Saturday, August 16, 2014

How to Talk Australians


Urban dictionary describes casual racism as;
The Act of being racist, casually.
Who would have guessed...

How To Talk To Australians is a short parody web series teaching an Indian call centre the importance of casual racism in the Australian lifestyle (that was the take home message, right?)
These important lessons in heritage and culture are directed by Tony Rogers, whom is responsible for bringing us the loveable Australian hallucination dog Wilfred
Watch as Indian teachers attempt to take apart Aussie culture and teach it to the uninformed, making Australians look like 100% weirdo jerks. 

I've linked the whole playlist of six very entertaining shorts because it's Saturday and you've got nothing better to do.

Do it.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Actual Food Porn

If you use instagram you're guilty of producing 'Food Porn'. That is a FACT. Food erotica I.E. snaps of fancy muffins, well presented breakfasts and delicious dinners have plagued the inter webs in a range of insta filters for years now. It was only a matter of time before something like this was made.

Enjoy. Probs NSFW....It is porn after all.

Actual Food Porn from The Bold Italic on Vimeo.

The hashtag #foodporn has become one of the most prevalent of our time. Yet, most of the time, it's used to tag a photo of a semi-fancy looking meal just lying there on a plate, definitely not having sex with anything. Here's what actual food porn looks like.

Director: Andrew Callaway
Videographer: Gavin Murray
Producer/Set Design: Jessica Saia

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Turn Down For What? A Boner inducing music video.

I certainly wouldn't EVER encourage anyone to EVER listen to 
DJ Snake & Lil-all I do is scream shit-John but... The music
video to 'Turn Down For What' is bonerific. It has almost 100 million views!!! 
See it below these gifs. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

That's America/Maccas home delivery in Australia/Chicken Nuggets


Let this video (below) wash over you like a warm, sticky sundae that's melted into you crotch after passing out to a (home delivered) Maccas feast . I hope you've enjoyed chicken nuggets recently.

This is our way of telling you that Mcdonalds will soon deliver in Australia (starting with Sydney)

Get naked. Watch this video art.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Birdman Official Trailer

In a story that seems almost analogous to the Michael Keaton's career post Batman the official international trailer for his upcoming film Birdman has finally dropped.

Providing a little more info than the teaser did not too long ago we appear to be centred around a washed up superhero franchise actor who is full blown schizophrenic completely losing his shit during his last desperate grab at the limelight.

The supporting cast looks awesome; Edward Norton, Emma Stone, and what appears to be a slightly thinner Zac Galifianakis.

Gotta love an offbeat black comedy centred around a crazy old guy. Check out the trailer below.

No reason boner.

I guess we're all wasting our time with this again. At least it explains our boners. Like this video. 

#noreason #castleawesome


I finally understand why some people are afraid of clowns.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Daniel Avery - Knowing We'll Be Here Video

Daniel Avery has released the next video from his sensual debut LP Drone Logic that blessed our ears in October of last year. This time round in place of the video for "All I Need" aka sex-angst-stylistic-close-up-fest-of-radness we have the closing track "Knowing We'll Be Here".

Get ready for what appears to be a girl drowning hanging out underwater to a dreamy Avery soundscape.

While you're at it check out this fresh Avery mix for Factmag below.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Bojack Horseman Trailer

The digital revolution has brought about some interesting ways in which companies can now get us to watch their shit. One such company winning from the common preference to sit on our asses instead of going to rent out a what the hell is a DVD is Netflix.

Enter stage right; Bojack Horseman
This new adult targeted animated series appears to be based around a washed up 90's TV horse actor who has taken up alcoholism and athazagoraphobia. Castle Awesome welcomes Bojack given the success of adult targeted animation such as Archer, and the new Rick and Morty.

So in the lead as a talking horse, of course is Will Arnett, we also have Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul as what appears to be the typecast stoner roomie (graciously taking time off from pissing off Xbox one owners.) and there's even some Alison Brie in there along with some other familiar voices that you make recognise in the link below from IGN.

Get around it.

When Video Game Journalism is just Fanboi Tripe!

Video Game Journalism is a very loose term, there isn't much of an editorial standard out there. Today's glorious example of inept reporting come from VideoGamer and their youtube channel VideoGamerTV.


Comparison videos aren't new. Serious video game sites have been doing such comparisons for quite some time. That doesn't make it any less stupid.

What makes this particularly obnoxious is the videos narrators acknowledge in the first 30 seconds of the video that their comparisons are unfair.

They then proceed to rant for five minutes about how one version is better and the other, well, it won't ever be able to be up to par.

The narrators dish out some absolute cutting analysis like "It just lacks that shine", or "It just doesn't have as much punch".

I particularly enjoy their incredible insight into Bungies engineering department and how difficult it's going to be for them to bring one of the consoles up to par with the other. Because you know, these guys are fucking geniuses! Never mind there's a video available right now showing said console running at the apparently revered 1080p and 30fps ... But you know, I'm nervous Bungie doesn't have time to achieve that.

Queue FANBOI rage!

Hey, if you're going to deliver video game content, you best avoid acting like a a complete wanker!

... and for the record, here's how you execute a legit graphics comparison video:


Friday, August 1, 2014

Ghetto cooking

There are many things that make this new cooking show fantastic, the least of which is its strange insistence on having vertical videos. Bare witness to the birth of a new cooking show. This ghetto chef has some mother fucking sass.

God damnit I don't got no name for it mother fucker, I haven't come up with a fucking name yet, Sheeeeeit

And if you're feeling poor/saving pennies to help fuel your expensive drug habit, here's a quick and easy meal to make. 

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