Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Partys Over Los Angeles - Music Video

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Ok this suits. The track does remind me of Car destruction.

This is the last single release until us humans get PARTYS OVER EARTH!!! The long awaited ZZT LP.

ZZT - PARTYS OVER LOS ANGELES from URB Magazine on Vimeo.

Pre Order the limited edition LP vinyl, listen to it then kill yourself. Die happy.
From the Turbo Store - Click Picture above to buy.

ZZT - PARTYS OVER EARTH. Twelve Tracks for End Times. Pre-order the triple 180-gram 10" Vinyl Box Set today. Limited run of 500 copies.

Post a photo of yourself holding a copy of "PARTYS OVER EARTH" to ZZT's Facebook wall to receive exclusive digital benefits. CD Clients will receive a unique membership code to CLUB ZZT, giving them access to exclusive remixes and bonus material. Vinyl Box Set Portraits will earn you CLUB ZZT membership, plus a download code for the full album MP3s. The individual who submits our favorite photo will receive a very special prize.

Release Date: 07/11/11

This product will ship in early November.

Ships from Montreal, Canada
Single item shipping price: €18.90

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