Saturday, August 27, 2011

Apples & Lemons

#Apple #SteveJobs #Fail

In contrast to the Australian Gizmodo site posting an article recapping some of the amazing and innovative technological revolutions that Apple has unleashed upon the world whilst under the guidance of Steve Jobs in the wake of his stepping down as the companies CEO,  The American Gizmodo site has posted an article recapping some of his flops, which include....

The Apple Lisa
The 1983 personal computer with a price tag of $10,000

The iMac Puck Mouse
The sole reason PC users still think that Mac's don't have a 'right click'

The Apple TV (First Generation)
A product that frustrated consumers due to it's limited capability & compatibility so much that it spawned the D-Link Boxee & WD-Live.
(The 2nd Generation is much better, i have one)

The iPod Shuffle (Buttonless)
Fucking stupid.

That really annoying thing that the iTunes store does now. You checked it out once, then you realised it's shit and so now you just ignore it.

And last,
but without a doubt the biggest fail of them all....

Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)
The retarded child of Final Cut Pro 7 and it's useless sister iMovie.

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