Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Zombie Nation is the bestest

@zombienation @stereosonic #LED

Zombie Nation is a pioneer of modern electronic music. He's one half of the incredible ZZT (other half is Tiga), has a unique live show and now an LED live show. Have a look at the new set up below. The track playing is a live mash up of Zombielicious classic 'Worth it'

This Monday sees the release of a new ZN single 'Tight'.  Preview below. 

BONUS - The Day of Many is a little project that ZN did a few months ago. He requested people send him in samples whilst he was in his studio and he would compose a track. This occurred right in front of our eyes over ustream. It really was incredible to see and still is. So have a look at the stupidly talented German do his thing.

Video streaming by Ustream

Here is the final result below.
Zombie Nation - Day of Many (original mix) by zombie nation

BONUS BONUS - Mo messing with a Zombie Nation track.

Tight Chickflick   Worth It - Single  

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