take a look.

Escape from City 17 - Part 2

#halflife #escapefromcity17 #valve

Finally after two years Escape from City 17 Part 2 is out. Like the first one this was made for $500.

Once again besides the somewhat impressive effects for the budget everything else is pretty meh. Although it is pretty cool to see the Half Life Universe realised.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shit Post Sunday - GREAT SCOTT!!!

#DocBrown #BackToTheFuture #Garbarino

Travelling through time in a pimped out, plutonium/garbage powered DeLorean is cool, but can it travel outside the Hill Valley area of California, USA? Apparently yes.
In this viral marketing video, presumably for Garbarino, one of Argentina's largest appliance store chains - Christopher Lloyd reprises his old role as Doc Brown.

And here's some behind the scenes footage, which includes how the cheeky buggers used an old Toyota Celica as a stand in for the incredibly rare and very expencive DeLorean.

Shit Post Sunday - PixelsPerSecond

#PixelsPerSecond #Mario #Kittens

Pixels Per Second  are a brand new satire YouTube channel that have churned out some rather amusing stuff. Below are some of their videos.

Shit Post Sunday - Jim Carrey's Trulife

@jimcarrey #jimcarreytrulife

Click below to see the man in his everyday life.

You've probably all seen Jim's message to Emma Stone by now but there are many other great videos he's posted over the years.

Shit Post Sunday - Samo Sound Boy


This is Samo Sound Boy's Shuffle Code.

Samo Sound Boy - Shuffle Code from Trouble & Bass on Vimeo.

Shit Post Sunday - Rudd wha?

#paulrudd #supernes

Paul Rudd wha?

Shit Post Sunday - Firefighter Exam


Shit Post Sunday - Han Solo.

#hansolo #icecubes

There's not much to say about this, besides i want it.
(We have posted this before, but it is now available for purchase!)

You can purchase Han ice cube tray here.

Also available in R2D2.

Shit Post Sunday - Barack Obama, America's first black President.

#BarackObama #MrPresident

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Apples & Lemons

#Apple #SteveJobs #Fail

In contrast to the Australian Gizmodo site posting an article recapping some of the amazing and innovative technological revolutions that Apple has unleashed upon the world whilst under the guidance of Steve Jobs in the wake of his stepping down as the companies CEO,  The American Gizmodo site has posted an article recapping some of his flops, which include....

The Apple Lisa
The 1983 personal computer with a price tag of $10,000

The iMac Puck Mouse
The sole reason PC users still think that Mac's don't have a 'right click'

The Apple TV (First Generation)
A product that frustrated consumers due to it's limited capability & compatibility so much that it spawned the D-Link Boxee & WD-Live.
(The 2nd Generation is much better, i have one)

The iPod Shuffle (Buttonless)
Fucking stupid.

That really annoying thing that the iTunes store does now. You checked it out once, then you realised it's shit and so now you just ignore it.

And last,
but without a doubt the biggest fail of them all....

Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)
The retarded child of Final Cut Pro 7 and it's useless sister iMovie.

New CounterStrike!

#counterstrike #CSGO

Oh for the simpler more hardcore days without kill streaks and respawning. We welcome an updated CounterStrike - Global Offensive

Lemonade - Official Video

@boysnoize @erolalkan #lemonade

Lemonade gets a video edit and a mediocre music video. Oh i saw so much better inside my head when listening to the track, mostly fluro coloured dolphins covered in glitter fighting in a boxing ring floating through rapids made of bubbling soda (i haven't thought of budget though).

We can be Cyborgs!

@eidosmontreal #deusex #humanrevolution

This is a great promo for Deus Ex - Human Revolution by showing where augmentation technology is at in the world today. Some creepy stuff.

Personally i think they've got it when I can have my penis replaced with an augmented super cock with attached grenade launder and ice-cream scooper. Time will tell.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cats With Lightsabers

@starwars #stupid #animalswithlightsabers

We do this alot. Try here and here if you like this.

Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes!

@starwars #digitalyoda #bluray

So Lucas will always be updating the Star Wars films This should not be a surprise anymore. I'll be surprised not to see a few changes in the upcoming 3D Phantom Menace conversion.

So the biggest change for the upcoming Blu ray release is the already discussed (they showed us on the Revenge of the Sith Extras back in 2005) changing of the crud Yoda puppet in The Phantom Menace into a CG version to match up with the other prequels. This makes sense. There's no denying that the original puppet was the most cringe worthy thing since Jake Loyd's acting ability. I welcome this change, however it still doesn't look as good as the puppet Yoda from Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi (I'm probably just too nostalgic).

They actually tested to see if they could do a digital/lightsaber welding yoda for Attack of the Clones by replacing the puppet in Phantom menace for a digital version back in the early 00's.

Have a look for yourself below.

PUPPET (1999)

CG (2011) - previewed on Revenge of the Sith DVD extra.

Why didn't my parents buy me this?

#typingofthedead #thingsiwishihadasakid

How have i not heard about this game till now? and why wasn't it more widely publicized? I would definitely have played this for hours.
Typing of the Dead, A remake of House of the Dead. Except instead of guns, the characters have keyboards strapped to their chests and short phrases and words make up their ammo.
Just watch, you'll get the idea.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fatt Sheriff

@bumblebeez @banggang12s

Another amazing clip from the Bumblebeez and perhaps a contender for music video of the year. So very good! Download the track here for frees.

The whole EP is beatastic. Grab the EP below by clicking on the picture.

Sauce - inthemix


#Bungieaerospace #Steam #Crimson

Back in May Bungie, famously known for creating the Halo series on Xbox, Trademarked a title for a game called Crimson. Little else was known about the new game except that it would be downloadable and would be specifically designed for mobile devices. Well a little more has come to light now, and the game is slated to be released on iPad on September 1st and then on other mobile devices shortly after. The first 'chapter' of the game will be free, and all subsequent chapters will cost you $2. I'm pretty fucking excited to see what a major game company like Bungie can do with a mobile device, i'm particularly interested that they have teamed up with Steam. It seems like they are heading in the direction of an RTS which isn't what you would normally expect of Bungie, but they have yet to disappoint me so i will definitely be giving this a try when it comes out. You can get a look at some screen shots and other bits and pieces in this video.

Darwin Ice Hockey Club - World Champions

#Vegimite #DarwinIceHockeyClub #Darwin

I grew up in small city called Darwin. Australia's most northern capital city.
It's renowned for it's suicide-inducing heat and humidity during the tropical wet season, and it's incredible landscapes and sunsets.
But who would have thought that with the help of Vegimite, the Darwin Ice Hockey Club would become the world champions.

This is their story.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We're Sorry.

#chrisbrown #Rhianna #foxnews

Andy Levy has slightly redeemed Fox news with a tweet directed at Chris Brown. This makes me happy.

Edit TimmehB - I found a video of the whole thing. much easier to digest.

(Clicky Clicky for a better quality version of this image.)

Immortals, Arrows and Green Screens


Immortals. No, not the shitty Tony Curtis movie from the mid 90's.
The overproduced visual orgasm squirt that is the new Mickey Rourke film due to air in all three dimensions this November.

From acclaimed director Tarsem Singh..... oh wait, you've never heard of him?
Don't worry, neither has anybody else..... except for his mum.
Actually he's a fairly accomplished TV Commercial director in the USofA, you would have seen some of the ads he shot for Nike & Coca-Cola, but it's now clear that he's trying to make the jump to features.
Zach Braff stated with a little indie film called The Garden State, Peter Jackson Bad Taste, David Lynch Eraserhead and the list goes on, but Singh starts his feature film career rolling with this glutenous pig of a shit storm captured on film.

none the less, despite the fact that if you watch all three trailers, you question just how much of the film you haven't seen yet...The film looks pretty bad ass.

for hi res versions of all the trailers click here.

But i decided to do a bit of digging after seeing "FROM THE PRODUCERS OF 300" flash across my screen more times than i could count, and i laughed at the results.
Apart from 300, what else have the producers of this film churned out?

Cowboys & Aliens (2011)  *SHIT FILM*
Sanctum (2011)  *SHIT FILM*
Piranha 3D (2010)  *SHIT FILM*
Little Fockers (2010)  *SHIT FILM*
Skyline (2010)  *SHIT FILM*
Salt (2010)  *SHIT FILM*
Dear John (2010)  *SHIT FILM*
Nine (2009)  *SHIT FILM*
Twilight (2008)  *SHIT FILM*
Blonde Ambition (2007)  *SHIT FILM*
Why Did I Get Married? (2007)  *SHIT FILM*

but i'll still go see it because i'm an idiot.

Portal: No Escape.

#Portal #Noescape

Portal, for me, was easily one of the best games ever. The game play mechanics and simple but effective story telling/narration was intriguing and extremely well put together. So it's no surprise that people have taken that key concept and created some pretty spectacular short films/CGI demos. Here is one of my favourites, probably the best Portal short film i have seen.

Pencils, Texters and Paint


One of my favourite artistic websites, and a frequent source of inspiration for me is
After having drinks last night with a very talented and artistic friend of mine last night, I found these videos a wonderful treat to wake up to this morning.

Tony Riff from itdrewitself on Vimeo.

Toronto Comic Arts Festival: Pencil it In from Toronto Comic Arts Festival on Vimeo.

kid icarus // the screen printing duo from stillmotion on Vimeo.

Duck goes Tron

#Duck #Tron #Tongal, a website that helps companies outsource their filmmaking requirements to the masses finally seems to be working.
Ryactive won the $5,000 prize as part of the Stuck on Duck competition which involved making a clever advertisement for their product with the intention of going viral.

Here's their ad.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory

@ParadiseLost3 @HBO 

Paradise Lost, a tip of the hat to the John Milton classic - Now the 3rd documentary in the series is scheduled to air on HBO in the coming months.
Filmmakers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky document the chilling tale of the arrest of three teenagers who were wrongfully convicted of killing three young boys in Arkansas and spent nearly 20 years in prison before being released because DNA evidence proved their innocence.

I really hope this film gets picked up and does the festival circuit here in Australia because i'd love to see it.

***** !! HOT OFF THE PRESS !! ****
Castle Awesome has been in contact with the films producers, and it turns out that the film will have it's world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival ahead of it's HBO premiere.
When asked if the documentary had been scheduled to screen at any Australian film festivals, they replied "Not that we know of at this point."

So this all means that if we're to see this film in Australia before the end of the year, it's all up to the last remaining major film festival of the year - the Brisbane International Film Festival from the 4th to the 14th of November.
But after last years less than impressive line-up, I have little faith that the new management at BIFF can spot a good film even if it was in the Classics section of your local video shop.
Castle Awesome has given them the hot tip, but will they follow it up?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wafa vs Wolfie - Tom Tom.

@Wafamusic #Wolfie #Tomtom

One of my favourite tracks of all time is Ewid Disco by Wafa. All i can think about when i listen to this is Ewoks dancing.

WAFA - Ewid Disco (Original Mix) by onmygrizzly
in fact, you should turn the sound off on this youtube clip and press play on the song and the video at the same time and enjoy the awesome. (there is probably a better clip to use, if Haynezeeboy or anyone else wants to find it and replace this one.)

So when i see that they have a new track out, along with a video, i get excited. Plus as per my post about Canon earlier, this was filmed on a Canon 7D - 17-50 f/ 2,8 - 50 f/1,4
FCP - Ae

Wafa vs Wolfie - Tom Tom from No Brainer Records on Vimeo.

WAFA vs WOLFIE - 'Tom Tom' (NBR010) incl. Riton, Slap in the Bass and Arcade remixes and a second original track 'Junk Kat' is out on Beatport 26th of August and two weeks later everywhere.

Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf (Gesaffelstein Remix)

#Gesaffelstein #Ducksauce #Bigbadwolf

Is there anything Gesaffelstein can't make sound fucking awesome? the answer is no.

Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf (Gesaffelstein Remix) by Rec Room

Dear Canon.

#canon #vincentlaforet

So this is something.

Here is the Vincent Laforet film in case you are interested, and yes, he does indeed use a helicopter, kinda defeats the purpose of "shot on a budget with no pre-production"

YES! Under the Covers PART 2!

@soulwax @2manydjs #radiosoulwax

The sequel to the most exciting radiosoulwax segment yet (Under the Covers) will be out in just a few hours. Be excited, take off your pants and feed your eyes and ears.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to make money

#codblackops #Rezurrection

So it's pretty straight forward.

1. Create a game, an average one at best, riding on the success of a popular franchise.

2. Release a downloadable map pack for money

3. Buy a small island

If you are very greedy, repeat step 2, 3 more times.

Here is DLC pack número 4, Rezurrection

Shit Post Sunday - Bioware TV

@biofeed #BF3 #ME3

Live from Gamescon in Germany.

Watch live streaming video from biowaretv at

Shit Post Sunday - Mass Combat Effect

@biofeed #masseffect3 @TeamXbox
I should probably finish the 2nd one now. This looks like it plays even more gears then the last one which i think is a good thing. And you can now melee with your omni-tool. AWESOME!

Remember this isn't coming out till March so it's still got a heap more development to go.


Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect 3

Shit Post Sunday - The VHS days.

#vhs #ratingsadvice #piracywarning

If you lived in Australia during the 90's you will appreciate this. Let me explain, this was the ratings advise and piracy warning at the start of every VHS tape whilst they were in existence.

I knew people who could recite this word for word. I loved that everyone would fast forward it and you'd be stuck with seeing 'HAVE YOU GOT WHAT YOU PAID FOR' slowly float across the screen.

Trying to recreate this on youtube isn't the same. I miss VHS today, maybe i'll fire up the old machine and put on "The Little Mermaid".

It was also a game to guess all the films in this.

Shit Post Sunday - The first pregnant man

@joan_rivers @billycrystal #manpregnant
Hey Joan I'm pretty sure directors shouldn't appear on the film's poster. 
Was this the first and last time this was done?

This film was directed by Joan Rivers (WTF?) and starred Billy Crystal as the world's first pregnant man (WTF?). Anyways watch the trailer below and it will explain everything for you.

Edit TimmehB - Also, the worlds second pregnant man. The greatest Arnie movie ever made.

Shit Post Sunday - Science is Awesome

@ABCCatalyst @MaryanneDemasi @abcscience

The (Australian) ABC show Catalyst is perhaps the best weekly science show on Earth. It's constantly interesting easily digestible bonerific science awesomeness. Watch this year old segment on living on Mars below and catch all the episodes online here. Watching Catalyst is probably the best way to pass time on public transport (download here for your idevice).

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vulkan Alarm is almost here!!!!

#zzt @ciaotiga @zombienation

We've been hearing this in mixes and youtube videos for months. Now it's here in all it's burning car glory, ZZT's Vulkan Alarm. Coming September 5 with remixes by Jan Driver, Proxy and Perc.

Cover the lower half of your body in soft butter and enjoy the video below.

TURN IT UP! ZZT always make enduring bodacious full sounding beats.

Vulkan Alarm!



Friday, August 19, 2011

Machete Maidens Unleashed.

#notquitehollywood #markhartley #machetemaidens

A few years ago a film about the making of Ozploitation films did the rounds.
It was called "Not Quite Hollywood"

And it was fucking awesome. An interesting look at everything that Australia used to do that put us on the map in the film industry.

The director Mark Hartley is back with a new doco on the Filipino film industry in the 70's and 80's.

Machete Maidens Unleashed! by moviestune

(there is something wrong with the audio sync in this trailer, i can't find another version of the trailer, so you just have to put up with it.)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goodbye Modern Warfare hello Battlefield.

#BF3 @BF3_News #FPS

Battlefield just looks the tits and to me it's looking a whole lot more exciting than the upcoming Modern Warfare. I just can't wait to grab the controller and see how it feels to play. That's going to be the real test.

I find it hard to find a game that weighs the weapons correctly. I really haven't enjoyed the feeling of playing previous Battlefields but I'm determined to give this upcoming title a chance. I think that's why Modern Warfare is so addictive and popular. MW just feels right to play, the weapons feel weighted and 'there'. A hard thing to get right.

Take off your pants and watch this multiplayer footage to whet your appetite for this upcoming AAA release.


Edit TimmehB - You can find the Battlefield 3 Press Release HERE which has a list of all the weapons, weapon accessories, solider equipment, solider specializations, vehicles and vehicle specializations. The fact sheet also says there will be 9 multiplayer maps. The only two revealed right now are Caspian Border and Operation Métro.


Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition

Batman's Batwing

I'm a bit slow on the uptake of this one because it's now all over the interwebzzz, but yesterday MTV published some sweet photo's from the new Batman Film which is still currently in production.
And a couple of the photos just happen to feature the long anticipated Batwing. looks pretty sweet.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Planking is Dead. Vive le Horsemaning!

#Horsemaning has taken over the Planking as the new Internet photo buz.
But WTF is the Horsemaning?! Actually, it's pretty old, it comes from the 20' with this photo :

About 100 years later the idea has travelled and people are using their imagination to make some damn crazy good photos these days!
So now you know what you have to do next time your bored at the office, home, holiday, with your boss, girlfriends or even pets.
An official website is going the be launched in the next weeks :

Castle Beats

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