Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goodbye Modern Warfare hello Battlefield.

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Battlefield just looks the tits and to me it's looking a whole lot more exciting than the upcoming Modern Warfare. I just can't wait to grab the controller and see how it feels to play. That's going to be the real test.

I find it hard to find a game that weighs the weapons correctly. I really haven't enjoyed the feeling of playing previous Battlefields but I'm determined to give this upcoming title a chance. I think that's why Modern Warfare is so addictive and popular. MW just feels right to play, the weapons feel weighted and 'there'. A hard thing to get right.

Take off your pants and watch this multiplayer footage to whet your appetite for this upcoming AAA release.


Edit TimmehB - You can find the Battlefield 3 Press Release HERE which has a list of all the weapons, weapon accessories, solider equipment, solider specializations, vehicles and vehicle specializations. The fact sheet also says there will be 9 multiplayer maps. The only two revealed right now are Caspian Border and Operation Métro.


Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition

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  1. That Caspian border gameplay video is actually a Co-op video as well. I'm assuming there will be a Jet level in the campaign as well, but that particular footage is a multi-player demo.


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