Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Should you watch Clone Wars?

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Bossk (CW made him speak english FAIL), Boba (CW potrayed him as a menacing brat), Castas (who?) and Aurra. 

Ok so the The Clone Wars animated show never really needed to exist. It fills the gap between Episode 2 and 3 with events obviously taking place during the clone wars. There has been many absolutely rubbish episodes. Pathetic, overly childish, poorly structured episodes with weak characters and slap stick humour. Yuck! BUT there have been some truly awesome episodes that really fit into the star wars universe.

To be honest you have every right to smite this show and wish it never existed without ever really giving it a go. I'm just saying that if you want to give this show a chance or seven there are some really compelling episodes that really do feel, well Star Wars. Generally speaking the show is growing better over time (except for the first half of season 3) so we can only hope this trend continues.

If you want to give it a chance start with the fifth episode of season one 'Rookies'. Watch it in HD here.

Now if you are already watching the show you will probably enjoy this trailer for season 4 (starts Sept. 16).

Things to get excited about but possibly become disappointed by upon viewing

- Mon Calamari
- Epic underwater battles
- Dooku's Solar Sailor
- The animation is stunning (season 1 looks so crummy now in comparison)
- Anakin becoming more eviler (brooksbot i get that 'eviler' is not a word)
- I didn't see Jar Jar

Ok so feel free to let us know what you think of this show. Bring the hate, haters.

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