Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MonkeyTown LP - Super Limited/Special Edition

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Modeselektor/Monkeytown records have the healthy habit of releasing super swell editions of their stuff on vinyl.

For their upcoming release they will be releasing 'Monkeytown' in a 12" sized book with concealed colour vinyls. The hard cover book will contain a collage of never before images of Modeselektor's (i suppose impressive) studio and live shows.

This is a super limited edition so if you love your Modeselektor like I do you should pounce on this before they're all gone (they'll only be making between 250-500 copies). Naturally you are also given a download code to acquire the album digitally.


Click here for the most bonerific version of 'Monkeytown'.

Here's a preview of the album for those who want to tease themselves silly.

 Modeselektor "Monkeytown" (MONKEYTOWN015) OUT BETWEEN SEP27-OCT04 by Modeselektor

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