Wednesday, October 26, 2011


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So Duck Sauce stole the idea for their new video for "The Big Bad Wolf" which was posted earlier, but just for your convenience here's the link.

Pretty sweet video right? And you would think its an original idea, something fresh and new. Well your sort of right, Heres a video done by Mustard Pimp 3 months ago.

Mustard Pimp "ZHM" (Official Video) from Dim Mak on Vimeo.

And while i've got to be honest and say i think the Duck Sauce video was "Better" in terms of technical prowess, lighting and film quality. It detracts from its awesomeness that a very similar idea was released just 3 months before hand and didn't attract the notice it deserved.
Shame on you Duck Sauce.


  1. I can't tell if it was stolen. I turned off the mustard pimp video about a 90 seconds in. Boring as bat shit.

  2. dunno about stolen, but it was very very similar, in the mustard pimp video they have puppet heads where their penis and vagina are supposed to be. and the puppets go at it. Pretty much exactly the same as in the Duck Sauce video. Except mustard pimp has a lot of blood in theirs.

  3. Ignore quality. It's just way too similar an idea. Stolen!

  4. i don't know if it'd call it stolen, but definitely some fairly strong inspiration for an idea.
    The Duck Sauce clip was executed a hell of a lot better.
    I didn't think much of the Mustard clip even if you were to grant it points for being original.


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