Monday, October 31, 2011

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World Movies - 25 Films

#WorldMovies #25Films

The World Movies channel is running a competition - make a list of the 25 films everyone should see before they die.

Click here for details - top prize is a Sony Bravia HD TV and the collection of all 25 films on DVD (no blue ray??).
Covering nearly 100 years of cinema, choose from 25 modern masterpieces and cinema classics from around the world, including Oscar winning films such as Life is Beautiful, seminal viewing with Fellini’s La Dolce Vita and 60’s cult favourite Belle de Jour.

Then, sit down for the weekend countdown of the 25 Films You Must See Before You Die as decided by you, from Friday 18 November 8.30pm to Sunday 20 November. What will be number one?"

Damien Saez - J'accuse

#DamienSaez #MusicVideo #France #Baguette

Here's a French guy singing about baguettes.
Cool clip.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shit Post Sunday - Moves Like Jabba

@StarWars #MovesLikeJabba #FuckJakeLloyd #FuckJarJar

I found this Star Wars / Maroon 5 parody amusing.

Shit Post Sunday - Feel the Void

@lvis1990 @TekiLatex @paraoner

This is the music video for 'Feel the Void' from L Vis 1990's album 'Neon Dreams'. It features Para One and the vocals of Taki Latex. It was made using Skype.

Teki you can do no wrong.

Shit Post Sunday - You Should Be Playing this.

#BF3 @BFGames

Best Multiplayer Ever. Ever.


This guy agrees.

Shit post sunday - Which way is he looking?


Obviously this guy is facing forwards, but stare at the photo for a little while. When you see it, it will fuck with your head.

Shit Post Sunday - Cats Cats Cats

#Cats #MusicVideo

Shit Post Sunday - Pythagasaurus.

#aardman #commercials #billbailey #pythagasaurus

Walking is definitely faster.

Shit post sunday - Don't vaccinate your kids.

#antivaccination #pennandteller

A visual representation of why you should vaccinate your kids, don't be a fucking retard.

The Castle Awesome Christmas Party 2011

#Christmas #Party #CastleAwesome

Here are some photos from last nights office Christmas party.
It was shit. co-founder Haynezeeboy & his lady friend Hicks.

Hicks after a few drinks

Brooksbot opening his shitty presents


TimmehB & his girlfriend FBloobs

Co-founder Matronomy & Danny DeVito

H2ouse & the entire team!

Long after the cocaine & blue cheese had run out, FrenchBoy (santa) and his helpers sleep off the sweats

Shit Post Sunday - True Blood Titles, The Making Of

#TrueBlood #TitleSequence #DigitalKitchen #TV

This video is a couple of years old now, but I've just seen it for the first time & I have to say, I'm very, very impressed.
This video documents the making of the True Blood opening title sequence. I had always thought that it was an incredible montage of stock footage, but that isn't the case.

Shit Post Sunday - Pumped Up Tits

#FosterThePeople #Parody #PlasticSurgery

Shit Post Sunday - Hit & Run

#HitAndRun #UK #CaughtOnCamera #BAMF

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Zombies for Modeselektor's new music video

#thomyorke @modeselektor #monkeytown

Just watch the new video-clip for Modeselektor ft Thom Yorke - Shipwreck.
It's beautiful, it's weird, there's Zombies and it's directed by Tony T. Datis. 


A boy learns to play piano in this 17 minute long animated short directed by the talented David O'Reilly. Other stuff happens. It's well worth your time to watch this.

It's gone on to deservidly win countless awards.

The External World from David OReilly on Vimeo.

Like this film? Then buy it here so David can make more!

Bonus - David O'Reilly accepting an award.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Final Muppets Trailer.

#Greenwithenvy #themuppets

With the release of the muppets next week, its time for the final parody trailer.

Pastor Ultimate Fight

#God #PastorUltimateFight #Ninja #FireFly

This is what I imagine the Shepherds Sunday gatherings looked like.

When Zach Galifianakis met Sally

#ZachGalifianakis #WhenHarryMetSally

Tiger & Woods

@bowlerbar #tiger&woods

Things that are known about Tiger & Woods.

- They are two peoples called Larry Tiger & David Woods, hence the name.
- They are Italian
- They are disco re-edit masters (Nu Disco)
- May/Will cause pelvic funk wobbles
- Buy their first album 'Through The Green'  here   <- truly awesome album!

Tiger and Woods - Love in Cambodgia from 'Through the Green'

- Download their new free album 'Wiki & Leaks' here
- If your in Australia go and see their awesome live shows (sorry only two left)

Friday 28th October @ Bowler Bar, Brisbane. Starts 1am.
Saturday 29th October @ Sugar, Adelaide

Wiki & Leaks - Stream it below.
Tiger and Woods "Wiki & Leaks" 01-15 by As You Like It

Bonus Yummy Remix.

Holy Ghost! - Hold My Breath (Tiger & Woods Remix) by DFA Records

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Slices Great Producers.

@goldpanda @errorsmith

Introduce yourself to some amazing new/newish/old talents in the electronic music scene. If you don't know them then I've put a sweet track next to every name to get started on, although the docos speak for themselves.

GOLD PANDA - Listen to 'Snow & Taxis'

ANSTAM - Listen to 'Albert'

MODERAT - Listen to 'A New Error'

MMM(Errorsmith & Fiedel)- Listen to 'Nous Sommes Mmm'

Horde Mode Gets Betterer

@therealcliffyb @epicgames #gears3 #dlc

If you haven't devoted the rest of your online gaming year to Battlefield 3 and soon to be Modern Warfare 3 then you should be playing Gears of War 3. Horde mode is stupendously good and it's just about to become a little more rad with an upcoming DLC release. Watch below at one of the new maps called Azura. See the new Decoy upgrade (yes your own AI soldier) command centre upgrade (call in backup such as 'Hammer Strikes') and a few different characters to play.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Partys Over Los Angeles - Music Video

@zztzztzzt @ciaotiga @zombienation

Ok this suits. The track does remind me of Car destruction.

This is the last single release until us humans get PARTYS OVER EARTH!!! The long awaited ZZT LP.

ZZT - PARTYS OVER LOS ANGELES from URB Magazine on Vimeo.

Pre Order the limited edition LP vinyl, listen to it then kill yourself. Die happy.
From the Turbo Store - Click Picture above to buy.

ZZT - PARTYS OVER EARTH. Twelve Tracks for End Times. Pre-order the triple 180-gram 10" Vinyl Box Set today. Limited run of 500 copies.

Post a photo of yourself holding a copy of "PARTYS OVER EARTH" to ZZT's Facebook wall to receive exclusive digital benefits. CD Clients will receive a unique membership code to CLUB ZZT, giving them access to exclusive remixes and bonus material. Vinyl Box Set Portraits will earn you CLUB ZZT membership, plus a download code for the full album MP3s. The individual who submits our favorite photo will receive a very special prize.

Release Date: 07/11/11

This product will ship in early November.

Ships from Montreal, Canada
Single item shipping price: €18.90

Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator.

#thegadgetshow #ultimatebattlefield3simulator

So a week or so back we posted a trailer for the Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator, which would be airing on a show called "The Gadget Show". Now you can watch 18 minutes of battlefield goodness on an awesome simulator. Enjoy!

(UPDATE - Haynezeeboy) -
Battlefield 3 has broken it's street date(in Aus.).
Go get yourself a copy now.


@DuckSauceNYC @atrak @mustardpimp #stolenideas

So Duck Sauce stole the idea for their new video for "The Big Bad Wolf" which was posted earlier, but just for your convenience here's the link.

Pretty sweet video right? And you would think its an original idea, something fresh and new. Well your sort of right, Heres a video done by Mustard Pimp 3 months ago.

Mustard Pimp "ZHM" (Official Video) from Dim Mak on Vimeo.

And while i've got to be honest and say i think the Duck Sauce video was "Better" in terms of technical prowess, lighting and film quality. It detracts from its awesomeness that a very similar idea was released just 3 months before hand and didn't attract the notice it deserved.
Shame on you Duck Sauce.

Octoberish Beatboners

@oizo3000 @bok_bok @zztzztzzt @elan
You should probably BUY AND LISTEN to these tracks. Side effects may be a tightening of the pants.

ZZT - Partys over Los Angeles

Every ZZT single has been brilliant in it's own way. This one is perhaps the best single they have released.

Buy here

Bok Bok & Tom Trago - Pom Clash

One half of TWR72 and Night Slugs god Bok Bok created the EP 'Night Voyage Tool Kit' (silly name [i mean that in a good way]) containing this track 'Pom Clash'. It's from the new Sound Pellegrino Crossover series and I think this track best represents the meeting of the two producers different sounds.
Buy the Night Voyage Tool Kit here

Surkin - Harry (ft. Bobmo)

This is from Surkin's new LP 'USA'. It's a Daft Punk sounding funk fest.
Pre Order USA here

Elan - Next 2 Last

Elan is the radness and has created a unique sound that's both dark and playful at the same time. This is from his new EP 'Fuzzy Numbers' (the last in a trilogy of EPs) and delivers the goods.
Buy here

Noob - Spell (Maelstrom Remix)

The original mix of Noob's spell is a great beat. Maelstrom just adds so much more to to love. I don't know who Maelstrom is (he's french) but I'll be jumping on anything he has his name on in future.
Buy the Spell EP here

Birdy Nam Nam - Big City Nights

My favourite track from Birdy Nam Nam's fresh sounding LP 'Defiant Order'. That's saying a lot considering the calibre of all the other tracks on there.
Grab the LP here

Modeselektor - Berlin

Modeselektor get everything right on this track. That thick sound you can feel in your bowels mixed with some great sounding vocals and an uplifting chorus. Get Monkeytown. Your ears will thank you.
Buy Monkeytown here

Radiohead - Lotus Flower(SBTRKT remix)

My favourite remix from TKOL 1234567. SBTRKT continues to impress with his distinct sound smothered over Thom's voice.
Buy here

Blawan - Shader

Blawan is the most excited new producer of recent times. Great drums and unique sounding vocals have created a sound so very distinctive to the rising UK beat maker. 
Grab the whole R&S compilation with previously released and unreleased gems here

Mr. Oizo - Douche Beat

It's Mr. Oizo. He is king. That is all. Press play. 
Pre Order Stade 2 here


@RockstarGames #GTAV

Go to the Rockstar site and you'll find this (see below). Yes there's another Grand theft Auto coming out and the trailer for it will be with us in just a few days. Start the speculation.......NOW!

So the symbol V with the FIVE across it looks like something from an American note. Does the V not only stand for the 5th game in the series but for the name of the city the game will be situated in? My guess is it's set in Vegas. GTA in Las Vegas could work very well.

UPDATE - Hearing from multiple sources that it will be set in Los Angeles and there will be more than one playable characters.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm a Hand Model.

#humility #seinfeld #creepy

This lady is a for reals hand model.

She creeps me out, the way she is constantly stroking her hands. yuck. Reminds me of George Costanza.

Battlefield 3.

#BF3 #HDtexturepack #Comparison

So it looks like its definitely worth your time to install the HD texture pack.

Just spend the 15 minutes after you get home from the game shop installing the HD texture pack and you'll have a sexier looking gaming experience.

Old Man Search

@oldmansearch @BizNasty2point0
 I have been directed to a very funny twitter account. The disclaimer is that you must read the bio of the account first to understand the tweets.

Bio: "My dad is 81 years old. I'm teaching him how to use the internet. I told him twitter was how to search things on Google. These tweets are what he's searching."

Some tweets:

muslim names that sound like normal ones


who lives in finland?

recipes with beef jerkey and banana

obama hamburger???

were hitlers parents nice?

Follow @oldmansearch on twitter for more senile tweets

SAUCE: Paul Bissonnette

DuckSauce - Big Bad Wolf Music Video

@atrak @DuckSauceNYC #BigBadWolf

Warning - This may not be safe for your work.... Adult themes apply, yet no actual nudity (My boss thought it was hilarious, but he's a dirty prick)

Seriously.... Just when you think there are no more, original, funny ideas.....

Monday, October 24, 2011

Steve, Steve, Steve!


I guess I'm actually starting to become fascinated with the life of Steve Jobs. I always used to think he was just one of those guys, who started companies and hired the right people. I use to think he was just a face. So it's been really interesting finding out some of the challenges he faced in his life, and just how important he was to the companies he created.

Today is the day where A LOT of info has come out about Steve, 656 pages about him (or if you aren't into reading, 25 hours of audio), exclusively in his official biography written by Walter Isaacson.

You can get it instantly on iBooks, Kindle or by purchasing the audiobook from iTunes.

For a brief preview, 60 minutes have made their Steve Jobs episode, which mainly interviews Walter Isaacson, available on youtube. Unfortunately they disabled embedding, so here are the links.

Part 1

Part 2

Apple have also published their 19th of October Memorial online. It's around 90 minutes long, but it's quite sad. Musical performances from Coldplay and Norah Jones.

A Celebration of Steve's life

So it appears Sony Pictures have acquired the rights to do a Bio-pic based on the Steve Jobs Biography. Since Sony Pictures brought us the big screen adaptation of "The Accidental Billionaires" and titled it "The Social Network", I can imagine the film will be quite amazing.

Until the bio pic is released, you can see a couple of other small screen releases that tell the tale of Jobs.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

This Tele-movie was  released in 1999 so it only tells the story up until NeXT Computer was acquired by Apple and Steve returned to the company.

The Pixar Story

This is a great doco for anyone who also wants to know the history behind Pixar. This official documentary also goes quite deep into Steve's involvement in the company. It was released in 2007.

Film is Dead, iPhone is in.

@PhilipBloom #FilmIsDead #iPhone #Canon #Nikon

One of the greatest cinematographers in cinema history, Conrad Hall ASC

With the sad confirmation, few weeks ago, that the three major motion picture film camera manufacturers, Panavision, Arri & Aaton, have ceased production of film cameras and will now turn their attention to going head to head to snuff out the DSLR market from major motion pictures and TV ads, and try to prove that the new RED EPIC is a dog of a camera that is a far cry from it's film ancestors.
But it's no surprise that film cameras have stopped rolling off the line when a century worth of cameras out there in the world are just gathering dust on rental house shelves.
Mainly because of RED ONE, and then followed up by the DSLR revolution & awesome/weird shit like this for your iPhone.

A DSLR Canon lens EF mount for your iPhone
or you can get the shitty Nikon one and be a Nikon loser.
Use your expensive lenses that will last you a lifetime with the camera you toss away and upgrade every 12 months.

Ever since the iPhone camera was invented, it's aspired to be what it simply never quite could be: a DSLR. Sure, apps have helped your camera phone inch forward with simulated focusing and faux filters.

Faux no more. The iPhone SLR Mount gives you the real thing. It'll set your phone photos apart from everyone else's on Instagram in an unprecedented way!
This case-adapter combo lets you mount your Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lenses to your iPhone 4 giving your phone powerful depth of field and manual focus.

Buy the The iPhone 4 SLR Mount at the Photojojo Store!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shit Post Sunday - Gentleman's Willy Care Kit

#CoolShitYouCanBuy #Awesome #ShitPostSunday

I got so lazy trawling the internet looking for cool shit that I googled "Cool Shit".
Found this awesome site I'd never seen before - but maybe I'm just slow on the uptake.
Cool Shit You Can (which is basically just a copy paste of Think
has this handy little item in stock and ready to ship. The Gentlemans Willy Care Kit.

Fucking genius!

"Keep Your Most Precious Posession In Trim! Brush, Shears, Mirror and Little Medallion!

Yes you need it!"

Shit Post Sunday - Steve Jobs was just a big kid

#SteveJobs #Apple #PrankCall

I have vague memories of this when watching the launch of the original iPhone in 2007,
But I find it completely encapsulates the legacy the great man left behind. The constant driving forward of innovative and revolutionary technology with a keynote presentation and a wicked sense of humour.

Shit Post Sunday - A Duet With Siri

#Apple #Siri

Shit Post Sunday - Texas woman beaten with frozen armadillo

#ShitPostSunday #CastleWTF #Armadillo #BreakingNews

We've just had this news story sent to us by one of our readers.

"Police are on the lookout for a man who could face assault charges for throwing a frozen armadillo at a 57-year-old woman near Dallas, Texas."


Tomato Sauce - My Fox Dallas-Fort Worth , & Elliot.

Shit Post Sunday - Sonic Proposal.

#sonicthehedgehog #proposal #gametv


Modern Warfare 3 Launch Trailer.

#MW3 #Launchtrailer #fuckyes

So this may be in response to Battlefield releasing their trailer the other day, who knows, all that matters is that MW3 is on its way.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Battlefield 3 Launch Trailer

#BF3 #Launchtrailer #fuckyeah

Finally we get a glimpse at what the BF3 story will be about.

If i didn't already have a pre-order in i would have thrown money at the screen by the end of this.

Oiz Noize

@oizo3000 @boysnoize @anniemacdj #Handbraek

This is the new Boys Noize, Oizo collab. Oizo sent Alex a bunch of sounds and Alex arranged them. It's going to be an EP with four tracks. This one's called Handbraeks.

This has been talked about for almost a year now and it's good to see it finally see the light of day

Oizo's Sounds.

Boys Noize's Arrangements.

Friday, October 21, 2011

iCloud: Apple ID's will be merging

If you are like me, then this post applies to you.

With the emergence of iCloud earlier this month, it became very apparent that a lot of people, myself included, have two Apple ID's. One which was used since the dawn of time with iTunes (Gmail, Hotmail etc) and Mobile Me would later become used for email, calendar etc.

For those who aren't having this problem, the reason that this became an issue was due to iCloud only being able to be linked to one Apple ID. This was never a problem before, I used my non-MobileMe account for purchases, and my MobileMe account for email, ical etc.

Some people have purchases spread over the two accounts, which must be even more frustrating... But it appears, it won't be frustrating for long.


Here is Apple's response.

Henrique [Xavier] pointed out that with the recent launch of iCloud and iOS 5 upgrade software on 12 October, everyone has at least 2 Apple ID's, one before Apple's "MobileMe" was launched, and one after. "Now, people have a library that has been split in half and we can't take advantage of the new features of iOS 5" he stated.

Tim Cook's response was swift, and telephoning Henrique in Luxembourg direct from Apple HQ in Cupertino explained, "Thank you very much for your email, and I just want you to know we are aware of this issue and are working on it".

Battlefield 3 & The Simulator of Doom

#Battlefield3 #TheGadgetShow


The Walken Dead

#TheWalkingDead #TheWalkenDead #ChristopherWalken

Christopher Walken is my favourite ballroom dancer, and I don't just say that because I don't actually know any ballroom dancers.
I would watch this if it were a real TV show.
I also hope they make Walken in a Winter Wonderland into a TV show too.

You have reached the end of the internets.


This is the greatest thing ever.

As its a page, can't embed it.

In the bottom left hand corner of the screen there should be a series of controls, turn on Flux and play with the screen. ENJOY!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Venezuelan Traffic Mimes.

#Venezuelanmimes #mime

The city of Caracas in Venezuela has fucked up traffic.

Well, now the city of Caracas is fighting back, with the silent treatment. They are posting aroung 120 mimes on the corners of Caracas busiest intersections, using them to help the flow of traffic and make sure everyone obeys the road rules, or at least doesn't cause any stupid accidents.

Cameras you should know about.

#ballcamera #lytro #5D #iphone4s

So here are a couple of cool new cameras at some point in their production stage whether its completed and released or just a concept design.

Arguably the most amazing camera ever made... ever. The Lytro. it uses some fancy technology involving lenses and shit. They apparently capture the entire light spectrum, all light travelling in all directions that the lens can see. The most impressive part however is that you don't have to choose a point of focus, when you are later editing the photos, you can choose anywhere on the photo to be your point of focus. The only down side of all this seems to be that they sacrifice resolution for focus. For a better explanation of the awesomeness of this little hand held camera go here. Unfortunately no video for this one.

Update - i found some of the photos taken with the Lytro, click on the image once to choose where you want the focus to be, twice to zoom. 

secondly are two cameras that are already available, the new Canon 5D vs an iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S / Canon 5d MKII Side by Side Comparison from Robino Films on Vimeo.

It's pretty spectacular what you can do with a mobile phones camera now days, unfortunately you can't use lenses.

And finally the throwable panoramic ball camera. This is a stills camera, i don't imagine it would be very useful for video. I can't wait for it to have a commercial release, so every time i go to a tourist destination everyone is staring up at the sky trying to catch their ball camera instead of at whatever it was they actually came to see.

Midnight Sun, Iceland.

#midnightsun #Iceland #timelapse

An amazing timelapse of the Midnight sun in Iceland. Worth spending 5 minutes watching this, particularly if you are never going to see it for real, its worth seeing some of the amazing things our planet has to offer. I'd suggest watching this in HD and fullscreen, anything less doesn't do it justice.

Midnight Sun | Iceland from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.

Seriously, Hover Boards. Coming soon.

#Hoverboards #magnets #BTTF #Fuckyes

So heres another a follow up video to the quantum levitation vid i posted the other day. Hover boards are closer than i thought. Fuck yes.

Remembering Steve


Apple have updated their Steve Jobs tribute site with a constantly updating page of tributes around the world. This comes around the same time that the Apple campus held a memorial service for the Apple Co-founder.


It has been revealed from the CEO of Softbank, Japan's exclusive carrier for the iPhone 4 and 4S, that Steve Job's had been working on new Apple products up until the day before he died. Here is the quote.

"I visited Apple for the announcement of the iPhone 4S [at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California]. When I was having a meeting with Tim Cook, he said, 'Oh Masa, sorry I have to quit our meeting.' I said, 'Where are you going?' He said, 'My boss is calling me.' That was the day of the announcement of the iPhone 4S. He said that Steve is calling me because he wants to talk about their next product. And the next day, he died." - Masayoshi Son

I'm sure many many more interesting things will be revealed very soon, as the official Steve Jobs autobiography will hit shelves in 4 days.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tribe meet white man for the first time.

#blackmeetswhite #JeanPierreDutilleux

Some of the most interesting and probably the only time you will ever see this kind of footage, until we are visited by aliens, of a tribe of black people in PNG seeing their first white man.

Hover boards are so close i can taste them.

#hoverboards #quantumlevitation #BTTF #ASTC

So it looks like the technology required for hover boards has been invented. Now it just needs to be implemented. I need to see this happen within my lifetime, preferably by the date specified in Back to the Future, or else my whole world will have been a lie.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SBTRKT Essential Mix

 @SBTRKT @_lone_ @_darksky_

This really is a grimey dark beatastic mix. The tracklisting is quite impressive with exciting new producers like Lone, Dark Sky and Blawan getting a go. It also dabbles in old classics like Djedjotronic's Computer Jerk and my favourite Fly Lo track Dance of the Pseudo Nymph.

No sense talking about it anymore, Listen to it now!

P.S. SBTRKT is here in Australia in the next week or so. So make sure you get out and see him (unless it's sold out). Anyone have spare tickets for the Melbourne show on Friday?!?!


If you want to walk/jog/bus with this, download it here


SBTRKT — Pharaohs

Shed — Leave Things

Hudson Mohawke — Cbat

Radiohead — Bloom

Flying Lotus — Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph

Radiohead — Lotus Flower (SBTRKT Remix)

Boddika — Grand Prix

Blawan — Lavender

Joy Orbison & Boddika — Swims

Disclosure — My Intention Is War

SBTRKT — Wildfire (Objekt Remix)
Mosca — Bax

Adonis — No Way Back

Objekt — Clk Recovery

Boddika — Syn Chron

Sbtrkt & Sinden — Seekwal

Pearson Sound — Stifle

Mr Tickle — Grinding

Untold — U29

Call Super — Timora (Objekt Remix)

SBTRKT — Stopover

Djedjotronic — Computer Jerk

Lone — Raptured
SBTRKT — Sanctuary

Roy Davis Jr. — Gabriel

Mike Dehnert — Isolateur

Pixellord — Iron And Cream Pt 2

Drake — Fireworks (Deadboy Remix)

The Roots — Antiquity (feat. Miguel Atwood Ferguson)

Tinie Tempah — Pass Out (Sbtrkt Instrumental Remix)

Ike Release — Outrun

Fantastic Mr. Fox — Over

Dark Sky — The Lick

Jacques Greene — Another Girl

Masters at Work — Blood Vibes

Machine Drum — U Dont Survive (Sbtrkt Remix)

Roni Size & Reprazent — Destination

Sully — Give Me Up

Rustie — Surph

SBTRKT — Runaway (Essential Mix Exclusive Debut)

D'Angelo — Greatdayindamornin'

Life's Too Short: Another success or the first shitbomb?

@RickyGervais @WarwickaDavis #Lifestooshort

There may come a day, when a TV show that Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant created, is a failure. Clearly I'm an optimist, as I have every faith in the comedy duo. There is, though, a slight pain in my stomach, that little inkling, a worrisome feeling, that maybe, just maybe, their newest show will be a flop.

I can deal with movies being ordinary. We forgave Ricky for "Ghost Town", hey it wasn't a terrible film. We forgave Ricky for "The Invention of Lying", once again, not that bad.

What I don't forgive them for is "Cemetery Junction", because it was a film I enjoyed a lot. It's just a pity that it didn't receive the recognition it deserved, which is a shame. I have my fingers crossed that "Life's Too Short" receives much higher accolades.

In conclusion, if is a failure, Ricky might have to convince that round-headed-mong-mank-twat Karl Dilkington to go around the world (again) experiencing every different kind of toilet. From snow wedge toilet paper to fancy rectum cleaning bidet's.

Here is the trailer for Life's Too Short:

DYE - Fantasy - Music Video - NSFW

#jeremieperin #truckersdelight #dye

From Jérémie Périn, the man that brought us the infamous 'Truckers Delight' music video.

I won't spoil anything but it's violently beautiful.



Friday, October 14, 2011

Dozer on Drums for realz.

@grandpetrol @boysnoizerecords

So this is Dozer from Jan Driver's latest album Amatilda. It's a hulk of a track. It's called Dozer.

A lot of the tracks feature this natural sounding drum sound that sound like there was a guy in the studio just bashing away. Well that's exactly what happened and that credit can be given to Sasha Bachman (he drummed on Blow, Dozer and Flags). So naturally someone has recreated it. See some guy play Dozer for realz below.

If you haven't got your hand on Amatilda click here and be awesome.

Thom Yorke DJs for TKOL RMX 1234567 release party

#thomyorke @ciaotiga @modeselektor

I have never seen an audience so unenthused. Thom plays a few nice beats for 50 Weapons and people are just standing there. Hey I guess it's hard to dance to these tracks but at least look excited.

Thom Yorke will be doing an BBC essential mix this sunday. Below is a preview
Thom Yorke 6 Mix (BBC 6 Music) teaser by 6mix


Essential, essential mixes in the last few weeks from Modeslektor and Tiga.

Download Modeselektor's mix here. Dark techno beats and hard hitting 50 weapons tracks.


Surgeon — Dark Matter
Beasty Respond — Syncopy (Blawan’s Trecther Mechanica) 
Bambounou — Alpha 
Zomby — Mosaik 
Lorca — Holdback 
Tom Bulwer & 2deep — London Nights 
Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeca — Creeper 
Björk — Dullflame Of Desire (Modeselektor’s Remix For Girls) 
Moderat — Rusty Nails 
Radiohead — Morning Mr. Magpie (Modeselektor’s Good Evening Mrs. Magpie Remix) 
Marcel Dettmann — Shatter Proof 
Radiohead — Bloom (Blawan Remix) 
Ossie — Creepy Crawlies 
2562 — Flashback 
Dark Sky — Speeding Blue 
Brodinski, Djedjotronic, Noob & Havard Bass — Extreme Compote 
Toadally Krossed Out — Go 
Fis-t — Ultra Night Hunter 
Plastikman — Spastik 
Cosmin TRG — Izolat 
Anstam — Baldwin 
Untold — Stop What You’re Doing (James Blake Remix) 
Instra:mental — Thomp 
Robert Hood — Range 
Alex Cortex — Hyendo Pt.2 
Equalized 04 — B 
Substance — Relish Bonus 
Vainqueur — Lyot (Maurizio Remix)

Stream 'My Name is Tiga' BBC 6 Mix here 


Instra:mental - Pyramid
Clouds - Future Blaster
Scntst - 909 Time
Robolledo - Super Vatos
Azari & III - Reckless (With Your Love) (Tiga Remix)
Zomby - Natalia's Song

'Necessary 10'
Mickey Moonlight - Close to Everything - Ed Banger
Magda, Suade - Fixation - Items & Things
SBTRKT - Wildfire (Objkt Remix) - Young Turks
Untold - Little Things Like That - Clone Basement
Blawan - What You Do With What You Have - R&S
Boddika - Grand Prix - Naked Lunch
Philipp Gorbachev - Montana Blues - Comeme 
ZZT - Partys Over Los Angeles - Turbo Recordings
Gingy & Bordello - Body Acid (KiNk's on Acid Remix) - Twin Turbo
Mr. Oizo - Douche Beat - Ed Banger

Altern 8 - Infiltrate 202
The KLF - Build A Fire
D.A.F. - Der Raeuber Under Der Prinz
Fingers Inc. - I'm Strong
Matthew Dear - Slowdance (How To Dress Well Seance)
Invisible Conga People - Can't Feel My Knees
Sei A - Frozen Flower
Scuba - So You Think You're Special
John Maus - Do Your Best
Little Dragon - Thunder Love (Mario & Vidis Philo Remix)
Wildbirds & Peacedrums - Fight For Me (M Tur Remix Dixon Edit)

Castle Beats

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