Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The $2million album cover

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So, it's fairly common knowledge that former model Ann Kirsten Kennis who features on Vampire Weekend's album cover for Contra started legal action against the band last year, claiming they used the polaroid photo taken in the 80's without permission.
The band apparently bought the rights to the photo from photographer Tod Brody for $5,000...... without the permission of the model.

It's reported that the two parties have finally come to an agreement, and the model has received a payout of $2million for her troubles.

.....and XL Records (Vampire Weekend's record label) has now launched legal action against Brody.

NB: The Vampire Weekend album cover for Contra (shown above) - is owned by XL Records and/or Vampire Weekend and/or Ann Kirsten Kennis and/or Tod Brody
A Castle Called Awesome does own the rights to publish this image, although it is a pretty sweet album.


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