Friday, October 28, 2011

Tiger & Woods

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Things that are known about Tiger & Woods.

- They are two peoples called Larry Tiger & David Woods, hence the name.
- They are Italian
- They are disco re-edit masters (Nu Disco)
- May/Will cause pelvic funk wobbles
- Buy their first album 'Through The Green'  here   <- truly awesome album!

Tiger and Woods - Love in Cambodgia from 'Through the Green'

- Download their new free album 'Wiki & Leaks' here
- If your in Australia go and see their awesome live shows (sorry only two left)

Friday 28th October @ Bowler Bar, Brisbane. Starts 1am.
Saturday 29th October @ Sugar, Adelaide

Wiki & Leaks - Stream it below.
Tiger and Woods "Wiki & Leaks" 01-15 by As You Like It

Bonus Yummy Remix.

Holy Ghost! - Hold My Breath (Tiger & Woods Remix) by DFA Records

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