Monday, August 22, 2011

Wafa vs Wolfie - Tom Tom.

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One of my favourite tracks of all time is Ewid Disco by Wafa. All i can think about when i listen to this is Ewoks dancing.

WAFA - Ewid Disco (Original Mix) by onmygrizzly
in fact, you should turn the sound off on this youtube clip and press play on the song and the video at the same time and enjoy the awesome. (there is probably a better clip to use, if Haynezeeboy or anyone else wants to find it and replace this one.)

So when i see that they have a new track out, along with a video, i get excited. Plus as per my post about Canon earlier, this was filmed on a Canon 7D - 17-50 f/ 2,8 - 50 f/1,4
FCP - Ae

Wafa vs Wolfie - Tom Tom from No Brainer Records on Vimeo.

WAFA vs WOLFIE - 'Tom Tom' (NBR010) incl. Riton, Slap in the Bass and Arcade remixes and a second original track 'Junk Kat' is out on Beatport 26th of August and two weeks later everywhere.

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