Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We're Sorry.

#chrisbrown #Rhianna #foxnews

Andy Levy has slightly redeemed Fox news with a tweet directed at Chris Brown. This makes me happy.

Edit TimmehB - I found a video of the whole thing. much easier to digest.

(Clicky Clicky for a better quality version of this image.)


  1. This guy just made my day.

    Chris Brown is a talentless scumbag who's fans don't know a talentless scumbag when they see one.

  2. Oh Chris Brown has talent. Lots of it. But he is a scumbag.

  3. i love his final comment, "Chris brown is guilty of only one thing, a felony."

  4. No, Thai girls with chain smoking, ping-pong ball spitting vaginas have talent, Chris Brown has an ego, a record contract and a million screaming pre-pubescent girls getting so moist that they form small puddles at his feet.
    that's not talent, that's just fame,


  5. He can dance like a mother fucker.


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