Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Animated Dynamite?

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So both cult films Napoleon Dynamite and now Black Dynamite (I guess it's a cult film [too early to tell]) are now animated series with most of the original casts from each back to voice all the characters.

I like Napoleon Dynamite (2004), it was a fun quirky film that started a trend. I really think it could work as the characters already seemed like cartoon creations anyways.

Trailer below. It's out mid 2012 on Fox.

On the other hand I loved, loved, loved Black Dynamite (2009) and it's one of the funniest films I have ever seen (lots knee slapping with Matronomy, Brooksbot and Timmehb back in 2009). So naturally I'm a little more precious about an animated spinoff. ALTHOUGH! It's being produced by the animation house that brought us 'The Boondocks'. I really think they have the brought us the perfect animated stylings to suit the blaxploitation feel the film exuded.

Watch the Pilot here and here before it's taken down.

Trailer below. It's out NOW on Adult Swim.

Black Dynamite  The Animated Series Pilot Coming... by brad1491

So what do you castle peeps think? Do you think these films turned animated series will be Castle Worthy or Super Lame?

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