Monday, August 4, 2014

Bojack Horseman Trailer

The digital revolution has brought about some interesting ways in which companies can now get us to watch their shit. One such company winning from the common preference to sit on our asses instead of going to rent out a what the hell is a DVD is Netflix.

Enter stage right; Bojack Horseman
This new adult targeted animated series appears to be based around a washed up 90's TV horse actor who has taken up alcoholism and athazagoraphobia. Castle Awesome welcomes Bojack given the success of adult targeted animation such as Archer, and the new Rick and Morty.

So in the lead as a talking horse, of course is Will Arnett, we also have Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul as what appears to be the typecast stoner roomie (graciously taking time off from pissing off Xbox one owners.) and there's even some Alison Brie in there along with some other familiar voices that you make recognise in the link below from IGN.

Get around it.

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