Monday, August 4, 2014

When Video Game Journalism is just Fanboi Tripe!

Video Game Journalism is a very loose term, there isn't much of an editorial standard out there. Today's glorious example of inept reporting come from VideoGamer and their youtube channel VideoGamerTV.


Comparison videos aren't new. Serious video game sites have been doing such comparisons for quite some time. That doesn't make it any less stupid.

What makes this particularly obnoxious is the videos narrators acknowledge in the first 30 seconds of the video that their comparisons are unfair.

They then proceed to rant for five minutes about how one version is better and the other, well, it won't ever be able to be up to par.

The narrators dish out some absolute cutting analysis like "It just lacks that shine", or "It just doesn't have as much punch".

I particularly enjoy their incredible insight into Bungies engineering department and how difficult it's going to be for them to bring one of the consoles up to par with the other. Because you know, these guys are fucking geniuses! Never mind there's a video available right now showing said console running at the apparently revered 1080p and 30fps ... But you know, I'm nervous Bungie doesn't have time to achieve that.

Queue FANBOI rage!

Hey, if you're going to deliver video game content, you best avoid acting like a a complete wanker!

... and for the record, here's how you execute a legit graphics comparison video:



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